For the quarter ended June 30, 1994, there were 1,098 steamships and motorships with a gross tonnage (gt) of 15,844,647 under construction in the world. This figure is 149,823 gt more than last quarter. There are 1,050 ships on order which have not been commenced for a combined total gt of24,997,199, a figure which is 1,621,252 gt more than last quarter. The tonnage volume in the world orderbook increased to 40,841,846 gt (an increase of 1,771,075). More than 79 percent of the ships on the world orderbook are scheduled for delivery by the end of 1995. New orders during the quarter came to 6.7 million gt, more than 2.1 million gt more than the total output during the quarter.

During this quarter, 205 ships (total of 3,981,237 gt) were commenced; 264 ships (total of 4,082,029 gt) were launched; and 313 ships (total of4,610,632 gt) were completed. Decreases were recorded for all three stages of progress, when compared with the previous quarter. The shipbuilding countries making the largest contribution to the tonnage in the world orderbook (see chart) are Japan, with 11,238,765 gt (of which 85 percent was exported); Korea (South), with 9,412,968 (of which 93 percent was exported); the People's Republic of China —- including Republic of China (Taiwan)—with 1,468,142 (of which 51.5 percent was exported); Poland, with 1,239,545 (of which 99 percent was exported); Germany, with 1,096,662 (of which 67 percent was exported); and Romania, with 1,050,867 (of which 76 percent was exported). Countries making the largest additions to their existing fleets are Panama, Liberia, Japan, Norway, Greece, and the People's Republic of China.

Tankers represent 32 percent of the total world orderbook, while bulk carriers represent 34 percent and general cargo 18 percent (container tonnage constitutes 71 percent of the general cargo total orderbook). Liquefied gas carriers account for 2.8 million gt of the total orderbook.

Japan is the country making the largest contribution in this area, with 47.5 percent of the tonnage and 48 percent of total capacity. Of miscellaneous ships ordered, passenger vessels account for 42 percent of the total and ferries represent 17.5 percent.

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