M a y 5 - 8 , 1 9 8 6 , Houston The 1986 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), to be held at the Astrodomain in Houston May 5-8, focuses this year on world trade and the increased recognition of OTC's role in bringing together U.S. and international exporters, importers, and registrants to view the world's largest exhibition of offshore equipment, products, and services.

With attendance expected to exceed 60,000 international and U.S.

engineers, scientists, and managers, this year's OTC will offer many attractions, including a comprehensive technical program of 46 sessions with more than 250 technical papers from every oil-producing area of the world, three keynote general-interest sessions with high-level speakers, as well as an unmatched exhibition of products, equipment, and services from more than 1,500 of the world's foremost manufacturers of offshore-related equipment.

With U.S. Department of Commerce endorsement and acceptance into the prestigious Union of International Fairs, OTC presents increased opportunities for technical cooperation among the community.

OTC '86 continued and communication international offshore For the first time at OTC, Commerce Department staff will direct foreign visitors to appropriate exhibitors, and counsel U.S.

exhibitors on export/import matters.

Foreign trade delegates will receive the OTC Export Interest Directory to help them locate available products, services, and equipment exhibited at OTC.

The exhibition, including special indoor and outdoor areas, opens at 8:30 am Monday, May 5. Exhibition hours are 8:30 to 5 pm, May 6 and 7, and 8:30 to 3 pm, May 8.

The array of drilling rigs, Christmas trees, blowout preventers, and high-tech data acquisition systems will also include a walking undersea robot. An invention of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., the robot walks on four spider-like legs on the sea bottom near foundations and structures to perform assigned tasks. Mitsubishi will demonstrate the robot at its booth during the exhibition.

More than 10 national groups plan exhibits, including Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, West Germany, and France. Canada will combine the booths of all its provinces into one giant 18,000-square-foot exhibit, another exhibition highlight.

The world's largest forum for development of offshore and ocean resources, OTC is sponsored jointly by 11 of the world's foremost engineering and scientific organizations, including The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the Marine Technology Society, with worldwide membership of more than 700,000. The Society of Petroleum Engineers in Richardson, Texas, manages the conference for the sponsoring organizations.

Topical Lunches This year the OTC will again offer its popular series of topical luncheons.

The four informal luncheons scheduled will allow many opportunities for stimulating discussions between speakers and audiences.

On Tuesday, May 6, two luncheons are scheduled: Challenges and Achievements — S t a t P i p e Transportation System, given by Tor Espedel, vice president of pipeline technology for Statoil; and Technical and Business Strategies and Business Strategies for Frontier Developments, by R.E. KMcKee, manager of North American production for Conoco Inc. Norway's StatPipe is the world's largest offshore gathering system, crossing the Norwegian Trench twice at 1,000 feet to deliver North Sea production to shore.

On May 7 a special panel will discuss The Human Resources Aspect of Deepwater Production Operations.

Panelists will be John A.

Haeber, retired president of Vetco Offshore Inc.; Ron L. Geer, senior mechanical engineer for Shell Offshore Inc.; Dillard S. Hammett, vice president of SEDCO-Forex; and moderator Joe W. Key, director of R&D for Offshore Production Systems Inc. For Wednesday's second luncheon, H.R. Brannon, senior research scientist at Exxon Production Research Company, will speak on Deepwater Development Alternatives. The many designs for structures and systems to develop deepwater oil and gas reserves reflect current thinking about how deep the offshore industry can go.

The informality of these topical luncheons encourages frank discussion of issues during question-andanswer periods. The series is one of the most popular technical attractions of the annual conference and exhibition.

OTC Awards The Offshore Technology Conference will present its 1986 Distinguished Achievement Award to W.

Harry Mayne, consultant for Geosource Inc., and to McClelland Engineers Inc., both of Houston.

Recipients will be honored at the OTC Awards Luncheon on May 5 at 12:15 pm in the Astrohall Ballroom.

Mr. Mayne will receive the OTC Award for Individuals for his contributions to the science of geophysical exploration. He invented the common depth point (CDP) method used in nearly all offshore seismic and exploration work. The CDP is largely responsible for the noise reduction that makes it possible to perform seismic work under continuous tow. No single technique has contributed more to the success of offshore seismic work and petroleum exploration.

The 1986 recipient of the OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, McClelland Engineers, has made distinct and unique contributions to marine geotechnical engineering for 38 years. The firm's development of engineering techniques for analysis and design of offshore structure foundations, and procedures and equipment for geotechnical data acquisition have benefited materially the safety and cost aspects of foundations for offshore structures.

Technical Program Monday • 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Arctic Ice and Wind Forces • Room 118 OTC 5084 Ice-Floe Wave Drift Experiments V.W Harms, U. of California 5085 Motion of an Ice Mass Near a Large Offshore Structure M. Issacson. U. of British Columbia, and F.D. Stritto.

Mobil R&D Corp 5086 Wave Driven Icebergs Impacting Against an Offshore Structure M. Salvalaggio. BP Alaska Exploration Inc., and M. Rojansky. Ben C. Gerwick Inc.

5087 Structural Integrity of Semi-Submersibles and Gravity Platforms to Bergy-Bit/lceberg Impact A.S.J. Swamidas and H. El-Tahan, Memorial U. of Newfoundland: M Arockiasamy. Arctec Newfoundland Ltd : and R. Abdelnour. Florida Atlantic U.

5088 Numerical Simulation of Wave Runup and Armor Stability N Kobayashi. U of Delaware, and I. Roy and A K Otta. U. of Delware 5089 Prediction of Uplift Wave Force on Large Caisson Structures Installed on Rubble Mound S. Fujii, Taisei Corp.

Field Development • Room 114 OTC 5090 The North Sea: Where to Now?

J. Haggarty and G Mathewson. Scottish Development Agency The Lessons From 7 Years of a First Generation North Sea Platform and Planning to its End-of-Field Life C.R Bond and P G Shaw. Britoil pic Deepwater Multiwell Production System Study J.S Lim. Vetco Gray, and G L Barker. ARCO Geisum Field Development R.L Tucker. Conoco Inc . and N C Roobaert Paragon Engineering Services Milne Point Production Facilities: A Design for a Marginal Arctic Oil Field M.D McGee. Conoco Inc.. and J.E Dysert. Fluor Engineers Inc Marginal Field Exploration and Production in the Arctic R E. Potter and M E Potter. Arctic & Offshore Technology Inc Wave Forces • Room 109 OTC 5096 Forces on a Large Cylinder in Random 2-Dimensional Flows G. Rodenbusch and C Kallstrom. Shell Development Co An Empirical Model for Random Directional Wave Kinematics Near the Free Surface G. Rodenbusch and G Z. Forristall. Shell Development Co.

Random Directional Wave Forces on Template Offshore Platforms G. Rodenbusch. Shell Development Co.

Measured Fluid Forces on an Accelerated/Decelerated Circular Cylinder A R Bird, consultant, and L.F Mockros.

