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For further information contact QA 108E in the U.S.A.: Smit Nymegen Corporation, 1511 K Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20005, Phone (202) 347-2796, Telex89-2396 in Japan : Gadelius K.K., P.O. Box 802, Kobe Port, Kobe. 651-01. Phone (078)391-7251, Telex 5622-290 in Europe : Holec Gas Generators, P.O. Box68,6500abNijmegen, Holland. Phone (080) 549222, Telex 48167 oven nl

Tanks inert z tanker safe with the independent inert-gas system!

Why independent? Why a imil independent inert-gas generator?

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By EDWIN UNSWORTH Ti^ U BY c. ii rAT-TZl'^ , on oil tanker. organized —Tf-.„Tand two ^arSter for ship's of 20.000- 'Trtfponse to^erfca. that collision avow- rtummmmmmmrn

I.M.C.O. conference February 1978: smit ovens nijmegen bv - To avoid boiler start-up and adjustment troubles. - To avoid fan and corrosion problems. - To give free choice of location on board. - To give an ideal solution for retrofitting due to quick and easy erection. - To have inert gas available immediately. - 12 Years' experience and the delivery of some 200 units aboard tankers emphasizes proven reliability. - Holec Gas Generators are the world's largest inert gas specialists for both marine and land Applications.

The patented Ultramizing(R> combustion system, combined with effective scrubbing, is the only guarantee for soot-free, really clean and corrosion- free inert gas.

HOLEC gas generators 6500 ab nijmegen, holland p.o. box 68 groenestraat 265 telephone: (080) 549222 telex: 481 67 oven nl

Standard types are available with capacities ranging from 200 - 16000 m3/h (7000 - 56000 SCF/h). horizontal version vertical version

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