OSIL Giant Snow Catchers Used for NERC Research

By Marine Technology Reporter

The National Oceanography Center (Southampton) has recently purchased two Giant Snow Catchers from Havant-based oceanographic systems company OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.), for use in the NERC funded Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry research program next year. Marine Snow Catchers are crucial to Carbon Flux studies, Marine Snow Analysis and the examination of the food chain. They provide means of collecting the delicate biological material (Marine Snow) from the water column by allowing a large volume of seawater to be captured and subsequently concentrated through controlled separation with minimal turbulence to produce an undamaged concentrated sample of biological matter.

(As published in the November/December 2013 edition of Marine Technology Reporter - www.seadiscovery.com)

Marine Technology Magazine, page 59,  Nov 2013

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