Maritime Innovation — Practical Approaches '84 International Symposium

New York — September 27-28 The New York Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, in conjunction with the SNAME T & R Ship Production Committee, will present its Third International Symposium, "Maritime Innovation— Practical Approaches '84," at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on September 27-28.

Innovative and practical approaches are essential in today's ever-changing and demanding maritime industry. This symposium will address many new and innovative methods of ship design, construction, and operation. In addition, the Ship Production Committee will highlight new ideas and methods in shipbuilding by presenting papers that detail the activities of its panels.

This committee's participation in the symposium continues its mission of publicizing the work done in this country to improve production methods. This symposium is this year's replacement for the annual symposia formerly sponsored by IREAPS and the Ship Production Committee.

The symposium will begin with three keynote presentations that will address "innovation" in terms of naval procurement, ship production, and ship operation. The keynote speakers will be Comm.

Stuart Piatt, Completion Advocate General, U.S. Navy; William Haggett, president and CEO of Bath Iron Works; and W.B. Hubbard, senior vice president, American President Lines. The program will then split into three concurrent technical sessions that will present a total of 37 papers.

Luncheons have been scheduled for both the 27th and 28th of September in the Hilton Room on the main floor at the Park Avenue side of the Waldorf. Luncheon speakers had not been announced as we went to press with this issue.

A no-host general reception will be held from 6:00-7:30 pm on September 27 in the Basildon Room on the third floor.

The registration desk will be located on the third floor of the hotel in the Jade and Astor Foyer. It will be open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on September 27, and from 8:00 am to 11:30 am on September 28. Registration at the symposium is $225 for members and $250 for non-members.

Anyone wishing to present a formal discussion on any of the papers listed below may do so by contacting contacting David Rodger at (212) 702-9300.

TECHNICAL PROGRAM Thursday, September 27 ROOM A 8:30-10:00 am—Keynote speakers (listed above).

10-11 am—"Proposed Criteria for General Subdivision and Damage Stability for Dry Cargo Ships," by F.Y. Michael, U.S. Coast Guard.

11-12 am—"Installation Techniques for Integrated Decks," by Dr. F.A. Ramzan, Brown & Root (UK) Ltd. and P. Rawstron, Brown & Root, Inc.

12 noon—2 pm—Lunch (speaker to be announced).

2-3 pm—"Fin/Ducted Propeller Interaction," by M.W.C. Oosterveld, E.J. Stierman, and J. Aufm Keller, Maritime Research Institute, Netherlands.

4-5 pm—"Improvement in Maneuverability of Ships in Operation and Adjustment of Torque on Rudder Stock," by Prof. V. Asinovksy, J.J. McMullen Associates, Inc.

5-6 pm—"Effects of Resiliently Supported Decks and Bulkheads on Shipboard Noise," by D.L. Nelson, R.W. Fischer, and A.W.

George, Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc.

6-7:30 pm—General Reception (Basildon Room).

ROOM B 10-11 am—"Improving Shipboard Automation System Specifications," by William McLean, M.

Rosenblatt & Son, Inc.

11 am-noon—"Sludge Burning in Auxiliary Boilers," by I. Salomonsen, Aalborg Vaerft A/S.

2-3 pm—"Innovative Uses for Surplus Tanker Tonnage," by P.G.

Noble, Maritime Technology Corporation, and P.M. Swift, Shell International Marine, Ltd.

3—4 pm—"Rudder Carrier Bearing Retrofit for LNG Tankers," by G.

Schmucker, FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schafer & Company. J.E.

West, FAG Bearings Corporation, and E.G. Tornay, Energy Transportation Corporation.

4—5 pm—"An Economic System for the Liquefaction, Transportation, and Regas of Natural Gas Using Surplus LNG Carriers," by G.W. Van Tassel, Ocean Technical Services, and J.W. Boylston, Seaworthy Systems, Inc.

5-6 pm—"Design for Productivity— A Standardized Coal-Fired Propulsion Plant," by D.J. Yuengling, M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc., and T.J. Pakula, Seaworthy Systems, Inc.

