Valves, valve actuators, and other accessories are vital components in any ship's piping systems for cargo, fuel, ballast, steam, seawater, and many other applications.

Valve manufacturers offer a wide variety of valve types, variations, and materials, including ball, butterfly, check, swing, gate, globe, diaphragm, and other designs. They are produced in many materials, including bronze, stainless and carbon steels, cast iron, aluminum, ductile iron, and in special materials for exotic requirements.

The editors of MR/EN asked the manufacturers of shipboard valves and accessories to tell us about their latest products and marketing plans. The following review is based on the replies we had received at press time.

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AMERICAN PIPING Circle 30 on Reader Service Card The forged steel line blinds manufactured by American Piping Products, Inc. of New Hyde Park, N.Y., are said to be the most positive dead-tight shutoffs ever devised.

These blinds feature " 0 " ring seals in dove-tailed grooves, spectacle plates to indicate open or closed position, and lubricated jack bolts to automatically spread flanges apart. American line blinds are available butt weld or flanged, for all pressures and body materials.

CLA-VAL Circle 31 on Reader Service Card Cla-Val Company of Newport Beach, Calif., manufactures a complete line of fluid-actuated, automatic fire protection equipment, from main valves down to the sprinklers. All components are designed to work together as a system for compatibility; they are also rugged and reliable. Designers of U.S.

Navy ships have specified Cla-Val valves for more than 40 years. The company is said to be the Navy's largest supplier of automatic control valves for fire protection systems today.

The Cla-Val magazine sprinkler valve has simple, dependable diaphragm actuation, and features a test fitting and a double " 0 " ring stem. The manual pilot valve control changes valve position quickly; it is used for magazine sprinkler valves and void filling valves. Cla- Val's dual solenoid pilot control valve is used to activate magazine sprinkler and foam systems, or anywhere a relatively large capacity solenoid valve is needed. This valve stays in either position until the opposing solenoid is energized.

CRAWFORD Circle 32 on Reader Service Card Crawford Fitting Company of Solon, Ohio, manufactures Swagelok® tube fittings whose unique swaging action provides a seal between ferrule and body at a point different from where the heavy work is performed.

It supports the tube ahead of the seal to resist vibration, does not create torque or leave residual strain on the tubing, and does not significantly reduce flow area.

Interaction of precision parts— body, front ferrule, back ferrule, and nut—produces a leak-free seal with a simple 1 lA -turn pull-up. The Swagelok works on thick or thin wall tubing, and seals consistently over a wide range of pressures, temperatures, and temperature cycling.

Crawford also offers a complete line of valves and fittings. Shut-off, regulating, check, or relief valves are available in a variety of end connections and ratings to 10,000 psi and 1,200 F. All valves are 100 percent tested. Crawford fittings in fractional, metric, and ISO sizes with straight and tapered threads are available in aluminum, brass, carbon steel, Hastelloy C, Inconel 600, Monel, 316 Stainless steel, titanium, and other machineable metals and plastics.

HAYWARD Circle 33 on Reader Service Card The Hayward Marine Division of Hayward Industrial Products, Inc., Elizabeth, N.J., manufactures a broad range of valves, strainers, and fittings for all types of vessels and applications.

Hayward's engineered marine products are backed by technical and field assistance worldwide. The company's line of liquid cargo handling products includes angle valves, PVR valves, and inverted vent checks, as well as simplex, duplex, fabricated, and " Y " strainers, and Cu/Ni strainers.

JAMESBURY Circle 34 on Reader Service Card Jamesbury Corporation of Worcester, Mass., manufactures the Wafer- Sphere® high-performance valves that are suitable for 2Vi -inch and larger valve requirements.

These valves feature a flexible-lip TFE seat that provides tight shutoff to 1,480 psi in temperatures ranging from cryogenic up to 500 F. They are compact, light, and easy to install, and are said to offer corrosion resistance, long life, and easy, lowcost maintenance.

Jamesbury also manufactures a complete line of ball and butterfly valves, valve actuators, and control devices. The company offers a unique Actuator Selection Slide as a user aid in matching actuator to valve. With this chart, the user selects the type of Jamesbury valve (threaded end ball, flanged ball, or high-performance butterfly), sets the Valve Torque Guide to the maximum differential pressure of the planned application, and matches this to a jamesbury actuator best suited for the application.

