—A directory of the leading shipbuilding and ship repair firms— The following listing of Canadian shipyards highlights yard capabilities and special services offered. For full descriptive literature circle the appropriate number on the Reader Service Card in the back of this issue.

ALLIED SHIPBUILDERS Circle 21 on Reader Service Card Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. of North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Builders of: Steel vessels up to 10,000 dwt. Self-loading/unloading log barges—Tugs—Ferries—Fishing Vessels—Shallow Draft Craft— Patrol & Service Vessels—Supply Vessels—Barges & Pontoons.

Specialties: —Vessels for erection at remote sites.

—Western Machine Works hydraulic tow pins and hooks.

—Deliveries within 5-7 months of award of contract.

Ship Repairs: Drydocking and repairs to wooden and steel vessels.

Two floating drydocks, one with a capacity of 750 tons and the second with a capacity of 250 tons. Conversions, repowering, mid-life refits, etc.

Shops are equipped for prefabrication of steelwork and piping and include a Joiner Shop, Machine Shop and Electrical Shop. Two floating drydocks provide very adequate facilities for ship repairs, maintenance and modifications.

The shipyard occupies an area of some 10 acres with approximately one-quarter mile of river frontage.

Western Machine Works and Coast Engineering Works, Divisions of Allied Shipbuilders Ltd., manufacture patented hydraulic tow pin/ hook units, which have gained worldwide recognition, produce and repair shafting and stern gear equipment.

BEL-AIRE SHIPYARD Circle 22 on Reader Service Card B e l - A i r e S h i p y a r d Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Builders of: Offshore and Arctic Drilling Supply Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Tugs and Tug Supply Vessels, Barges, Research Vessels.

Ship Repairs & Conversions: Survey Vessels, Tugs, Fishing Vessels, Pleasure Craft.

The shipyard is self-sufficient for most of its ship construction and outfitting requirements. In addition to steel fabrication and assembly shops, the company operates machine, pipefitting, electrical, joinerwork and paint departments.

BRETON INDUSTRIAL Circle 23 on Reader Service Card Breton Industrial and Marine Limited, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.

Builders of: Tugs, Barges, High Speed Steel and Aluminum Service and Patrol Vessels, Passenger Ferries, Work Boats, Special Service Vessels.

Repair: Repair work to Service Craft, Fishing Vessels, Ship Conversions and general repair in both steel and aluminum.

COLLINGWOOD SHIPYARDS Circle 24 on Reader Service Card Collingwood Shipyards—Division of Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering Limited, Collingwood, Ontario.

Builders of: Specializing in maximum St. Lawrence Seaway vessels including self-unloaders. Other ships include tankers, passenger/ vehicle ferries, bulk carriers, tugs, barges for both Great Lakes and ocean service.

Repairs/Conversions: Ship repairs, conversions, refit work of all types and associated services including inspections. Graving dock, 630' x 65' x 16'-6" over sill as well as dockside repair facilities for all Great Lakes vessels.

The General Engineering Department offers steel fabrication and heavy machine shop facilities, all manufactured through CSA Z-299.3 Quality Verification Standards.

One of the yard's widely recognized products is the Collomatic Electro-Hydraulic Self-Tensioning Mooring Winch, designed and patented in response to the need for a rugged, reliable, self-contained winch for the rigorous seaway demands.

Other specialized products include electro-hydraulic towing winches, hatch cover cranes and hatch clamps. A wide variety of other products can be manufactured to owner's specification.

HERB FRASER & ASSOCIATES Circle 25 on Reader Service Card Herb Fraser & Associates Limited, Port Colborne, Ontario.

Ship Repairs: All phases of ship repairs afloat to Boilers, Machinery, Hull and Electrical Equipment.

Vessels up to 730'0" accommodated.

Conversions afloat, re-boilering, re-engining, bow thrusters, installations and steel fabrications.

Builders of: Garbage incinerators, Aluminum Ladders and Aluminum Gangways.


Circle 26 on Reader Service Card Genstar Shipyards Ltd. (formerly Vancouver Shipyards Co.

Ltd.) North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Builders of: All types of vessels including tugs, fishing vessels, barges, ferries, offshore supply vessels, seismic research and offshore marine structures up to 167 m long and 30 m beam, maximum launch weight 7,000 tons.

Repairs: All types of vessels up to 1,200 tons displacement. Deepsea going vessels at loading berths. Also have Esquimalt Graving Dock available for vessels up to 357.5 x 38.40 x 10.67 m over keel blocks. Conversions, modifications, lengthening of all types of vessels.

