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Products In-Mar Solutions VETUS 2 1 3

Marlink 4 Ocean Marketing with or without guaranteed band- 1. BOW PRO Boosted 5

Schottel width. It can be provided to vessels in 300 mm Series

The VETUS BOW PRO Boosted several regional coverage areas as well 300 mm series thrusters are available as during transits between areas. The with 285, 300, or 320 kgf. Available service is offered with unlimited us- in 48 volts, these thrusters feature age, data speeds up to 5 Mbps and a

DC-to-DC charging technology, a choice of Maximum Information Rate maintenance-free brushless motor, (MIR)-only or combined MIR/Com- precision proportional control and mitted Information Rate (CIR) plans. commercial-rated runtimes.

4. 5. CRC SmartWasher SRP-D

Represented by Ocean Marketing, the Schottel has launched a DP-optimized

CRC SmartWasher Bioremediating rudder propeller for the offshore wind 2. In-Mar Solutions:

Parts Washing System saves time and market. The SRP-D (“Dynamic”) is a

Alu Pilot Chairs & Deck Rails

In-Mar Solutions offers a complete money and makes the parts washing further improved variant for highly de- line of Alu Design & Services Marine process safer for employees and the manding DP operations in service op-

Pilot Chairs and Deck Rails. There is a environment. Bioremediation is the eration vessels, Schottel said. According standard line in addition to the option use of microbes to break down and to Schottel, the new SRP-D variants for custom designs to suit speci? c needs. “eat” oil, grease and carbon-based con- are characterized by reduced propel-

Sleek, modern design and maximum taminants. CRC SmartWasher meets ler acceleration/deceleration times. In utility and comfort are emphasized. or exceeds the cleaning performance combination with a high-speed azi- of manual solvent and aqueous parts muth steering system with reinforced washers, even on the toughest carbon, gear components, the SRP-D enables grease, gunk and oils. The bioreme- faster thrust allocation than conven- 3. Sealink 60

Marlink unveiled Sealink 60, a Ku- diation process keeps the ? uid clean tional rudder propellers. Thanks to the band VSAT service designed to pro- and always ready to use. CRC Smart- shorter response times, it is possible vide ? exible, regional connectivity to Washer is available in a convenient kit to react faster and in a more targeted smaller merchant, offshore or ? shing that includes a Smartwasher, 15 gal- manner to external forces from wind, vessels seeking to upgrade from L- lons of non-irritating and eco-friendly weather and currents, thus achieving a band services. Sealink 60 offers users SmartWasher OzzyJuice cleaning ? uid higher positional accuracy of the vessel. a choice of two 60cm antennas and is and a month’s supply of SmartWasher At the same time, fuel consumption is available with different service plans, OzzyMat cleaning ? uid ? lters. reduced, Schottel said.

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