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A luf? ng and trolley travel hoist for bagged material used by two vessel loaders at Lake Charles, Louisiana. The hoists are ? tted with Dellner SKP service brakes with mounting stands installed between the hoist motors and the reduction gears.

The brakes were also manufactured with extra protection to prevent corrosion from sea water. (available with manual operation, hydraulic or electric that can be used to turn the shaft when in harbor to exer- power) hold the shaft securely in place, even in ship failure cise water lubricated bearings, help reduce marine growth modes, with a force that is much higher than a holding on the propeller blades and for routine maintenance all brake (125 kN for the LM 20 and 250 kN for the LM 40. without needing to turn on the engines. Turning the shaft

These are the two smallest locking devices in the range – the through 180 degrees while moored can also stop it bending.

ones most commonly used for workboat applications – but The turning and locking devices can be combined with larger devices are available with locking force up to 1,000 an SKD disc brake into a full ‘stopping, turning, locking’ kN). Locking the shaft can help to avoid drag, especially in (STL) system, available from Dellner Brakes with a choice narrow or shallow water and, in a twin propeller or mul- of hydraulic or electrical power.

tiple screw vessel, the LM can be used to hold one of the shafts while the other(s) are operating. On coastal waters, Hydraulic Pump Drives the LM can secure the propeller and prevent damage to the The Dellner Gummi USA FK pneumatic drum clutch shaft and bearings if the vessel is drifting or being buffeted is normally found on hydraulic pump drive applications. by waves. Dellner Brakes also manufacture turning devices 49 MN

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