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Container Ports

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The Konecranes 16-wheel RTG is ideally suited to automation and provides an example of how to design for widely applicable future bene?ts. Not only can the crane be installed in its automated ARTG form, but also existing versions of the widely used 16-wheel

RTG can be readily retro?tted. You can start with your current yard infrastructure as you move to fully automated RTG operation – step by step, block by block, to a fully automated yard.” – Jukka Tukia, Konecranes Port Service APAC Regional Director competitiveness. Konecranes is constantly innovating to meet provides usage data that optimizes service activities and visualiz- container terminal needs, and by choosing them to provide new es maintenance and application compliance. Data can be accessed

ARTG cranes, we have taken our operations to the next level by mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

of safety and ef?ciency,” offered Recky Julius Uruilal, General “Konecranes’ customer focus is on entire service solutions.

Manager, TPKS. Once cranes are delivered to customers like Pelindo III and “The new ARTG cranes minimize the risk of workplace acci- TPKS, we can take complete responsibility for the service and dents, which not only improves our workplace, but gives our cus- maintenance of the equipment, to optimize its performance and tomers greater con?dence in us,” says Mr. Recky. “As Pelindo III safety over its entire lifecycle,” adds Tukia.

updates to the latest and most modern equipment in line with the With more than 600,000 pieces of lifting equipment under ser- needs of its customers, we know there will be lots of new knowl- vice contract worldwide, Konecranes continues to provide ad- edge to acquire. Konecranes’ neat and detailed documentation, vanced – and proven – service to any organization using cranes plus their experienced and helpful staff, have been very helpful in or lifting equipment. Terminal Petikemas Semarang (TPKS) in this process,” he says. Semarang, Central Java, is just one of them; no less important to

Konecranes TRUCONNECT remote monitoring technology Konecranes than all the rest.

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