New Monitoring/Alarm System By Siemens AG

—Literature Available Siemens AG of Germany has introduced a new generation of SIMOS 41 programmable microprocessor- controlled monitoring system with multicomputer capability for large oceangoing ships. Compared to conventional systems, it permits considerably expanded functions to be realized and a comprehensive periphery to be controlled.

The SIMOS 41 system permits analog and binary signals to be monitored for off-limit values and status change. Color video terminals display individual measuring points and an alarm text to indicate alarm.

Group alarms may also be given audibly in up to four selectable stages. The alarm recorder registers all alarms, operating signals and commands.

The external alarm system can transmit a maximum of 32 visual group alarms to watch terminals on the bridge and in the accommodation area. All off-limit values can be indicated on color video terminals by a choice of either figures or with color change. Trend monitoring incorporating a graphic display is designed for 16 freely definable analog measuring points. The alarm recorder offers a choice of registering all measured values either in lines or in columns. The monitoring system permits multi-terminal operation with up to eight independently operating color video terminals.

In combination with the SIGOS 41 Graphic and Operating System, it is possible to show colored process graphs with measured values and alarm signals faded in. The measuring points are parameterized in direct dialog with the system, including immediate automatic documentation on a typewriter. The measuring points may also be parameterized during commissioning; subsequent corrections may be made at any time. All the data are stored in non-volatile memories, basic software in EPROMS and system-related parameters in magnetic bubble memories.

For further information on the SIMOS 41 system, C i r c l e 9 5 o n Reader S e r v i c e Card

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