Garrett Division To Participate In Design Of New Engine For Mid-Sized Navy Ships

The U.S. Navy has selected a team composed of The Garrett Corporation's AiResearch Manufacturing Company, Allison Gas Turbine Engine Division of General Motors, and Rolls Royce for the conceptual design of an intercooled and regenerated advanced technology gas turbine engine for propelling the Navy's future midsized ships.

The conceptual study contract was awarded by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C.

AiResearch Manufacturing Company's part in the program is to design the intercooler and regenerator, as well as to package the complete engine for shipboard use. Both AiResearch and Rolls Royce have recently conducted funded studies for the U.S. Navy on the design of intercooled and regenerated gas turbine engines.

These studies helped lead the way to the conceptual design award.

It is expected that the current program will lead to a multimillion-dollar full-scale development program to provide new-technology engines in the 24,000-shaft-horsepower class for use on future naval destroyers and frigates.

A key to the successful design is the development of a regenerator matched to the advanced technology engine. Regenerators are heat transfer devices which significantly improve the efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of gas turbines by using waste heat in the exhaust stream to preheat the incoming compressed air entering the combustor.

Preheating the combustion air dramatically decreases the amount of fuel required compared to non-regenerated, simple cycle gas turbines.

The intercooler, another type of heat exchanger, removes the heat of compression between the low and high stage compressors. That results in increased net power output and better efficiency in the recovery of exhaust gas heat by the regenerator.

Navy requirements for the propulsion system include reduction in fuel consumption and longer range.

According to Anthony G. Izuel, president of AiResearch Manufacturing Company, "AiResearch regenerators installed in non-naval industrial applications, such as natural gas compressor stations and electric utility power generation plants, are saving as much as one third the amount of fuel normally required to operate gas turbines." AiResearch Manufacturing Company, which will conduct the regenerator and intercooler design program at its facilities in Torrance, Calif., is a division of The Garrett Corporation, a unit of Allied-Signal Inc.

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