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The 1 Oth International Conference and Exhibition on

Through Transport using Roll-on/Roll-off Methods


First held in 1976, the 1990 edi- tion of R0R0, the biennial interna- tional conference and exhibition fo- cusing on through transport using

Roll-On/Roll-Off methods, will take place at the Congress Center Sta- zione Marittima in Trieste, Italy,

May 15-17, 1990.

Being held for the 10th time,

RORO has been firmly established as a leading international event for those involved in the Roll-On/Roll-

Off industry.

The conference program will bring together the views of some of the leading executives from the vari- ous sectors of through-transport— shipping, port operations, hauliers and regulators. They will focus on the current and future issues affect- ing business, ranging from new tech- niques for new cargo units to the lat- est design concepts for the ships themselves.

The host for the main social events of RORO 90 will be the

Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia

Giulia and the Trieste Authorities.

The social highlight will be the

RORO gala dinner held at the La

Villa Manin di Passariano, the former country estate of the last of the Doges.

As the only international free port in the Mediterranean, Trieste has seen a rapid increase in RO/RO and ferry traffic. In particular,

Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria have increased their utilization of the port as their means of entry into

Western Europe. RO/RO and ferry cargoes have increased dramatically from 397,000 tons in 1986 to 960,000 tons in 1987. The continued growth of Trieste, as well as other Mediter- ranean ports provides a lively market in which to promote services and equipment.

In a cosmopolitan commercial center strategically situated for the through transport of freight to the major cities of Europe, RORO 90 will again be a unique marketing opportunity for companies to pro- mote their specialist capabilities.

As visitors to their stands, exhib- iting companies will not only have more than 800 participants who reg- ularly attend the RORO meeting from 40 nations, but can also exploit a venue recognized throughout the world as a center for international trading and a major Mediterranean doorway for the Eastern Bloc coun- tries.

Shipping companies, shipbuild- ers, suppliers of onboard equipment and specialist services, port authori- ties and companies providing the whole range of sophisticated tech- niques and products for cargo han- dling operations have found RORO an excellent business environment in which to promote their capabili- ties.

The Congress Center Stazione

Marittima is a fully integrated con- ference and exhibition facility.

Modern display halls provide exhib- itors with an excellent forum to pro- mote their operations, services and technology and manufacturers of heavy equipment can also make use of this opportunity to demonstrate their products to full advantage.

The exhibition will be a major international showcase for develop- ments in the RO/RO concept and through transport operations and will provide an effective means for companies to develop business in an expanding market. Some of the products and services on display will include: RO/RO terminal trac- tors; computer-based stevedoring and port systems; standard design

RO/RO ships; car/passenger ferries; location and layout of ports; auxilia- ry engines; container-handling equipment; container cranes; ship management services; and container manufacture.

For further information on

RORO 90, contact: RoRo Secretar- iat, 2 Station Road, Rickmansworth,

Herts WD3 1QP, England; tele- phone: (0923) 776363; fax: (0923) 777206; telex: 924312.



MAY 15 9 a.m.—RORO exhibition opens. 2 p.m.—RORO conference opens.


Markets And Trends "RO/RO Markets of the North Sea/

Intra-Europe/lntra-Mediterranean," by M.

Garratt, MDS Transmodal. "The Development of RO/RO in the West

African Trades and Its Future Prospects," by S.M. Gay, managing director, African

RO/RO Ltd. and director, OT Africa Line. "New Trends in the Fast Developing Baltic

RO/RO Market," by K. Levander, vice pres- ident, research and development, Masa-

Yards. "Australia—New RO/RO Age Dawning," by A.R. Clarke, director, Thompson Clarke

Shipping. "New Ships for the Brazil-Europe Trade," by R. Klien, director, Transroll Navegacao

S.A. "Developments in Vehicle Transporta- tion. Integrated Services—The Solution for the Future?" by C. Olsson, executive vice president, marketing, Wallenius Lines.

Official welcome reception at the Fiera di


MAY 16


The Ports Build

For Tomorrow "Cost Effective Design of Terminals for the Import of RO/RO Forest Products—By

Cassette and in Bulk," by N. Nixon, chair- man, and G. Bell, director, Nigel Nixon &

Partners. "RO/RO Interface for the 21st Century," by R.S. Cork and P.W. Wright, Associates

Port Division, Posford Duvivier.