Northwestern U.

Biplanar Linearization of Drag Forces With Application to Riser Analysis B J Leira and A Olufsen. SINTEF Non-Linear Random Wave Loading on Fixed Offshore Platforms N Spidsoe. SINTEF Dynamic Pressures Around a Vertical Cylinder in Waves S.K. Chakrabarti. A.R Libby. and D J Kompare CBI Industries Inc Geotechnical Site Investigations • Room 108 OTC 5103 Large Scale Penetration Test at a Deep Water Site T.I Tjelta and A.A Rannestad. Statoil Results of Recent Cone Penetrometer Testing in the Gulf of Mexico J.A. Focht Jr.. G.W Johnson, and C A. Rivette.

McClelland Engineers Inc.

Deep-Water Geologic and Soil Conditions and their Engineering Implications, Northern Gulf of Mexico K.J. Campbell and J.R Hooper, McClelland Engineers Inc.. and D.B Prior, Louisiana State U Generalized Soil Conditions Encountered in the Campos and Sergipe Basins, Offshore Brazil M.J. Morrison. McClelland Engineers Inc.. and C. Machado. Petrobras 5107 Geotechnical Potentials of Offshore Seismic Reflection Profiling in the Niger Delta S.U. Ejezie. U of Port Harcourt 5108 Seabed Strengthening by Deep Cement Mixing M Halebsky, Hale Enterprises, and S. Wetmore.

Global Marine Development Inc.

Fracture Control Room • Room 105 OTC 5109 Modifications to the CTOD Design Curve Approach M G. Dawes. The Welding Research Inst.

5110 Crack Tip Opening Displacement in Heavy Section Steel Plate and Its Welded Joint Y. Nakano. M Nagayasu. K Ota. S Takizawa. and H. Nishizaki. Kawasaki Steel Corp 5111 Application of the Finite Element Alternating Method to Offshore Structural Fracture Mechanics Analysis H C Rhee. Conoco Inc 5112 A Fracture Mechanics Based Inspection Criterion for Internal Walls of Offshore Wellhead Equipment R E Frishmuth. Cortest Applied Mechanics Inc 5113 Recent Developments in the Reassessment, Maintenance and Repair of Steel Offshore Structures M. Lalani and I.E. Tebbett. Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd.

5114 Stress Distribution and Crack Initiation Prediction of Tubular X-Joint D.J C Lub. Gusto Engineering C V . and R Zijin.

IHC SMIT BV Offshore Instrumentation, Power and Fiber Optic Application • Room 100 OTC 5115 The Benefits of Conducting a Vessel Noise Survey Prior to Installing an Acoustic Sensor J L Roberts. Honeywell Marine Systems Division 5116 Results of the Molikpag Instrumentation System K C Witney. Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants, and V Neth. Gulf Canada Resources Inc.

5117 A Distributed Data Acquisition and Control System for a Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig L.L. Hawn and B A Gordon. Santa Fe Drilling Co.

5118 Composite Power and Optical Submarine Cable for Off-Shore Applications B Cantegrit. C Bayard, and J.P. Trezeguet. Les Cables de Lyon 5119 Marine Applications for a Continuous Fiber Optic Structural Strain Monitoring System D S. McKeehan. Intec Engineering Inc.; R.W.

Griffiths, consultant; and J.E. Halkyard, Offshore Technology Corp.

5120 Generation of Electrical Power from the Florida Current of the Gulf Stream J R Farrell. B V. Davis. D. Swan, and K. Jeffers.

Nova Energy Ltd Geophysical Interpretation • Room 202 OTC 5278 Pulsed Neutron Log Application in California: Improved Capability via Borehole Decay Correction J L Baldwin. Welex Pitfalls of Amplitude Versus Offset Analysis for Seismic Lithology Prediction G Gassaway. R.A Brown, and L Bennett. Terra Linda Group Inc.

Prediction of Abnormal Formation Pressures in Sedimentary Sequence. Offshore Pakistan from Seismic Data H A Raza. Hydrocarbon Development Inst of Pakistan Drilling Prediction Before Drilling: A Panel Discussion Panelists: R.W. Baird. Baird Petrophysicals: D. Louden, L-R Resource Development Group; L McClure, consultant; P Pilkington, Conoco Inc.; D Stone, Seismograph Service; and R. Weakley, Chevron U.S.A.

Monday • 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Session—Offshore Technology— A Historical Review • Room 118 Features a review of w o r l d w i d e developments in offshore technology w i t h keynote presentation by R.J. Howe, President, Pennzoil. Traces developments in offshore technology from exploration to production and transportation—and focuses on challenges of ultra-deep waters and arctic, ice-covered areas. Chronicles the operating challenges in the offshore that have been overcome by application of engineering and scientific principles, and presents a statistical look at pertinent data now and over a period of three decades as offshore technology has evolved to its present state.

Ice Mechanics • Room 114 OTC 5127 Non-Simultaneous Failure and Ice Loads on Arctic Structures A C Palmer, Andrew Palmer & Assocs. Ltd.

Theoretical and Experimental Prediction of Sheet Ice Forces on Multiple Cylindrical Legs V. Vivatrat and V.L. Chen. Brian Watt Assocs. Inc.

Scale Effect and Compressive Strength of Large Volumes of Ice E M. Gershunov, Santa Fe/Braun Analysis of Ice Forces on a Caisson-Type Arctic Platform R. Hakala, Technical Research Ctr. of Finland; A. Joensuu. Wartsila Arctic Research Ctr.; E. Eranti.

Finn-stroi Ltd.; and S.S. Gowda, Technical Research Centre of Finland Sea Ice: Concrete Sliding Abrasion Test H. Saeki. Hokkaido U ; Y. Asai, and A. Yoshida.

Taisei Corp . T. Takeuchi. Hokkaido U.: and E. Suenaga, Sapporo U.

Submarine Breakwaters: A Novel Concept in Wave Shielding E. Melun and J. Stamnes, Norwave. and F.G.

Nielsen. K. Herfjord. and T Simonstad, Norsk Hydro a s Tubular Joints • Room 109 OTC 5133 4 2 Behavior of Tubular T and K-Joints Under Combined Loads Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane, Kumamoto U.. and S.

Takizawa and N Yamamoto. Kawasaki Steel Corp Finite Element Analysis of Multi-Brace Non-Coplanar Tubular Joints Q. Chen and N. Liang, Chinese Inst, of Mechanics The Effect of Chord Stresses on the Static Strength of DT Tubular Connections R M. Weinstein. Brown & Root Intl. Inc.. and J A Yura. U of Texas Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Grouted Tubular Joint H.C. Rhee. Conoco Inc.

Calculation of the Maximum Stress for Multi-Brace Non-Coplanar Tubular Joints N. Liang and C. Qiye, Chinese Inst of Mechanics Static and Fatigue Strength of Overlapped Cast Steel Node K Nakamura. H Sada. T Shinke. and B An.

