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PRODUCTSAVEVA Reduces Design Time SigniÞ cant cost savings can be had using AVEVA Laser Modeler. AVEVA ensures up-to-date, accu- rate project documentation using 3D laser scanning technologies and processing. AVEVA Laser Modeler software is hardware-neutral, ac- cepting data from all leading laser scanning systems. Unique in the laser scanning market, it removes the need to produce interim ÔdumbÕ geometric models. Engineered Ventilation Systems from Delta T Delta ÒTÓ Systems offers a single comprehensive source for all the components that make up an engi-neered system. Delta ÒTÓ provides the expertise necessary to engineer the ultimate engine room formula for commercial vessels of all sizes and engineers its fans for tough marine environments, rather than adapting units from other indus- tries. Products include centrifugal blowers, fans, AC and DC axial and inline duct Xß ow Watermist from Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions Wilhelmsen Technical SolutionsÕ pat- ented Unitor XFlow low pressure wa- ter mist Þ re Þ ghting systems is being installed for two leading Norwegian shipowners. The contract includes a total ß ooding water mist system for the shipÕs engine room and a local protection water mist system. The system covers with a penetrating mist that extinguishes Þ res quickly, with compact design and low water con- sumption and power demand. New 3D Animation Illustrates Cost and Time Savings A 3D animation from Bernard and Tregaskiss explains beneÞ ts of the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System, a combination that increases throughput, lowering operating costs for MIG welding operations by mini- mizing quality issues caused by incor- rect liner length. 3D animation details how MIG gun liners that are too short contribute to weld quality issues such as premature contact tip wear, poor wire feedability, bird-nesting and burnbacks. EcoÞ x Corrosion Repair with Ecoshield Application Subsea Industries has a solution for Þ lling and building up a corroded and pitted steel surface to its origi- nal form prior to recoating with Ecoshield. EcoÞ x is as tough as the steel itself, machinable, and can be used to repair pitting or corrosion damage on underwater gear. Eco- Þ x restores the surface of the rud- der and Ecoshield protects the area from suffering corrosion and cavita- tion damage again. Chukar Deepwater Subsea Waterjet System Chukar WaterjetÕs ultra-high pres- sure waterjet equipment for un- derwater cutting and cleaning op- erations is capable of operating at depths in excess of 3000 meters, producing 3800 bar ultra-high pres- sure that can cut through 250 mm steel or quickly blast away coatings and marine growth. The system im- proves the safety of subsea operations and cuts without heat, reducing the hazard of ignition during cutting. MN MN FEB14 Layout 50-59.indd 57MN FEB14 Layout 50-59.indd 571/17/2014 10:47:05 AM1/17/2014 10:47:05 AM

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