The Trieste Connection

Panel Session Speakers: F.A. Querci, president of the Superior Council, Ministry of Merchant Marine; R. Prioglio, chairman,

Forwarding Agents Association, Port of

Trieste; E. Bevilacqua, president, Port of

Monfalcone; G. Bravo, president, Port of

Nogoaro; G. Di Benedetto, regional minister for transport and Ports of Friuli Venezia Giu- lia; and L. Rovelli, director general, Port of



Ship Design "New Passenger Trailer Ferry Concepts to Meet Increasing Transport and Safety

Requirements," by M. Kanerva, develop- ment director, Oy Elomatic Group Ltd. "Seahorse Shipping Follow Their Ad- vanced Design of Inland RO/RO Shuttles for

Stora with More Innovative Thinking," by S-

A Svensson, naval architect, Seahorse Ship- ping Lines AB. "Transfennica—Looks Ahead with New

Ships and Handling for Forest Products," by

T. Grandell, technical group, Transfennica

Corporation. "Converting to the Market," by K.J. Tay- lor, marine services manager, MacGregor-

Navire (GBR) Ltd. "New RO/RO's and Services," by B. Sod- erholm, marketing director, Bore Line Ab.

Lunch for registered delegates.


RO/RO Survivability "Compliance with New IMO Subdivision and Stability Requirements for RO/RO and other Dry Cargo Ships," by C.M. Magill, principal surveyor, Statutory Computation- al Services Group, Lloyd's Register of Ship- ping. "The 'Stat-90 Rules' Influence on RO/RO

Newbuildings and Conversions," by J. Dal- gaard, N. Fisker-Andersen and E. Schilder,

Knud E. Hansen. "RO/RO Safety—A Need for a Total Ap- proach," by T-C Mathiesen. senior execu- tive vice president, Det norske Veritas Clas- sification A/S. "Enhancing the Stability/Survivability of

RO/RO Vessels," by J.G. Brown, Seaform



RO/RO Stevedoring

And Swapbodies "Securing for Rolltrailers and Rolux—

New Top Lashings the Answer," by B. Wik- ing, Wiking Leasing AB. "New IMO Code of Safe Practice for Sto- wage and Securing Cargo, Cargo Units and

Vehicles (includes guidelines for securing arrangements for road vehicles on RO/RO ships)" by Captain S. Felding, senior techni- cal officer, cargoes section, International

Maritime Organization. "The Advantages of Swapbodies Vis-A-Vis

Trailers for International Traffic," to be announced.

Other papers to be added.

Gala dinner—in the evening.

MAY 17


RO/RO Operational Safety "The Carriage of Dangerous Goods on

Roll-On/Roll-Off Ships (Revision of Section 17) in the 1990 ofthelMDG Code," by Cap- tain S. Felding, senior technical officer, car- goes section, International Maritime Organi- zation. "Dangerous Goods at Sea." "Is the Baltic Sea Memorandum of Under- standing a Suitable Instrument for the

Transportation of Hazardous Cargoes in

Other Protected Areas," by H. Busch, dan- gerous goods section, Federal Ministry of

Transport, Bonn.

Coffee break—Video on MARPOL Annex 5 will be shown during the break. "Handling of RO/RO Ships and Ferries in

Ports—Single Screw and Twin Screw," by

U. Nienhuis, MARIN. "Fire Safety on RO/RO Ships and Pas- senger Car Ferries," speaker to be an- nounced.


Environmental Issues of RO/RO Ferry

Operations "Ecological Aspects of Ferry Operation," by A. Flising, Stena Marine Management.


Through Transport—

New Markets And

New Links "North-South Through Transport—Tran- sit Problems Overshadow 1992," speaker to be announced. "1992 and Eastwards," by N.R.S. Baker, underwriter, Through Transport Club. "Eurotunnel—The New Link for Road and

Rail Freight," by J. Chapman, freighting markets development manager, Eurotun- nel. "Trade Structure and Network Develop- ment in UK/Europe Unit Routes," by S. Gil- man, maritime consultant. 12:30 p.m.—Conference sessions end.

Lunch for delegates. Afternoon visit to the

Port of Trieste for delegates.


Exhibitor List


Ancra Marine

Associazione Porti Italiani

Bollnas Terminal Equipment

Boss Trucks

Brax Shipping

C-T Security

Cargo Safe SOE

Consent Equipment





F L Douglas

Free Port of Trieste

Gotesborgs Truckservice



Kalmar LMV


Kull & Hallberg

Kvaerner Ships Equipment


MacGregor Navire


Marine Development

Moore's of Carnforth


OM Fantuzzi

Ottawa Truck

Oy Electrolux


Port Authority Brugge-Zeebrugge

Port of Cherbourg

Port of Chioggia

Port of Hanko

Port of London

Port of Marseilles

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Tilbury

Port Ramsgate


Reliance Mercury

Scandinavian Cargo Sea

Seaport Terminals



Spectec Consult

Svensk Lasthantering AB

Svensk Sjofarts Tidning

Trans Trading

Trieste Chamber of Commerce

Trieste Stevedores

Volvo Penta

Wallenius Lines

Wallenius Lines

Wallhamn Terminal

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