Kobe Steel Ltd Wave Forces and Dynamic Response • Room 108 OTC 5139 Nonlinear Wave Load Effects on the Stochastic Behavior of Fixed Offshore Platforms J M Niedzwecki. Texas A&M U . and E W. Sandt.

Naval Ocean Systems Ctr An Investigation of the Importance of Joint Probability and Directionality of Environmental Data for Platform Design J B Nielsen and O Brink-K|aer. Danish Hydraulic Inst . and C.K. Grant and R W Webb. BP Intl. Ltd.

Random Responses of Semi-Submersibles: Finite Band Width Approach P Mukerji, McDermott Engineering Extreme Value Statistics and Exposure Time: A Simple Method to Establish Well Defined Design Criteria for Marine Operations K Lindemann. Det norske Veritas Analysis of the Effect of Currents on Wave Forces Measured on an Offshore Structure at Sea P Kaplan. Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State U . and M Dummer. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory Field Measurement of Tension-Leg-Type Marine Observation Buoy N Kuchida and Y. Tanigawa. Ministry of Transport, and S. Ueda, M Katayama, and M. Ozaki. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd Pile Foundations OTC Room 105 Analysis of the Performance of Piles in Silica Sands and Carbonate Formations R G. Bea. S.I. Guttman. and S. Vahdani. PMB Systems Engineering Inc.. R.M. Meith and S.

Paulson. Chevron Corp.

Lateral Loading Tests on Large-Diameter Steel Pipe Piles Installed in Carbonate Rock and Soils J Hagenaar and C S. Chandrasekhar, PRC Engineering Inc.

CAPWAP Analysis Increases Ability to Properly Design Piles In Calcareous Sands R.N. Dutt. Seafloor Engineers: W Teferra, Petro Drive Inc ; and W.E. Nelson. Amoco Production Co.

Axial Behavior and Capacity of Driven Piles in Calcareous Sands B T.D. Lu. The Earth Technology Corp.

Frictional Characteristics of Calcareous Sands from Offshore Florida R.N. Dutt. Seafloor Engineers: E.H. Doyle. Shell Development Co : S. Nandlal. Shell Oil Co.; and W B Ingram. Seafloor Engineers Shaft Frictional Resistance of Long Pipe Piles Driven into Dense Sands S-l Tsien. Chinese Inst of Mechanics Metallic Materials • Room 100 O TC 5 1 51 D e v e l o p m e n t of N o n - M a g n e t i c Drill Collar With High Stress C o r r o s i o n Resistance T. Nakazawa, T. Suzuki, T. Sakamota, Y. Yakaki, and Y. Sakamoto, Nippon Steel Corp.

S e v e r e Environment 183 /8-in. 1 5 , 0 0 0 - p s i Wellhead C.F. Boehm Jr., Hughes Drilling Equipment M o n i t o r i n g of Crack Formation and Crack Growth in Steel S t r u c t u r e s by the Electric Field Signature M e t h o d (FSM) H. Hognestad, Ctr. for Industrial Research (SI) C o r r o s i o n and C r a c k i n g of Steel in P r o d u c t i o n of Gas W i t h Liquid H 2 S and Brine A. Miyasaka, K. Dempo, and H. Ogawa, Nippon Steel Corp.

High P e r f o r m a n c e T e n d o n for T L P M a n u f a c t u r ed by Q & T Y. Takeshi and H. Mimura, Nippon Steel Corp.

Trial P r o d u c t i o n and Material E v a l u a t i o n of TLP T e n s i o n Legs I. Sakaguchi, T. Sawamura, H. Sakamoto, Y. Komizo, K. Iwata, and K. Kawai, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.

Seafloor Surveying and Mapping • Room 202 O TC 5 2 72 S u b - M e t e r Accuracy W i t h GPS C/A Code in D y n a m i c A p p l i c a t i o ns J. Ashjaee, Trimble Navigation Ltd.

A Multi-National C o n s o r t i um Opportunity for R e m o t e Sensing P.M. Maughan, Space Development Service Using Kriging to Map the Ocean Floor M. David, Ecole Polytechnique R e c o n n a i s s a n c e Seafloor Mapping of Louisiana N e a r s h o r e P l a t f o r m s for Site C h a r a c t e r i z a t i o n to Study Fate a n d E f f e c t s of Produced Water D C. Rhoads, Science Applications Intl Corp., and E C. Revelas and J.D. Germano, Science Applications Intl. Corp.

Mapping Seafloor G e o a c o u s t i c P r o p e r t i e s in S h a l l ow Water F r om M o n o c h r o m a t i c Pressure Field Data: T w o M e t h o d s Based on Hankel T r a n s f o rm Inversion G.V. Frisk and J.F. Lynch, Woods Hole Oceanographic Instn., and G.J. Tango and M.F. Werby, Applied Acoustics/NORDA A p p l i c a t i o n s of a N e w Fast R e f l e c t i v i t y Method to M a r i n e Horizontal and V e r t i c a l Seismic Profiling G.J. Tango, NORDA Tuesday • 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Risers • Room 118 O TC 5 1 63 F l e x i b l e P r o d u c t i o n Riser S y s t em for Floating P r o d u c t i o n A p p l i c a t i o n in t h e N o r t h Sea M.J. Bouvard, Coflexip S.A., and T.R. Mahoney, North Sea Sun Oil Co.

D e v e l o p m e n t of a F l e x i b l e Marine Riser S y s t em K. Ishii, T. Okamoto, and N. Tachibana, The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., and T. Miyazaki and Y.

Washio, Japan Marine Science & Technology Ctr.

API Load Rating of Marine Riser Couplings: A p p l i c a t i o n of RP 2R G u i d e l i n e s and S u p p l e m e n t a l Methods R. Beers and D.L. Thomas, Vetco Gray Upper Marine Riser Package J S Lim and J R Pfeifler. Vetco Gray R&D O p e r a t i o n a l Use of an I n s t r u m e n t e d Marine Riser Joint R.J Stinner. Offshore Technology Corp., and S Katayama. Japan Drilling Co. Ltd.

The S u p p r e s s i o n of V o r t e x Induced O s c i l l a t i o n in a M a r i n e Riser W i t h Low Structural Damping in High M u l t i - D i r e c t i o n a l Currents C E Cunningham. FMC Corp. (U.K.) Ltd rfole of the ROV in Offshore Oil • Room 114 OTC 5 1 6 9 The Role of the ROV in 1985: A Capability in T r a n s i t i on F R Frisbie. Ocean Systems Engineering; R.L Wernli. Naval Ocean Systems Ctr.; and D Given. Windate Enterprises Inc 5 1 7 0 ROV Involvement During I n s t a l l a t i o n , Inspection, M a i n t e n a n c e and Repair of O f f s h o r e Structures A Watt. Sub Sea Intl Inc 5171 An ROV Work S y s t em D e s i g n e d for D e e p w a t e r Pipeline Repair D C Beebe. Ocean Systems Engineering Inc .

