January 9, 1982 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

SFRP Barge Covers For Coal Shipments Treated In New Proform Literature

Problems caused by shipping coal in uncovered barges have led to the purchase of SFRP (structural fiberglass reinforced plastic) barge covers to protect export coal shipments, Proform, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minn., reported recently.

The covers were purchased by a major barge company in response to a request from an exporter.

Concern about moisture buildup and BTU loss from the effects of weather on uncovered coal shipments prompted the commitment.

P r o f o rm p r o d u c t manager Mary McLean said, "There have been several incidents of hot coal being rejected at unloading points due to questionable temperatures.

We don't claim that covering the barges will solve all the problems, but it's a step in the right direction. Moisture pickup is one of the key factors in the selfheating process that leads to spontaneous combustion. Covering the coal barges will ensure a dry cargo box for loading and protect the cargo in transit from additional moisture clue to weather." Proform SFRP convex-shaped covers are approximately one third the weight of steel covers.

Because of their light weight, terminal handling of the covers is relatively easy. SFRP covers will not rust or corrode from contact with high-sulphur, high moisture content coals.

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