GEORGETOWN SHIPYARD Circle 27 on Reader Service Card Georgetown Shipyard Inc., Georgetown, Prince Edward Island.

Builders of: The shipyard specializes in the building of small and medium size steel and aluminum hulled vessels. Vessels constructed include trawlers, seiners, and other fishing vessels, commercial and naval tugs, fishery research vessels, fast search and rescue craft, ferries, barges and floating docks.

Ship Repairs: The company is engaged in all types of ship repairs including drydocking (600 ton maximum at present by 2,000-ton capacity planned for 1985) annual refits, conversions and along-side work on larger vessels such as tankers and Coast Guard vessels.

GOOD PEOPLE SEA & SHORE SERVICES Circle 28 on Reader Service Card Good People Sea and Shore S e r v i c e s Inc., North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Builders of: Ferries, Barges, Special Service Vessels.

Ship Repairs: Repairs, conversions, refits.

HALIFAX INDUSTRIES Circle 29 on Reader Service Card Halifax Industries Limited has two yards: Halifax Shipyard, Halifax Harbour, West Shore and Dartmouth Marine Slips, Halifax Harbour, East Shore.

Halifax Shipyard is a comprehensive ship repair, shipbuilding and industrial fabrication facility serving the national and international market for over 100 years. Located in the ice-free, deep-water port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Halifax Shipyard is the closest major North American repair centre to the North Atlantic Great Circle Route.

Dartmouth Marine Slips, across the harbour from Halifax Shipyard, has been in continuous operation for over 130 years.

Builders of: Trawlers, Oil Rigs, Drill Ships, Ferries, Major Conversions, Industrial Projects, Cranes, Offshore Oil and Gas Projects.

Ship Repairs: The recent addition of a Panamax Dock has added to Halifax Shipyard's capabilities.

Halifax Shipyard and Dartmouth Marine Slips are capable of carrying out every type of repair required by national and international ship owners. Both yards provide services for the Offshore Oil and Gas marine activities.

Halifax Shipyard and Dartmouth Marine Slips both have all the shop facilities required in a shipyard.

Halifax Shipyard fabricates and assembles steel units in its large assembly shop up to 100 tons. Halifax Shipyard manufactures Joiner Systems for Marine Outfitting.

MARINE INDUSTRIE LTEE Circle 30 on Reader Service Card Marine Industrie Limitee, Tracy, Quebec.

Builders of: Multipurpose cargo ships, container vessels, ice-reinforced supply vessels, tankers, floating cranes, drydocks, diesel-electric research vessels and icebreakers, tugs, barges, trawlers, ferries and naval vessels.

Ship Repair: MIL is also known for outstanding ship repair, refit and conversion work. Situated about 40 miles down river from the Port of Montreal, the shipyard is well situated, completely equipped and expertly staffed to effect speedy and economical overhauls and repairs of virtually any ship up to 25,000 dwt.

Offshore Construction: MIL can undertake the construction of offshore structures including decks, modules, jackets, semi-submersible and jack-up drilling rigs, accommodation rigs, heavy lift vessels, floating production facilities, etc. Offshore hook-up and commissioning and maintenance of fixed and floating offshore structures are also offered by the company.

In addition, the facilities of MIL's other divisions are available to the Shipbuilding Division—including a well equipped Heavy Machine Shop and a large Stress Relieving Furnace.

The shipyard has been using the AUTOKON CAD/CAM system for steel definition and manufacturing since 1970, and in late 1983, purchased the latest interactive AUTOKON modules that will serve for both engineering .and manufacturing.

Housed in a new CAD/CAM facility, containing 12 terminals and located adjacent to the drawing offices, MIL has one of the most powerful CAD/CAM facilities for shipbuilding.

Apart from the design and drafting capabilities, MIL also uses the "SPAR" planning and control modules for work planning, estimating and material control, etc.

The CAD/CAM software from GE, called CALMA is also being used in the shipyard, but more specifically for the Hydro-Electric Division at this time.

MARYSTOWN SHIPYARD Circle 31 on Reader Service Card Marystown Shipyard Limited, Marystown, Newfoundland.

Marystown Shipyard Limited is situated in Mortier Bay, on the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland. The port is ice free all year round and is strategically located close to all East/West shipping traffic lanes, as well as being very convenient to all local shipping and trawler operations.

Mortier Bay is a sheltered deepwater port with depths in excess of 200 feet and is an ideal location for doing work afloat on oil rigs, while offering shelter from the elements.

