SNAME Philadelphia Section Discusses Finite Element Method

The Philadelphia Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers met at the Engineers Club recently f o r the presentation and discussion of the technical paper Fundamentals and Applications of the Finite Element in Analyzing Structural and Non-Structural Marine Problems.

The paper, written by Dr.

Donald Liu and Dr. Yung Kuang Chen, both of the American Bureau of Shipping, was presented to 55 members and guests following cocktails and dinner. A discussion and a general question session followed the presentation.

Since the development of the finite element method (FEM) in the sixties, it has become a widely used and.significant means of ship structures analysis and structural analysis in general. Not only has the number of users of FEM increased but so has the variety of applications increased from stress analysis to magnetohydrodynamics.

The paper illustrates the use of FEM in solution of complex structural problems such as web frame stress analysis, analysis of stress in propellers whose complex shapes (high skew, large blade sections) can be adequately modeled with FEM and the stress analysis of complicated jackup drill rigs. The paper also includes illustrations and examples of vibration analysis using FEM, most notably the modeling of an entire tanker, including deckhouse, to determine the dynamic response of the tanker to propeller-induced vibratory forces.

Following the presentation, Dr.

Bernard McNamee (Drexel University), Gary Mauers (Delaval), and William Toner (Delaval) each presented a discussion of the paper.

Dr. McNamee noted the benefits and trade-offs of FEM, as well as some introductory FEM textbooks. Messrs. Mauers and Toner illustrated the use of FEM at Delaval for turbine and gear design. The three discussors as well as the topic presentation generated a lively and interesting debate with the audience.

Also of note was a presentation honoring Kees Gyswyt(J.J. Henry Co., Inc.) for his outstanding work as last year's Section chairman.

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