G.M. Electro-Motive Diesels Hit 100-Millionth Horsepower Mark

Over the past four decades, 100 million horsepower has been produced in the form of diesel engines by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors Corporation.

The production milestone was announced by Peter K. Hoglund, vice president of General Motors and division general manager, in ceremonies held on June 7, 1978, at EMD headquarters in La Grange, 111.

The ceremonies began at 10:30 a.m. with a reception, followed by a tour of exhibits of historical engine display component developments and a preview of the film "Moving Target." Next came the luncheon, during which introductory remarks were given by Mr. Hoglund, who introduced the speaker, Thomas A. Murphy, chairman and chief executive officer of General Motors Corporation.

The luncheon was followed by plant tours.

The 100-millionth horsepower was incorporated in a 16-cylinder, turbocharged EMD 645 Series engine.

Since 1938, EMD has produced over 65,000 medium-speed diesel engines for a host of power generation applications worldwide, including use in railroad locomotives, marine vessels, oil-well drilling rigs, municipal and industrial power systems, and off-the-road vehicles.

The 645 Series represents EMD's second generation engine. Introduced in 1965, following EMD's first generation 567 Series engine, it incorporates significant engineering improvements in overall performance and reliability. These include major reductions in both fuel consumption and smoke emissions.

Today, over 44,000 railroad locomotives powered by EMD diesels are operating in 52 countries to transport people, freight and livestock.

EMD's engines are also on the world's seas, rivers, and canals powering towboats, tugs, workboats, fishing boats, ore carriers, and car ferries. These marine powerplants come in seven different sizes capable of delivering from 900 shp to 3,500 shp.

Other units are drilling for oil on both land and sea. The size of these powerplants has increased dramatically since the early 1950s — from a simple 2,000-hp unit for a land rig to a 23,000-hp plant for a sophisticated self-propelled offshore rig.

Other EMD-built power generators are helping out in electric utility operations — boosting power in fringe areas during highpeak demand or in remote sites where fullfledged powerplants aren't warranted. These remote control generators range in size from 2,750 to 13,750 kilowatts.

Besides the La Grange plant, EMD operates a second manufacturing facility in Chicago, 111., four factory rebuild branches elsewhere in the United States, and 11 domestic parts warehouses.

Supporting its international sales and service, EMD has nine overseas associated companies, a network of 15 application contractors, 11 marine sales representatives, and district offices in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and Zurich.

In keeping with GM philosophy—"Today's biggest job is to get ready for tomorrow"— EMD is taking advantage of this 100-millionth- hp milestone to announce a new line of utility power-generation plants specifically designed for 50 Hz service.

The new plants operate at 1,000 rpm, 50 Hz, and provide power at 6,600 volts (Wye) or 3,300 volts. (A total of 122 countries use 50 Hz; 34 countries use 60 Hz.) Kilowatt capacity at base-load rating ranges from 2,600 kw for a single unit up to 13,000 kw for multiple units.

The heart of the new plants is a two-cycle EMD Model 645E10 turbocharged diesel engine and a new EMD Model A-33 threephase, 6,600/3,300-volt a-c synchronous generator with rotating brushless exciter.

Another example of EMD's continuing effort to improve engine reliability — also announced on the occasion of passing this 100-millionth-hp mark — is the use of the world's largest industrial laser. The first of four 5-kw carbon dioxide lasers is installed and operating at the La Grange plant. The powerful, pencil-sized beam of light is hardening cylinder liners of turbocharged diesel engines.

This latest engineering innovation is representative of the advancing technology that has produced some 65,000 EMD diesel engines, with a total output of 100,000,000 horsepower.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 32,  Jul 15, 1978

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