The yard was completed in 1968 and, in facilities and concept, is one of the more technologically advanced yards of its size in the world.

Shipbuilding: All classes and types of ships to 3,000 L tons displacement.

S p e c i a l t i e s : Offshore supply and anchor handling tugs. Fishing vessels of all sizes and types.

Ship Repairs: Vessels of all types to 3,000 L tons displacement, syncrolift, marine elevator with transfer capable of drydocking six ships of maximum size at one time.

Dimensions of syncrolift: 76.22 m x 18.29 m x 3,000 L tons displacement.

An under cover steel preparation, assembly and erection with two 250 ft. building berths under one roof. The Steel Shop has a 1:10 Automatic Flame Cutter, a 600 ton Rolling and Flanging Press capable of handling plates 30 ft. wide x 1 inch thick, a 300 Brake Press, a 100 ton Gap Press, a 200 ton Cold Bar Bender and Numerical Control Cutting equipment. The Engineering, Pipefitting, Joiner, Painter and Electrical Shops are conveniently situated adjacent to all activities and have all the modern equipment necessary for the construction, fitting out and repair of all types of vessels.

NEWFOUNDLAND DOCKYARD Circle 32 on Reader Service Card Newfoundland Dockyard, St.

John's, Newfoundland.

The Newfoundland Dockyard is strategically situated in the sheltered, ice-free harbour of St. John's, Newfoundland—close to the North Atlantic shipping lanes. In fact, it's the first point of refuge on the North American shore.

Repairs: Specializing in ship repairs, conversions and refit work on all types of commercial, government, and naval vessels.

NORTHERN ARC SHIPBUILDERS Circle 33 on Reader Service Card Northern Arc Shipbuilders Ltd., Hay River, Northwest Territories.

A major portion of shipbuilding, conversions and repair needs of companies engaged in MacKenzie River and Beaufort Sea operations are contracted through Northern Arc.

Builders of: Ice-class tugs, ferries, barges, crew boats, work boats, pollution control vessels.

Ship Repairs: Ships of all types, ship conversions, general repairs and associated services.

PICTOU INDUSTRIES Circle 34 on Reader Service Card Pictou Industries Limited, Pictou, Nova Scotia.

The present company was incorporated in 1984 and along with its affiliated shipyard at St. Catharines, Ontario, has recently concentrated on improving its capability to service offshore petroleum and gas activities, including the supply of steel assemblies and modules up to 2,000 tons, and vessels up to 100 meters long.

Builders of: Steel Fishing Vessels, Passenger Ferries, Automobile and Railway Ferries, Patrol Boats, Ocean Tugs, Barges, Ro-Ro Vessels, Supply Vessels, Drydocks and Cargo vessels to 100 M LOA and 5,000 GRT.

Ship Repairs: Afloat repairs of all types up to 7,000 GRT. Marine Railway—for ships up to 2,000 tons with side transfer to take three 240' vessels.

Specialities: Offshore Supply Vessels, Safety-Standby Vessels, Oil/Gas Production Platforms and Fishing Trawlers.

Shops are arranged for steel fabrication, machining, piping, electrical, electronics, carpentry, engine fitting, sheet metal, smitbing and lofting.

PORT ARTHUR SHIPBUILDING Circle 35 on Reader Service Card Port Arthur Shipbuilding Company—Division of Canadian Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Builders of: Generally confined to ship repairs and major conversions, but facilities and men available for major construction.

Winter Repairs: Docking of ships can now be carried out at all times of the year including winter lay-up by means of an extensive bubbler system.

PORT WELLER DRY DOCKS Circle 36 on Reader Service Card Port Weller Dry Docks—A Division of ULS International Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario.

Port Weller Dry Docks was founded in 1946 and was purchased by Upper Lakes Shipping in 1954.

The shipyard has been dedicated to remaining flexible in its building capability as a basis for its competitiveness.

As such, the company is committed to the acquisition of new technology to maintain and improve its efficiency.

Builders of: Self-unloading bulk carriers for inland and ocean traffic, ice strengthened ships, tankers, ro/ ro ships, passenger, rail and car ferries, tugs and barges.

Ship Repair: All types.

PURVIS NAVCON SHIPYARD Circle 37 on Reader Service Card P u r v i s Navcon Shipyard Ltd., Selkirk, Manitoba.

Builders of: Ferries, Cruise Vessels, Tugs, Barges, Crew Boats, Fishing Vessels, Work Boats.

