S/S R&D Offers Brochure On Fuel Oil Emulsifier

S/S Research & Development, Inc., Perth Amboy, N.J., is offering a free color brochure on the "ENJR" Fuel Oil Emulsifier that was designed and patented by chief engineer Dannie B. Hudson of the company. The ABS- and USCGapproved unit, which was manufactured, developed and perfected by S/S Research & Development, Inc., is unconditionally warranted for workmanship and material for one year.

The text of the brochure, which is illustrated with informative color photographs and diagrams, explains that water-in-fuel emulsion consists of small droplets of water suspended in oil. Water is injected at 60 psi during cavitation at pressures of 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi shear, and this system is capable of controlling water droplet size from one to 10 microns.

Emulsification is accomplished by the use of two fuel systems, and one water system and/or one fuel and one water system. This system monitors and maintains its fuel and water pressure automatically. Droplet size may be changed by varying emulsion chamber pressure. The burning of emulsified fuel explodes the water droplets during initial combustion, exploding the oil into smaller particles, creating secondary combustion. The flame changes in color, from orange center with black periphery to light-in-color flame in center and light brown periphery. Due to more complete combustion with the aid of water droplet explosions, the hard vanadium scale does not build up. The "ENJR" system will remove the present vanadium, and clean a partially clogged fire side.

Some of the advantages of the "ENJR" system listed in the brochure are: reduced pollutants; reduced excess air; reduction of sulfuric acid; reduced soot removal; savings in fuel consumption and boiler maintenance; pays for itself within 30 to 45 days; all components are of highest quality; systems are fabricated by certified welders, hydrostatically tested and operational tested to ABS's satisfaction before shipment; and outstanding record of performance, efficiency and maintenance.

The brochure also contains a diagram of a typical installation that only requires the fuel system secured for a maximum of four hours.

The entire installation can be accomplished in 24 hours, and the only adjustment to present boiler controls is air to oil ratio.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 43,  Mar 1985 Arkansas

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