J S Kuehn. Chevron Corp . and M.J Kirby. Flow Industries Inc 5 1 7 2 A T e c h n o l o g y Forecast for ROVs in the O f f s h o r e Oil Industry E Jackson, Intl Submarine Engineering, and T B Sheridan, MIT Wind and Wave Forces • Room 109 O TC 5 1 7 3 A Wind Tunnel I n v e s t i g a t i o n of Aerodynamic Loads on a Typical T e n s i o n Leg P l a t f o rm A Kareem. U of Houston 5174 Wind Loads on S e m i - S u b m e r s i b le O f f s h o r e Platforms P Freathy. Atkins R&D. and B J Vickery.

U of Western Ontario 5175 Progress in C o m p u t e r S i m u l a t i o n s of SPM Moored Vessels J E W Wichers. Maritime Research Inst. Netherlands 5176 Evaluation of Low F r e q u e n c e y Wave Damping G E Hearn, U. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 5 1 7 7 Assessment of I n t e r a c t i o n E f f e c t s on Floating P r o d u c t i o n Systems I Padilla and D.G Owen. Heriot-Watt U 5 1 7 8 A Dynamic Analysis Method for S t r u c t u re O n - B o t t om Stability P E. Christiansen. J. Dolwin. and E.J. Piermattei.

Earl & Wright Ltd Exploration in Sedimentary Basins • Room 108 OTC 5 1 7 9 Oil Potential in t h e Gulf of T h a i l a nd P Polahan, Dept. of Mineral Resources, Thailand 5 1 8 0 Hydrocarbon Potential of an Island Arc Summit Basin, N e w H e b r i d e s Arc, S o u t h w e s t Pacific F L Wong, U.S. Geological Survey 5181 Permo-Triassic Extension: A Major F e a t u r e in the S u b s i d e n c e of the North Sea Basin?

S.J. Hellinger. J G Sclater, and M. Shorey, U of Texas 5 1 8 2 Fluid Flow, H y d r o c a r b o n G e n e r a t i o n and Migration: A Q u a n t i t a t i v e Model of Dynamical E v o l u t i o n in S e d i m e n t a r y Basins I Lerche. S Cao. and W H Glezen, U of So Carolina 5183 Deep Heatflow Measurements in the Barents Sea G Zielinski. Omegalisk International Ltd: J Geise.

and M Zindberg. Fugro BV, and T Gunleihsrud.

I KU 5184 The Ocean Drilling Program: Status of Initial Eight Cruises P D Rabinowitz. L Garrison. B Harding. S Herrig.

R Kidd. R Merrill, and R Olivas. Ocean Drilling Program Lightweight Materials • Room 105 OTC 5185 Lightweight Materials for Deepwater Offshore Structures M M. Salama. Conoco Inc.

5186 Compliant Production Riser Analysis and Development for Deep Water Tension Leg Platforms M R. Heim and D.L. Jones, Vetco Gray 5187 Performance Analysis of an Aramid Mooring Line P.G. Riewald, E.I du Pont de Nemours & Co.

5189 Residual Strength of Polyaramid Rope S. Tsuruta, Tokyo U. of Mercantile Marine 5190 Flexible Pipe: New Technology for Deep Water and Marginal Field Development B.C. Dubois, Simplex Wire & Cable Co.

Satellite Applications • Room 100 OTC 5191 Measuring Platform Subsidence Using GPS Satellite Surveying J Collins. GEO/HYDRO Inc 5192 Satellite Data in Support of Arctic Offshore Operations in the 1990 s J Crawford. Jet Propulsion Lab of Cal Tech 5193 New Standard for Satellite Communications J.C. Bell. Intl Maritime Satellite Organization 5194 Differential GPS for Offshore Marine Navigation A K. Brown. Litton Aero Products 5195 Application of Personal Computers to Precision Rig Positioning and Lay Barge Control J O Hill. Oceanonics Inc.. and J R Stoltz. Alpha Systems Concepts Inc 5196 Precise Integrated Navigation Systems and the Development of the Electronic Chart R R Good, H H. Lanziner. and B.A Ridgewell.

Offshore Systems Ltd Marine Minerals and Mining I • Room 202 OTC 5197 5198 5199 5200 5201 Resource Potential for Sand and Gravel Within the United States Exclusive Economic Zone S.J. Williams, U.S. Geological Survey Placer Deposits of Heavy Minerals in Atlantic Continental Shelf Sediments A E. Grosz, E C. Escowitz. and J.C Hathaway, U.S.

Geological Survey Application of the Induced Polarization Method to Offshore Placer Resource Exploration J.C. Wynn and A.E. Grosz, U.S. Geological Survey Results of Survey for Heavy Minerals in the Continental Shelf of Sardinia (Italy) C. Del Fa. R. Peretti, and A. Zucca, U di Cagliari, and R. Borghesi, Soc. Progemisa The Geology and Geochemistry of Exhalative Ore Deposits in Tertiary Basic Fore-Arc Volcanic Terrains, Olympic Peninsula, Washington P C. Nisbet, Northwest Kaolin Ltd.

Design of Gimbal Mounted, Heave Compensated, Hydraulic Pipe Handling Systems for Deep Ocean Mining, Offshore Oil Drilling and Deep Ocean Scientific Coring J.P. Latimer, D.C Tolefson. and R. Kaufman.

Deepsea Ventures Inc Tuesday • 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Session—Future Worldwide Offshore Exploration Prospects • Room 118 A survey of worldwide offshore exploration prospects focuses on prospects for future exploration and includes discussion of economic and technology conditions that will be required.

Leading industry spokesmen will present exploration forecasts for the coming decade Mooring Forces • Room 114 OTC 5203 An Engineering Assessment of the Validity of the Quasi-Static Approach to Semi-Submersible Mooring Design F A. Ramzan and R.W. Robinson. Brown & Root (UK) Ltd Influence of Mooring Line Damping Upon Rig Motions E Huse. Martmek Full-Scale Vessel Current Loads Data and the Impact on Design Methodologies and Similitude P A Palo. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory Analysis of the Slowly Varying Motions of a Floating Production System J E McDowall. Offshore Technology Corp The Influence of Thunderstorm Generated Rapid Wind Shift on the Design of Single Point Moorings G.J. Shoup and P A. Lunde. Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.

Dynamic Positioning of Large Tankers at Sea J.A. Pinkster. Maritime Research Inst. Netherlands Oceanography and Meteorology • Room 109 OTC 5209 Characteristics of Wave Groups in the Arabian Sea Associated With Cyclonic Activity P. Vethamony and J.S. Sastry, National Inst, of Oceanography 5210 Environment Conditions in the South China Sea Offshore Malaysia: Hindcast Study Approach O Brink-Kjaer. A. Kej. V. Cardone. L Swee. and E Pushparathnam. Danish Hydraulic Inst.