ROOM C 10—11 am—Ship Production Committee Introduction—E.J. Petersen, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation.

"Interim Products—An Essential Innovation in Shipyards," by L.D.

Chirillo, L.D. Chirillo Associates.

11 am-noon—"Accuracy Control Variation Merging Equations: A Case Study of Their Application in U.S. Shipyards," by R. Storch, University of Washington.

2-3 pm—"The Effect of Edge Preparation on Coating Life— Phase One," by Dr. L. Sandor, Franklin Institute, and J.W. Peart, Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

3-4 pm—"CAD/CAM Applications to Mass Properties," by J.C.

McNeal, G. Nilsen, and J.H.

Matthews, J.J. Henry Co., Inc.

4-5 pm—"SPC Education Panel's Program to Stimulate Innovations and Productivity in the U.S. Shipbuilding Industry," by Dr. H.M.

Bunch, University of Michigan.

Friday, September 28 ROOM A 8-9 am—"Advanced Design of Ship with SSG Mark III System and IHI Ed-Drive," by S. Hieda and M. Utsumomiya, Ishikawajima- Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

9-10 am—"Improving Plant Efficiency Through Increased Monitoring," by R.J. Stinner and C.T.

Tucker, Offshore Technology Corporation.

10-11 am—"A Practical Approach to Shiprepair Innovation," by A.

Korsse, Amsterdam Drydock Company.

11 am-noon—"Shipboard Load Management System for Refrigerated Containers," by R.F. Sahae, Matson Navigation Company.

Noon-2 pm—Lunch 2—3 pm—"Practical Results of Maritime Innovation—Matson Navigation Company's Four-Year Program to Maximize Fleet Profitability," by J.J. Sweeny, Matson Navigation Company.

3—4 pm—"Modernizing Training in the Naval Shipyards," by J.W.

Hartigan, Naval Sea Systems Command.

ROOM B 8—9 am—"Emergence of Reinforced Thermosetting Resin (RTR) Pipe as a Proven Commercial Marine Technology," by George C.

Cassa, J.J. Henry Co., Inc.

9—10 am—"Marine Desalination: Technological Developments," by Y.Y. Tom, Aqua-Chem, Inc.

10-11 am—"The Use of Proximity Probes for Sterntube Boring Verification and Tailshaft Monitoring on Trials and in Service," by L.

Vassilopoulos, Maritech, Incorporated.

11 am-noon—"Assessment of Submerged Pump Cargo Pumping Systems," by A.D. Isaacson, J.

Kron Jr., and E.A. Endregaard, Frank Mohn Houston, Inc.

2—3 pm—"An Onboard Automatic Ship Performance Monitoring System for Improved Ship and Fleet Management," by R.E. Reed, Erskine Systems Control, Inc., and V.E. Williams, U.S. Maritime Administration.

3-4 pm—"The National Research Council Study of Productivity Improvements in U.S. Naval Shipbuilding— A Perspective on the Status of the Industry," by C.A.

Bookman, National Research Council.

ROOM C 8-9 am—SPC Panel SP-4: "Design Production Integration and Innovative and Practical Approach to Increase Productivity," by F. Barham Jr., Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company.

"Ship Production Committee—023- 1—Research and Development Program: An Overview," by J.W.

Peart, Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

9-10 am—"SNAME/SPC Welding Panel SP-7—Past, Present and Future," by B.C. Howser, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company.

"Ship Producibility Research Program," by J.E. Demartini, Bath Iron Works Corporation.

10-11 am—"SP-6: Standards and Specifications, The Need for Published Shipbuilding Standards," by T.M. O'Toole, Bath Iron Works Corporation.

"SNAME Panel SP-8: Shipyard Implementation of Advanced Technology—The Dual Role of Industrial Engineering," by J.R.

Phillips, Bath Iron Works Corporation.

11 am-noon—"Panel SP-1 Shipyard Facilities and Environmental Effects," by R.A. Price, Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

"SNAME/SPC Panel SP-10 Flexible Automation," by J.B. Acton, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation.

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