January 4, 1982 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

Campbell Industries Christens 221-Foot Tuna Seiner For InterOcean

The Ocean Pearl, newest addition to the San Diego tuna fleet, was christened recently at Campbell Industries. The tuna superseiner of 1,200-ton carrying capacity is similar to other seiners in the current Campbell series.

The Ocean Pearl is owned by InterOcean Ships, Inc., a subsidiary of InterOcean Systems, Inc., both of San Diego. The parent firm specializes in the development and manufacture of hightechnology marine equipment for fisheries research, offshore exploration, marine communications, and marine systems monitoring equipment. Ocean Pearl is the first tuna fishing vessel to be built for InterOcean.

The Ocean Pearl is 221 feet 5 inches in length with a beam of 40 feet 3 inches and a molded depth of 26 feet 10 inches. She will cruise at 16 knots powered by a General Motors Electromotive Division model 20-645-E7B diesel rated at 3,600 hp at 900 rpm. The main engine drives a f i v e - b l a d e , 10.8-foot stainlesssteel Coolidge propeller through a Falk reduction and reversing gear at a shaft speed of 179 rpm.

The Ocean Pearl carries Caterpillar auxiliaries.

The vessel will be fully outfitted to fish the world's oceans, featuring Marco fish deck machinery highlighted by the Marco WS454 purse seine winch with independent purse drum drive.

Also provided by Marco are a 56- inch Puretic power block, power inhaul winch, anchor winch, brailing winch, corkline winches, and main boom topping winches.

Main boom vang winches are by Gearmatic.

In keeping with her up-to-date refinements, Ocean Pearl carries a full complement of electronics and navigational aids. There are multiple radars, sonars, radios, depth sounders, and radio direction- finding equipment, along with Sperry's gyrocompass, autopilot, and magnetic autopilot.

The ship also carries a Magnavox satellite navigation system and an Avicon monitoring system, which measures fuel consumption for maximum efficiency.

InterOcean has developed specialized equipment to assist in locating fish using oceanographic sensors for sea salinity, temperature, water clarity, oxygen concentration, and acidity (pH), as well as acoustic instruments for classifying fish. The Ocean Pearl will be fully equipped with these as well as other experimental instruments.

Particular care has been exercised to deliver the catch in the best possible condition, and a custom fish well temperature monitor/alarm system is installed to assist the crew in maintaining the fish at an optimum temperature.

The vessel is equipped to carry and support helicopter operations from the deck on the top of the pilothouse. She will carry a Hughes 500D helicopter equipped with inflatable floats and a full range of aircraft and marine communications equipment.

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