5211 Forecasting Extreme Wave Episodes Along the California Coast R.J. Seymour and D R Cayan. Scripps Inst, of Oceanography 5212 Parametric Modelling of Directional Wave Spectra N Hogben and F.C. Cobb. British Maritime Technology Ltd 5213 Surface Current Real-Time Prediction for Search and Rescue D F Paskausky. U.S. Coast Guard R&D Ctr 5214 The Results of the CODAR Offshore Remote-Sensing Project M W Spillane. Chevron. R D Crissman- M W Evans. CODAR Technology Inc.; D.E. Barrick, B.J. Lipa. Ocean Surface Research; and B Braennstrom. Saga Petroleum a s Pipeline Design • Room 108 OTC 5215 Collapse of Deepwater Pipelines S. Kyriakides and M -K Yeh. U of Texas Unsupported Offshore Pipelines Spans: Design and Operational Considerations B. Shah. Lummus-Crest Inc : J.A Mercier and C.N. White. Conoco Inc Galloping of a Circular Cylinder Near a Plane Boundary A Bokaian. Rice U A New Lift Model and Response Analysis of Underwater Line Structures Subjected to Waves K Yoshida. H Suzuki, and N. Oka. U. of Tokyo The Design and Construction of Stabilization and Protection of Subsea Pipelines and Cables Up to 600 m Water Depths A.G.M. Groothuizen. ACZ Marine Contractors BV 360 Tie-Ins in the Gulf: A Breaking Success A Lupi. Comex A Comprehensive Investigation of the Wave and Current Forces on Pipelines T Sarpkaya. U.S. Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Design and Behavior • Room 105 OTC 5222 Measured Soil-Structure Interaction Properties of Gravity Platforms N Spidsoe, SINTEF Leg Penetration Monitor Systems to Avoid the Punch-Through Accidents of Jack-Up Rigs H Tateishi and Y. Watanabe, Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Co. Ltd.

Analysis of Existing Cyclic Vertical Load Tests for Piles in Clay J-L Briaud. Texas A&M U Non-Linear Response of Laterally Loaded Piles in Stiff Clays T.G. Davies. U. of Glasgow, and M Budhu.

State U. of New York Hydraulic Fracture Testing of Cohesive Soil R F Overy. McClelland Ltd . and A R Dean.

BP Intl. Ltd Case Histories: Pile Driving Offshore India D M. Stockard, Fluor Engineers Inc.

Nonmetallic Materials • Room 100 OTC 5228 Wireline Tracking Tests: Evaluation of Riser and Tubing Abrasion Resistance M W Joosten. Conoco Inc.

5229 Thermoplastic Rubbers in Offshore Operations C P Rader. R.D. Banning, and J.H. Muhs, Monsanto Polymer Products Co.

5230 Evaluation of Flexible Pipes Life Expectancy Under Dynamic Conditions J. Feret and C. Bournazel. Inst Franpais du Petrole.

and J. Rigaud. Coflexip 5231 Improved Thermoplastic Materials for Offshore Flexible Pipes F. Dawans, Inst. Frangais du Petrole. T. Lefevre and M. Pelisson, Coflexip S.A 5232 Laminated Rubber Properties for Structural Offshore Applications F. Sedillot, Fluor-Doris Inc.; R. Monier, C.G. Doris; and A. Stevenson. M.R.P R A Marine Minerals and Mining II • Room 202 OTC 5233 Cobalt-Rich Manganese Crust Potential of the U.S.

Trust and Affiliated Territories A.L Clark. Eastwest Ctr C o b a l t - R i c h F e r r o m a n g a n e s e Crusts F r om the C e n t r a l Pacific J R. Hein. F T. Manheim. W.C Schwab, and D A Clague. U S Geological Survey D e v e l o p m e n t of an A d v a n c e d S a m p l i n g Device for t h e I n v e s t i g a t i o n of M a r i n e F e r r o m a n g a n e se Crust Deposits J. Toth. Analytical Services Co.

C h a r a c t e r i z a t i o n of S e a b e d Rocks for Mine P l a n n i n g in t h e EEZ M.J. Cruickshank. U.S. Geological Survey; S Tandanand. U.S. Bureau of Mines; and R G Paul. Minerals Management Service D e r i v a t i o n of A b u n d a n c e Estimates for Manganese N o d u l e Deposits: G r a b Sampler R e c o v e r i es t o O r e Reserves H.F Hennigar Jr . R E. Dick, and E.J. Foell.

Deepsea Ventures Inc N u m e r i c a l S t u d y of t h e Dynamic Behaviour of a D e e p Sea M i n i n g S y s t em Using H y d r a u l i c Lift Concept C Christian. Gemonod Wednesday • 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 noon API Offshore Standardization • Room 118 OTC 5 2 39 API O f f s h o r e S t a n d a r d s Activities: Equipment Quality J D Keasler. ARCO Oil & Gas Co : K Tunstall. Otis Engineering Corp ; and F.R Gollhofer. American Petroleum Inst.

API O f f s h o r e S t a n d a r d s A c t i v i t i e s : W e l l h e a d and C h r i s t m a s T r e e Equipment F.J. Schuh. ARCO Resources Technology, and T R Sampson. American Petroleum Inst.

API O f f s h o r e S t a n d a r d s A c t i v i t i e s : Drilling T h r o u g h Equipment R. Linenberger. Global Marine Drilling Co ; D E Pederson. Hydril Co ; and T R Sampson.

American Petroleum Inst API O f f s h o r e S t a n d a r d s Activities: Subsea P r o d u c t i o n S y s t e ms B.C. Carlson. Shell Offshore Inc.. and J.M. Spanhel, American Petroleum Inst.

Completion Technology • Room 114 O T C 5 2 4 3 Design and S t a r t - U p G u i d e l i n e s for T h e r m a l Fluid Heat T r a n s f e r S y s t e ms G. Mclntyre, Dow Corning Corp.

5 2 4 4 Field M i x i n g and F i l t r a t i o n of A c i d S t i m u l a t i o n Fluids L.R. Houchin, D.D. Dunlap, and L. Hudson, BJ-Titan Services Inc.

5 2 4 5 Underbalanced P e r f o r a t i o n C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s as A f f e c t e d by D i f f e r e n t i a l Pressure J.A. Regalbuto, Jet Research Ctr. Inc.

5 2 4 6 A C o m p u t e r Model for Gas Lift V a l u e P e r f o r m a n ce K.L. Decker, Teledyne Merla 5 2 4 7 Oily W a t e r C l e a n - U p by D i s p e r s e d Gas F l o t a t i on D.B. Rochford, Britoil pic; G.C. Dearden, Hunting Oilfield Services Ltd.; and T. Maguchi, Kawasaki Steel Corp.

5 2 4 8 New C o n c e p t s for Load T r a n s f e r in T h r e a d e d C o n n e c t i o ns K. Ueno, Kawasaki Steel Corp Offshore Terminals • Room 109 O T C 5 2 49 D e e p W a t e r M o o r i n g O p e r a t i o n s in the Gulf of Mexico C.E. Zumwalt, Western Oceanic Inc.

