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VT Halter Marine is con- structing (and has launched) a 4,000 cbm LNG articulated tug and barge unit with Qual- ity Liquefed Natural Gas

Transport, LLC (Q-LNG) that is due for delivery in the frst quarter of 2020. Last year it reportedly executed a letter of intent to build a second 8,000- cbm LNG barge. The barges will be chartered to Shell.

Shell is supplying LNG to

Carnival, according to a com- pany statement.

In 2017 it signed an agree- ment to build an offshore Liq- uefed Natural Gas Articulated

Tug and Barge (LNG ATB) unit with Quality Liquefed

Natural Gas Transport, LLC (Q-LNG). VT Halter Marine

Credit: Eagle; Maxville LNG has contracted with Q-LNG for engineering services to complete the detailed functional de- delivers high strength while maintaining all the benefts of the poly- sign for the development and construction of one LNG Bunkering mer. The tape is then fused together in layers using lasers within

ATB. The ATB Tug will have 5,100 horsepower, GE 6L250 MDC Magma’s precision manufacturing process, resulting in a continuous

EPA Tier 4 main engines, with Z-drives, and dimensions of 128’ long length of spoilable pipe with excellent cryogenic properties.

x 42’ x 21’. Martin Jones, CEO, and Magma Global, said: “LNG is being

Q-LNG is owned 70 percent by Shane Guidry and 30 percent embraced by energy operators but facilitating the growth has by Harvey Gulf International Marine, New Orleans, Louisiana. Q- its challenges. This exciting development uses a very low-cost

LNG will own and operate assets providing marine transportation polymer composite to produce a pipe with exceptional cryogenic of liquefed natural gas (LNG), commencing with a long-term con- performance, which makes it highly attractive in the LNG mar- tract with Shell Trading (U.S) Company (Shell) to deliver LNG as ket and in many other applications where simplifcation and cost a fuel source to various ports in Florida and the Caribbean. reduction are the focus. We are delighted to be working with Shell to enable LNG to meet fast-growing global demand.”

For many years, and when it comes to maritime and offshore

The future: a submerged jettyless system?

On September 19 of this year, Magma Global signed a contract developments, European markets have led the way in many ways. with Shell Global Solutions to develop and qualify a fexible, That includes any discussion of offshore wind and, yes, LNG single polymer composite (SPC) pipe for cryogenic applications bunkering infrastructure and propulsion solutions. That contin- involving temperatures down to -196oC. The cryogenic fexible ues today. At the same time, and like the long-promised offshore pipe will suit a number of applications including Shell’s fagship wind boom on this side of the big pond, LNG has offcially ar- low-cost jettyless LNG offoading system. rived in North America, especially where it intersects the marine

Arjan Maijenburg, Engineering Manager at LNG Regas, ex- bunkering markets. And, it is here to stay.

plained, “Development of jettyless concepts for low cost LNG transfer will open up new markets for LNG import. This compos- ite pipe development is a key step in enabling these solutions. We look forward to working with Magma, a world-class thermoplastic

Rick Eyerdam

The Author composite pipe supplier to develop this product. An overall cost is a Miami-based, national award-winning journalist and reduction of 30% can be achieved by moving away from a jetty/ editor. He is a former editor of Florida Shipper Magazine and has served as an adjunct professor of communica- trestle-based solution with breakwater to a jettyless system with- tions at Florida International University. Eyerdam gradu- out breakwater and using sub sea cryogenic composite pipelines.” ated from Florida State University with a double major

The SPC pipe is comprised of Long, unidirectional fbers are in English Literature and Government. His articles have appeared in myriad maritime publications. combined in a matrix of the same polymer to produce a tape, which 39


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