Ship Repairs: Ships of all types, ship conversions, general repairs, associated services.

RIVTOW INDUSTRIES Circle 38 on Reader Service Card Rivtow Industries Limited, operates two divisions in Vancouver, British Columbia: B.C. Marine Shipbuilders Division Builders of: Tugs, Barges, Ferries up to 80 m Repairs: Coastal and Deep-Sea, All Types West Coast Manly Division Builders Of: Tugs, Fishing Vessels, Patrol Vessels, Crew Boats— Steel or Aluminum to 80 m, Barges to 80 m.

Repairs: Coastal vessels.

West Coast: Manly is also active in Ships Component Manufacturing— doors, windows, quick opening manholes, propellers, Kort nozzeles.

ST. JOHN SHIPBUILDING Circle 39 on Reader Service Card Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Ltd., Saint John, New Brunswick.

The shipyard is situated in the sheltered ice free harbour of the Port of Saint John and is served by the deep water, ice free, approaches of the Bay of Fundy.

Builders of: Ocean going crude and product tankers, bulk carriers, icebreaking and ice strengthened vessels, tug barge systems, ferries— vehicle and passenger, tugs, floating cranes, fishing vessels, floating processing plants, offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, hydrographic and oceangraphic vessels, naval vessels, coast guard vessels, passenger vessels.

Ship Repairing: Support by the technical and production facilities of the shipyard, the ship repair divi- sion of Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Ltd., is staffed by an experienced and well integrated team, capable of responsing promptly to owner's requirements for hull and machinery repairs, conversions and surveys, either in drydock or afloat.

VERREAULT NAVIGATION Circle 40 on Reader Service Card Verreault Navigation Inc., Les Mechins, Quebec.

B u i l d e r s of: Tugs, dredges, scows, ferries, pleasure boats (yachts) and, mostly, fishing vessels.

Ship Repairing: Vessels of all types (icebreakers, tankers, ferries, tugs, etc.).

VERSATILE DAVIE Circle 41 on Reader Service Card Versatile Davie Inc., Lauzon, Quebec.

Builders of: Offshore Drill Rigs, Offshore Platforms, Jackets, Supply Boats, Icebreakers, Great Lake Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Cargo Vessels, Barges, Naval Vessels, Patrol and Service Vessels, Ferries, Dredges, Trawlers, Tugs. Capacity up to 100,000 dwt.

Ship Repairs: Ship repairs and conversions of up to 364 m in length and 36.57 m in width.

VERSATILE PACIFIC Circle 42 on Reader Service Card V e r s a t i l e Pacific (formerly Burrard Yarrows Corporation) operates two divisions: the Vancouver Division, North Vancouver, British Columbia and the Victoria Division in Esquimatt, British Columbia.

Versatile Pacific has a wide-ranging capability in ship construction, having built commercial and naval vessels of various types and sizes, including extensive experience in the construction and conversion of ice-strengthened vessels for Arctic service.

Builders of: Destroyer escorts, icebreakers, passenger and automobile ferries, rail car ferries, tugs, tankers, seismographic research vessels, offshore service vessels, large multipurpose barges and special purpose types.

Ship Repairs: Ship repair facilities available at Victoria for ships up to 1,170 feet long and 125 feet wide, and at Vancouver for ships up to 700 feet long and 150 foot beam.

VERSATILE VICKERS Circle 43 on Reader Service Card Versatile Vickers Inc., Montreal, Quebec.

Established in Montreal, Quebec in 1911 to support U.K. naval forces under the name of Canadian Vickers Limited, the shipyard was one of the leading builders of commercial, service and naval vessels.

After building 294 ships, the company decided to specialize in ship repairs to improve customer service and fill an urgent need in the great Port of Montreal and on the Seaway Shipping Lane.

Ship Repairs: Under the name of Versatile Vickers Inc. the company has specialized in ship repairs, conversions and refit work of all types of commercial, service (icebreakers, ferries, etc.) and naval vessels.

With its own basin (500' x 1,600' x 48' draft), three Seaway lock-size floating drydocks and experienced staff, year-round service and quick turn-arounds are assured.

The yard is fully qualified to undertake annual and quadrennial inspections.

The company's Industrial Division with its three large Fabricating Shops, Pipe Shop, large, well equipped Machine Shop with CAD/CAM system and 16 computerized numerical controlled (C.N.C.) machine tools, in addition to other large equipment is supporting the company's Ship Repairs activities.

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