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roundtable shipyards “As we’ve grown and taken on ever more complex projects, the biggest challenge is to ensure that our organization evolves fast enough to meet customer demands.” – Sue Haley,

Executive Vice President, Vigor Human Resources &

Administration by our strong backlog of business that allows an employee the ment’ information. We’ve also started a “Damen Academy” comfort of knowing there is job security at Austal. After job which is a learning management system. Within this system, safety and security comes job satisfaction whether found in people can basically control their own training needs and what job stability or career growth, Austal provides both. An em- you do about it. There are e-learning tools within the system ployee has signi? cant career opportunities if there is a desire and it works very nicely.

for career growth.

Sue Haley: We use multiple methods. Of course we use

Arold de Vries: We want to make sure people know who we the traditional channels such as job postings, recruiters, are. Our web presence across many platforms is very impor- union partnerships and some social media networking such as tant. We make sure everything is visible and up-to-date there. LinkedIn. We also bring people in through training: We col-

That’s the basic, fundamental way we do things. And then, we laborate with local community colleges at our training centers have an external web site where we explain what kind of jobs in Portland, Ketchikan and Seattle. We provide internships we have, opportunities, internships, etc. and we tell stories and support high school programs. We develop our employees there, about people’s careers, what they are doing, etc. That’s through in-house training, craft apprenticeships, and promo- the second layer. Then, we also track our applicants. We have tion to supervisory positions. We are constantly developing an applicant tracking system. We maintain all of our corre- internal talent and have training programs in place that cover spondence and data for each candidate within those ? les. And, employees from the shop ? oor to executive leadership.

we are trying to become much better about ‘talent manage- 38 | Maritime Professional | 3Q 2015 34-49 Q3 MP2015.indd 38 9/18/2015 10:02:24 AM

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