D e s i g n and Analysis of T u r r e t M o o r i n g S y s t e ms for T a n k e r Based S t o r a g e or P r o d u c t i o n Facilities J.W. Key, Offshore Production Systems Inc.; F.E.

Shumaker and E.J. Theisinger, Alan C. McClure Assocs. Inc.; and B. Thompson, Offshore Production Systems Inc.

W e i z h o u Field, China: P e r m a n e n t Mooring of a P r o c e s s and S t o r a g e Tanker P. Mathieu, E.M.H. Systems Inc.

O f f s h o r e P e t r o l e um D i s c h a r g e S y s t em F. Apicella, U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command A Rapid D e p l o y m e n t T a n k e r Loading S y s t em W L Kiely, Sofec Inc.

L i g h t w e i g h t , High S t r e n g t h , C o l l a p s i b l e P i p e l i ne for Use in Navy Fuel S y s t e ms L A. Daniels, U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory Offshore Platform Concepts • Room 108 O T C 5 2 55 P e r f o r m a n c e of t h e Lena G u y e d Tower K M. Steele, Exxon Production Research Co ROSEAU. A Deep W a t e r Compliant P l a t f o rm Y. Delepine, EMH; J. Gauvrit, Sofresid; and B Andrier, ETPM T o p s i d e s Weight R e d u c t i o n Design T e c h n i q u es for O f f s h o r e Platforms N.G. Boyd, Taylor Woodrow Offshore Ltd.

An A d v a n c e d T e c h n o l o g y Cost Saving Jacket Design G.H.G. Lewis. John Brown Offshore Structures Ltd.

T h e T e r n Platform: A N e w G e n e r a t i o n Steel J a c k e t for t h e N o r t h e r n North Sea G Henderson and P.D Wyatt. Shell U.K. E&P. and N.C. Bradshaw, Earl & Wright Ltd.

O f f s h o r e I n s t a l l a t i o n of an I n t e g r a t e d Deck onto a P r e i n s t a l l e d Jacket G.J. White. Conoco (U.K.) Ltd.; F A. Ramzan and P Rawstron, Brown & Root (U.K.) Ltd.; and B L Miller.

Globel Maritime Diving and Diver Tools • Room 105 OTC 5 2 6 1 Hydra V: H y d r o g e n E x p e r i m e n t a l Dive to 4 5 0 msw C. Gortan, Comex D e v e l o p m e n t of U n d e r w a t e r C o n s t r u c t i o n Tools and Equipment for U.S. Navy Diver Use S.A. Black, B.W. Farber, H.G. Thomson, and A T.

Inouye, U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, and W.R. Tausig. Eastport Intl D e v e l o p m e n t of a S e a w a t e r Hydraulic Power T r a n s m i s s i o n S y s t em for Diver T o o l s and R e l a t ed U n d e r w a t e r A c t i v i t i es I.M. Marr, Natl. Engineering Laboratory C o n s t r u c t i o n Diver N a v i g a t i o n S y s t em J.C. Miller, U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory High Pressure I m p i n g e m e n t Mixing M e t h o d for F o a m - l n - S a l v a ge K.E. Alexander and J R. Myers. Battelle Columbus Division, and B. Bloser. U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command Corrosion and Corrosion Control • Room 100 OTC 5 2 66 C o r r o s i v i t y of H e a v y w e i g h t Brines: U n d e r s t a n d i ng it a n d T e c h n i q u e s O p e r a t o r s Can Use to Control C o r r o s i v i ty T. Hudson, Dowell Schlumberger C o r r o s i o n R e d u c t i o n in P r o d u c t i o n T u b i n g With t h e Aid of a P h a s e E q u i l i b r i um Model J R. Reinhardt and T.S. Powell, U. of Southwestern Louisiana I n t e r n a l Corrosion A l l o w a n c e For Marine P i p e l i n e s : A Q u e s t i o n of V a l i d i ty R.T. Hill, J.P. Kenny & Partners, and P C. Warwick, Conoco (U.K.) Ltd.

C o r r o s i o n a n d t h e M u r c h i s o n S e a W a t er I n j e c t i o n S y s t em E. Buck, Conoco Inc., and J.S. Jones, Conoco (U.K.) Ltd.

C o m m i s s i o n i n g a n d E a r l y L i f e O p e r a t i on of t h e H u t t o n T e n s i o n L e g P l a t f o rm C a t h o d i c P r o t e c t i o n S y s t em J.C. Vardon, Brown & Root (U.K.) Ltd ; G Payne.

Conoco (U.K.) Ltd.; and A.D. Willis, Wilson Walton Intl. Ltd.

C r u d e Oil T a n k e r C o r r o s i o n vs. O f f s h o re P l a t f o r m C o r r o s i on R.R Dalton. Worth Testing Services Inc Cost Efficient Seismic Data Acquisition and Mapping • Room 202 O T C 5 1 2 1 A D i s c u s s i o n of S e i s m i c A c q u i s i t i o n S p e c s: E x a m p l e of S h o t N o i s e f r o m O t h e r C r e ws K. Larner, Western Geophysical Co.

I s t h e A d d i t i o n a l C o s t of I m p r o v i n g t h e R e s o l u t i on of 2 D S e i s m i c D a t a by R e c o r d i n g M o r e C h a n n e ls C u r r e n t l y J u s t i f i a b l e?

W.C. Carmichael, C.D.T Walker, and D Chu, Geco Geophyscial Co. Inc E x p l o r a t i o n 3 D : A N e w T o o l f o r Cost E f f e c t i ve I n f o r m a t i o n for O f f s h o r e P r o s p e c ts W Ritchie, Geophysical Service Inc.

A n E f f i c i e n t 3 D M a r i n e S e i s m i c I m a g i n g P r o c e d u re P Newman, Horizon Exploration Ltd S e d i m e n t C l a s s i f i c a t i o n U s i n g a W i d e b a n d, F r e q u e n c y M o d u l a t e d S o n a r S y s t em L.R. LeBlanc and S.G. Schock. U of Rhode Island I n t e r p o l a t i o n a n d P r o c e s s i n g of N o n - C o n t i n u o us F u n c t i o n s of T w o V a r i a b l es J Sattlegger, Sattlegger Ingenieurbuero fuer angewandte Geoph Wednesday • 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Session—Assessment of Offshore Project Technologies • Room 118 A panel of industry experts will focus on current-state-of-theart developments in key offshore technology areas.

Exploration, drilling, production, offshore operations, and transportation areas will be analyzed, and technical and operating challenges in each of the areas will be identified and discussed.

