Kongsberg Connects Seismic Vessels

Posted by Irina Tabakina

A communication solution developed by Kongsberg Seatex for the marine seismic sector was introduced. According to the developer, the Kongsberg MBR system enables high speed, high capacity and extremely robust data, voice and video transfer between multiple vessels and other assets. The Kongsberg MBR is geared toward inter-vessel communication in the seismic industry, where the capability to quickly and reliably transfer data is a significant operational advantage.
The MBR system is a maritime radio network distribution system operating in the 5GHz band and has demonstrated stable, high capacity communication in a maritime environment, handling close by vessel operations, platform obstructions and distances in excess of 50km. Operating as a maritime ‘Information Highway’, MBR connects crews and vessels with a high-speed and high capacity digital communication channel with ‘Fast Track’ priority options.

(As published in the March 2015 edition of Marine Technology Reporter - http://www.marinetechnologynews.com/Magazine)

Marine Technology Magazine, page 75,  Mar 2015

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