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Products 1 2 VETUS In-Mar Solutions Rhosonics 3 Voyager Worldwide 4 to make it easy to remove the sen- other team members to signi? cant 1. HPW Series Waterlocks

The heavy-duty HPW series of wa- sor without interrupting the process. operational changes, with options to terlocks from VETUS can handle The Clamp-In allows the installa- set alerts when vessels deviate from extreme conditions above 500 °F. A tion of existing pipes in the process: planned routes, unexpectedly change cost-effective option, these waterlocks plastic pipes, metal pipes or even course, stop moving or lose AIS sig- feature rotating bodies and hose con- pipes with internal liners. All neces- nal. Regular position updates can also nections, a high-capacity water lift de- sary mounting materials are supplied be requested at user-de? ned intervals sign, and excellent sound attenuation. with the product, including the drill to help monitor voyages and validate for making the hole in the pipe. One Noon Report information.

of the main features of this system is the “hot-tap” which allows the SDM 2. In-Mar Solutions: 5. Fleet Xpress for Shipyards to be removed and replaced without Mobile satellite communications

Alu Pilot Chairs & Deck Rails

In-Mar Solutions offers a complete stopping the working processes. company Inmarsat said it has made its line of Alu Design & Services Marine Fleet Xpress maritime broadband ser- 4. Voyager Fleet Insight

Pilot Chairs and Deck Rails. There vice available to shipyards. Installed is a standard line in addition to the Voyager Worldwide introduced an during new building, Fleet Xpress for option for custom designs to suit upgrade to its Voyager Fleet Insight Shipyards eliminates time-consuming speci? c needs. Sleek, modern design web software to make it easier to and costly installation works in port, and maximum utility and comfort monitor voyage status. Enhancements offering owners a pre-? tted very small are emphasized. simplify and streamline core ship aperture terminal (VSAT) solution management tasks, including im- included in the initial cost of the ves- proved voyage tracking features and sel, the company said. All terminals, new alerts, the ability to manage of? ce cables and below deck units are in- 3. Clamp-In

Rhosonics debuted a pipe integration technical libraries and a refreshed map stalled as a Fleet Xpress line-? t service, system for the Slurry Density Meter interface. The new alerts function allowing the yard to deliver a one-stop (SDM) – the Clamp-In, designed noti? es marine superintendents and solution to the owner.

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