Seismic Processing • Room 114 O T C 5 1 5 7 I m p r o v e m e n t of M u l t i c h a n n e l S e i s m i c Data T h r o u g h A p p l i c a t i o n of t h e M e d i a n C o n c e pt O E Naess. Statoil. and L Burland U ol Bergen D i p M o v e o u t a n d P r e - s t a c k I m a g i ng G H F Gardner. S Y Wang N D Pan and Z Zhang. U of Houston A R e f r a c t i o n S t a t i c s T e c h n i q u e U s e d to R e m o ve Static Problems Caused by South Timbalier Trench, Gulf of Mexico P Schatz. Professional Geophysics Inc 5160 Wiener-Levinson Deconvolution of Non-Minimum Phase Seismic Data R.L. Sengbush and S-T Hu. Colorado School of Mines 5161 Depths and Interval V e l o c i t i e s f r om Seismic R e f l e c t i o n Data for Low Relief Structures J. Sherwood. K.C. Chen, and M Wood. Geophysical Development Corp.

5162 Seismic Wave Attributes and Their Applications to VSP Interpretations B. Shapiro. Schlumberger Offshore Services Transportation and Seakeeping • Room 109 OTC 5282 Seakeeping Analysis of Self-Floating Steel Towers S.S. Sircar and E.J Piermattei. Earl & Wright Ltd 5283 Jacket Transportation Analysis in Multidirectional Waves R.G. Standing. British Maritime Technology Ltd . and S.J. Rowe and W.T. Brendling. British Maritime Tech Ltd.

5284 The Dynamics of a Jack-Up Transported in a Seaway W.G. Price, Brunei U.

5285 Implementation and Use of a Large Scale Tow Monitoring System D.J. Wisch, Texaco U.S.A.; R.J Stinner and C.R. Campman. Offshore Technology Corp : and D. Kummer, Barnett & Casbarian Inc.

5286 Jacket Transportation: Effects of Barge Ballast Distribution on Jacket Stresses and Fatigue Life J.C. Geagea. Chevron Corp.; R.A. Hayes. Brown & Root Inc.; R.A. Scharnell. PMB Systems Engineering Inc.; and Z.E. Zimmerman. Chevron Corp.

5 2 8 7 Dynamic Lifting Analysis of Offshore Structures K. Sekita, Nippon Steel Corp Arctic Structures • Room 108 OTC 5288 A Review of the First Year of Operations W i t h the Concrete Island Drilling System in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea R.A. Masonheimer. Exxon Co U S A.: G.D. Knorr. Global Marine Drilling Co ; and F H Deily. Exxon Production Research 5 2 8 9 CIDS Construction and Mobilization to Antares Site G.W. Phillips. Global Marine Development Inc . and A C T. Chen. Exxon Production Research Co 5290 CIDS Spray Ice Barrier H O. Jahns and D.H Petrie. Exxon Production Research Co.. and A.V. Lockett. Exxon Co USA 5291' MASS: A Mobil Arctic Structural System R.S. Winkler. Earl & Wright Ltd . D M Coleman.

Mobil R&D Corp.: and G. Reusswig. Mobil Oil Canada Ltd 5292 Structural Behavior and Design Method of S t e e l / C o n c r e t e Composite Ice Walls for Arctic Offshore Structures Y. Nojiri and K. Koseki, Kajima Inst, of Construction Technology, and T. Yoshiki and M. Sawayanagi, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

5 2 9 3 Beaufort Sea P e t r o l e um Technology Assessment D.V. Padron, Han-Padron Assocs.; K.W. Hofman, Beaver Dredging Co. Ltd.; J.F. Nixon, Hardy Assocs.

Ltd.; M.D. Macpherson, John J. McMullen Assocs.

Inc.; W.M. Sackinger, U. of Alaska; and S.G. Sheps, SGS Consultants Pipeline Analysis • Room 105 OTC 5294 Buckling of Pipelines Covered by Backfill S. Boer, Delft Hydraulics Laboratory 5295 Design Procedures of Partially Buried Submarine Pipelines N.M. Ismail, N.R. Wallace, and R. Nielsen, Bechtel Inc.

5296 Analytical T r e a t m e n t s for Submarine Pipelines of Large Diameter M R. Vora and R.D. Haun, Fluor Engineers Inc.

5 2 9 7 3-D Static Analysis of Pipelines During Laying P.T. Pedersen and Y. Junqui, The Technical U. of Denmark 5298 Analysis of Ice Gouge Hazards G.A. Lanan, Intec Engineering Inc.; A.W. Niedoroda, R.J. Brown & Assocs.; and W.F. Weeks, Gold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratories 5299 Thaw Subsidence Model Study J.M.E. Audibert and S.R. Bamford, Earth Technology Corp.

Structural Engineering, Design and Analysis • Room 100 OTC 5300 Joint Industry Project: Deepwater Fixed Steel Tower for North Sea S.L. Fu, Chevron Oil Co.; J. Anderson, Britoil Ltd.; A G. Bouquet, Norske Shell; O.T. Gudmestad, Statoil; and E.J. Piermattei, Earl & Wright Ltd.

5301 A Parametric Study on Increasing the Economical Water Depths for Deepwater Fixed Platforms D.I. Karsan and J.B. Valdivieso, Brown & Root Intl. Inc.

5302 Collapse Analysis of Framed Offshore Structures T.H. Soreide, J. Amdahl, O.C. Astrup, and T. Granli, SINTEF 5303 Dynamic Analysis of Marine Structures: Comparison Between Time Domain and Frequency Domain Analyses G. Deleuil and L. des Deserts, C.G. Doris, and A. Shive, Fluor-Doris Inc.

5304 Wava Dynamics of Jack-Up Rigs K G. Grenda, Exxon Production Research Co.

5305 A Design Procedure for Catamaran Cross Structure Loads R.P. Dallinga, Maritime Research Inst. Netherlands Fatigue Performance • Room 202 OTC 5306 Improved Fatigue Life Estimation of Tubular Joints M. Lalani and I.E. Tebbett, Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd.

The Fatigue Strength of Grouted Repaired Tubular Members L.F. Boswell and C. D'Mello. The City U.. London Experimental and Analytical Studies on Fatigue and Crack Propagation of S t i f f e n e d and Unstiffened Tubular T-Joints A.S.J. Swamidas, Memorial U. of Newfoundland Size Effect in Fatigue of Large Scale Plate Girders O.I. Eide, Sintef. and S. Berge and T. Moan. The Norwegian Inst, of Technology New Data on the Fatigue Performance of Cast Steel Tubular Joints I E Tebbett. Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd.; D C. Hurden. Conoco (U.K.) Ltd ; and A Wood. Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd.

5311 Corrosion Fatigue Strength of 350MPa Class High Strength Steels Produced by Thermo-Mechanical Control Process T. Junichiro. H Michihiko. K Yutaka. N Asao. and M. Shigeto. Kawasaki Steel Corp.

