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Container Ports

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TECH FILE , Managing Director of Container xChange head-haul volume, rather than optimizing overall container ?ows ty containers that members can use to match loads and third-party across services. Issues within a carrier’s network, such as delays equipment for one-way container moves.

and the absence of direct vessel – or inland-network links be- “The bene?t of the platform is that you are not limited to your tween locations served – can also promote imbalances and make personal network, you can engage with more than 300 companies them harder to correct. Moreover, most carriers are not able to right now,” Florian Frese of Container xChange said. Users sign a forecast their positioning needs with suf?cient accuracy to fully multi-party interchange agreement that speeds up the contracting optimize ?ows before imbalances arise. process by days or weeks. Container xChange has more than 300

It is estimated that more than 6.4 million TEUs are reposi- users on its platform, including ocean carriers, container leasing tioned empty every year, and with them, a cumulative resulting companies, container traders, non-vessel-operating common car- 12,243,200 kg of CO2 annually. riers and freight forwarders. The service covers 2,500 locations worldwide and offers more than 300,000 boxes every week.

CONTAINER XCHANGE OFFERS A SOLUTION Users set their own rates and terms and conditions such as the

FOR EMPTY CONTAINER REPOSITIONING container value and damage protection plan. Users search the list-

Technology is beginning to tackle the problem. Launched in ing for containers in locations where they are needed and with 2017, Container xChange created a neutral online market of emp- a destination close to where the container owner would like the boxes to end up. Over time the system learns an indi- vidual’s search patterns.

“Once the system gets to know the customer, we can approach them proactively,” says Christian Roeloffs, managing director of Con- tainer xChange. Container xChange is a one-stop shop for SOC containers and empty container reposi- tioning covering container tracking, insurance, pay- ment handling and many other services. Solving your empty container issues may just be a ‘click’ away. https:// 44 Maritime Logistics Professional March/April 2019 | |

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