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If there is one take-away from an edition of MarineNews that includes coverage of Salvage, emerging technologies and special purpose vessels, then the adage of ?one size does not  t all? is clearly alive and well. After all, our larger demographic of readers effectively represents all but perhaps 400 of the more than 40,000 hulls that comprise the U.S. commercial  eet. Add to that a substantial core audience from the global workboat sector (more than 27 percent of our audited subscribers) and you now understand why this edition casts a wide net over such a diverse set of topics. Entering my second full year as Editor of MarineNews , and mindful of my background as a bluewater mariner, I constantly marvel at the diversity represented by today?s  t-for-purpose vessels and the technology incorporated into those hulls. This is no longer your Grandfather?s waterfront and simply referring to smaller platform vessels that ply the world?s oceans as ?workboats? does them a disservice. As you navigate your way through this edition ? we?ve assembled a robust cross section of these boats and some even more astounding technologies ? you will understand why. As a perfect example of where the worlds of salvage and workboats meet to create a niche business of its own, MarineNews columnist Susan Buchanan brings us up to speed on offshore oil eld decommissioning and platform-removal services. Two years after the Obama Administration tightened rules for removing and plugging ?idle iron? ? old unused oil platforms and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico ? part of a federal crackdown following the 2010 BP spill, heavy-lift companies have positioned themselves for that specialized work. Not to be outdone, Jim Shirley, legal counsel to the American Salvage Association, tightly de nes the legal issues which govern another one of today?s niche activities for workboats: salvage of treasure and artifacts. Rounding out our comprehensive salvage coverage is a discussion with Todd Busch, SVP and General Manager, Technical Services at Crowley Maritime Corporation. Follow along as Busch describes the Crowley ? Titan Salvage business approach to this specialized sector. And, because there is more to Crowley?s vast business ventures than just salvage, we have many other things to consider as we approach the beginning of the third quarter of 2012. At the top of that list, perhaps, is the effort to prepare U.S. ports and inland waterways for the coming of the Post-Panamax Vessels. To that end, our popular BY THE NUMBERS feature dissects a recent report issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which highlights the critical role of inland ports within the nation?s complicated intermodal equation. As it turns out, the depth of the water at the port of Savannah (for example) is probably the least of our worries. Find out why on page 7. If there is more to the workboat and inland markets than meets the eye, it?s also obvious that yesterday?s technology and vessels will no longer be enough to meet the challenges of what comes next. In MarineNews, we?ve got that covered, too. [email protected] to the print or electronic edition of MarineNews at or e-mail Kathleen Hickey at [email protected] DAILY NEWS via E-MAIL Twice every business day we provide breaking news, tailored to your speciÞ cation, delivered FREE directly to your e-mail. To subscribe visit POST & SEARCH JOBSJob listings are updated daily and help match employers with qualiÞ ed employees. Post a position or keep abreast of new employment opportunities at ADVERTISE MN offers a number of print and electronic advertising packages. To see our editorial calendar and advertising rates, visit Online Resources Joseph Keefe, Editor, [email protected] EDITOR?S NOTE6 MNAugust 2012

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