Thursday • 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Subsea Production Facilities • Room 118 5312 Subsea Production Systems Availability Assessment O.J. Granhaug, Esso Norge a/s. E&P Success and Failure: Subsea Completions D S Hammett and J M Luke. Sedco Forex Central Cormorant Underwater Manifold Centre 4 Years on: A Review of Operational Experience D A Price, Shell U K E&P The Cobia-2 Subsea Satellite Experience B.C. Volkert and M.N Shaw, Esso Australia Ltd Diverless Lay-Away Flowline Connector System M Williams. FMC Corp.. and B.C. Hopkins and H B Skeels. FMC Corporation Low Cost Multiple Well Caisson Used in Mudslide Area G A Mannina, J Jordan, and D B Autin. Exxon Co U S A Drilling and Production Technology • Room 114 Experience With Electric Submersible Pumps for Testing Heavy Oil Reservoirs From Floating Drilling Vessels E.G. Crossley, Phillips Petroleum Co.

Application of DC Motor Drives to an Offshore Production Platform R H Hicks. Exxon Co. U S A A New Deepwater Exploration Template Drilling System to Accommodate Early Production Platform Tieback B. Hopkins and B. Skeels, FMC Corp.

The Development of a Severe Environment Dynamically Positioned Drillship R.W. Bos. Gusto Engineering C.V., and O.N. Olsen.

Helmer Staubo & Co Evaluation of Hydraulic BOP Controls for Deep Water Application E S.B. Stidston and C. Boulet. Sonat Offshore Drilling Inc Hammerhead 1985: Experience With Drillship Operations in the US Beaufort Sea S. Thibodeaux, Union Oil of California, and A. Hippman, Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.

Foundation and Platform Installation • Room 109 Design and Installation of a Large Scale Piled Foundation in Rock L.J. Shear, McDermott Engineering London: P C. Charlesworth, McDermott Intl Inc.; and I.J. Redfern, McDermott Engineering London Full Scale Testing and Analysis of Prestressed Grouted Pile/Platform Connections A.S. Elnashai, Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd.; B.C. Carroll. Earl & Wright Ltd : P.J. Dowling, Imperial College of Science & Technology; and C.J. Billington. Wimpey Offshore Engineers & Constructors Ltd The Effect of Deep Water on the Performance of Slender Underwater Hammers C. Van Zandwijk. Heerema Engineering Service B.V TLP Foundation Design and Installation for 2000 to 4000 Ft. Water Depths J E Lacy. C M Crull. and D M Stockard Fluor Engineers Inc Grouted Section Texts in Calcareous Soils W M Lewis. Esso Australia Ltd 5329 Installation of the Gaviota Platform Foundation J L Santiago. A G Fragio. and J A Mingo.

ENIEPSA. and P Charlesworth. McDermott Intl Structural Dynamics and Fatigue Design • Room 108 Wave Cancellation Effects and Extreme Wave Dynamics S Y Hanna. Conoco Inc Simplified Fatigue Design Procedure for Offshore Platforms J F. Geyer and B. Stahl. Amoco Production Co Stochastic Fatigue Response of Jackets Under Intermittent Wave Loading A Haldar and H B. Kanegaonkar. Georgia Inst of Technology Spectral Fatigue of Broad Band Stress Spectrums With One or More Peaks G Chaudhury. John Brown Engineers & Constructors Ltd Extreme Response and Fatigue Damage Estimates in a Deep Water Platform Exposed to Non-Linear Wave Loading K Syvertsen. The Norwegian Inst of Technology Fatigue Assessment of Concrete Structures Based on In-Service Responses Y.J Doucet. Societe Nationale Ell Aquitame, J Thebault. Ell Aquitaine Norge a s : and J Trinh C.EBTP.

Pipeline Fabrication and Installation • Room 105 OTC 5336 Fabrication and Installation by Means of a Reel Barge of Thermally Insulated Flowlines H Vastenholt. Shell U K E&P. and B Wadie. Shell Research Ltd Offshore Pipeline Construction by a Near Surface Tow in Chengbei. China M Tatsuta and H. Okubo. Nippon Steel Corp . and H Okada CORVAC Corp Full Scale Pipe-Soil Interaction Tests H Brennodden. SINTEF: O Sveggen. Statoil. and D Wagner and D Murff. Exxon Production Research Co Spoilers for Stimulated Self-Burial of Submarine Pipelines C H Hulsbergen. Delft Hydraulics Laboratory Subsea Trench Infill A W Niedoroda. R.J. Brown & Assocs . and A C. Palmer, consultant The Soil Mechanics of Submarine Ploughs A R. Reece and T Grinsted. Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd Health and Safety • Room 100 OTC 5342 A New Health Care System for the Offshore Oil Industry T M Hall. Medical Advisory Systems Inc A s s e s s m e n t o f P i p e l i n e R e l i a b i l i t y U n d e r t he E x i s t e n c e o f S c o u r I n d u c e d F r e e S p a ns E . N . L a r s e n a n d H O M a d s e n . Det n o r s k e V e r i t as L a r g e B o r e F l e x i b l e H o s e L i f e t i m e P r e d i c t i on P Cox. D u n l o p Ltd T h e I n - S e r v i c e M e a s u r e m e n t of H y d r o s t a t ic S t a b i l i t y M . S . B r a d l e y . M i c h a e l B r a d l e y & A s s o c s . . and C . J . M a c F a r l a n e . B P Intl Ltd S o m e N o t e s o n H e a v y L i f t D e s i gn J . G . M a y f i e l d , L o w e l l J o h n s t o n & A s s o c s . Inc.

O p e n - S e a T e r m i n a l i n H o s t i l e E n v i r o n m e n t B Koman. S o r o s A s s o c s.

Welding and Fatigue • Room 202 O T C 5 3 4 8 I m p o r t a n t C o n s i d e r a t i o n s f o r S u c c e s s f u l F a b r i c a t i o n o f O f f s h o r e S t r u c t u r es T. D o o d y . C o n o c o Inc.. a n d M M S a l a m a . C o n o c o.

I n c .

D e e p W a t e r P i p e l i n e W e l d i n g S p e c i f i c a t i o ns R.A. T e a l e . B r o w n & Root Intl.

E f f e c t o f P i n h o l e s a n d S t r e s s R e l i e v i n g o n t he B e h a v i o r o f S h o r t T u b u l a r C o l u m ns J . W L a r s o n . B e t h l e h e m Steel C o r p.

A n a l y s i s M e t h o d s a n d I n s p e c t i o n P r o c e d u r es f o r S i n g l e S i d e d C l o s u r e W e l ds i n O f f s h o r e S t r u c t u r es R. G u y , E. H e s h m a t i . a n d G. L e w i s . J o h n B r o wn O f f s h o r e S t r u c t u r e s Ltd.

T h e C a l c u l a t i o n of F a t i g u e C r a c k G r o w t h in W e l d e d T u b u l a r J o i n t s U s i n g F r a c t u r e M e c h a n i cs D R V van D e l f t . D e l f t U. of T e c h n o l o g y , a n d O D D i j k s t r a a n d H . H . S n i j d e r . I B B C - T NO F a t i g u e o f C i r c u m f e r e n t i a l C r a c ks i n a S e m i s u b m e r s i b le B G W a d e . Earl & W r i g ht

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