KEYSTONE Circle 35 on Reader Service Card The K-LOK extended service butterfly valves manufactured by Keystone Valve USA of Houston, a division of Keystone International, Inc., are included on the Qualified Products List per Military Specification MIL-V-24624(SH), Amendment 1, Types I, II, III, and IV. The K-LOK is rated to 285 psi and is fire-tested in accordance with API- 607. Both wafer and lug style K-LOK valves have met or exceeded all test requirements in sizes 14 inches and under.

The K-LOK has been approved for a variety of marine applications, including JP-5 fuel-handling systems, as well as for diesel oil and lubricating oil handling systems.

K-LOKs are also being used in saltwater handling systems such as fire mains and in cooling water and chilled freshwater systems.

LIMITORQUE Circle 36 on Reader Service Card Limitorque Corporation of Lynchburg, Va., has just introduced a comprehensive line of pneumatic valve actuators, the HR Series, that meets virtually any service condition required. Ranging in torque outputs from 70 to 250,000 inchpounds, on supply pressures varying from 40 to 120 psi, the new line features a slim profile design for easy installation and maintenance, and an all-cast-iron construction to meet harsh environmental requirements.

Standard features include built-in adjustable stroke stops with adjustments ranging from 80 to 100 degree travel, and double scotch yoke mechanisms for improved balance.

Limitorque also offers the T Series worm gear operator for manual and motorized control of any valve or mechanism requiring 90-degree rotation. These new operators are available in two series: a commercial series for general industry applications, utilizing ductile iron worm gears; and an AWWA series meeting A WW A C504-80 specifications and incorporating bronze worm gears.

All components in both series feature rugged, high-strength cast iron enclosures, self-locking worm gears with minimum gear backlash, full O-ring sealed construction, and external mechanical stops to provide plus or minus travel adjustability.

MUELLER Circle 37 on Reader Service Card A complete line of butterfly valves, check valves, and needle valves is manufactured by Mueller Steam Specialty of Lumberton, N.C., and distributed through Marine Piping Products of New Hyde Park, N.Y.

All types of body trim material are offered in a wide range of sizes, pressure ratings, and end connections.

Each valve is hydrostatically tested before shipment. Test reports and physical certifications on all products are available from Mueller.

NEWMAN'S Circle 38 on Reader Service Card Newman's Inc., headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., markets a full line of marine valves under the brand name NEWCO. They are available in stock in a size range from 2 to 24 inches, in classes 150# through 2,500#. They come in gate, globe, angle, and check types.

These marine valves are bronze trimmed with stainless steel, Stellite, Monel, and other special trims upon specification. They are used in saltwater applications such as tankers and cargo ships, barges, drydocks, and pipelines. All meet MSS, ASTM, and ASME specifications, and are American Bureau of Shipping inspected.

NEWCO marine valves are stocked in depth at local distributors to facilitate customer accessibility.

They may also be ordered directly from the manufacturer's seven strategically located warehouses in Tulsa; Houston; East Brunswick, N.J.; Milwaukie, Ore., Chicago; and in Edmonton and Barrie, Canada.

NORRIS Circle 39 on Reader Service Card The O-ring butterfly valves manufactured by Norris Flow Products, a division of Dover Resources, Inc., Tulsa, Okla., are backed by 25 years of experience serving the marine industry. The valves are offered in sizes 2 through 36 inches, and in various types such as wafer span, double rib, full lug, and long neck.

The elastomer-lines R-Series has a temperature range of —35 to + 250 F, depending on seat and seal material and media handled. The valve body is isolated from the flow stream by a resilient elastomer seat and O-ring seals. Angle-disc construction gives 360-degree uninterrupted contact of disc with seat.

This series meets various commercial and military specifications for shipboard use as ballast, cargo-handling, cooling water, and machinery valves.

The metal-lined M-Series has a temperature range of —40 to +550 F, depending on seal material and media handled. It features fieldreplaceable metal seat and shaft Oring seals that isolate the valve body from the flow stream, thereby eliminating the need for premium body material. This series is said to be ideally suited for more severe applications that ordinarily cause swelling of the elastomer.

Norris also manufactures ANSI 150 valves rated 285 psi, designed for positive shutoff in severe service.

These also come in elastomer-lined and metal-lined series, in sizes 2 through 36 inches. The company also offers air cylinder assemblies for operating its valves in 2- to 24- inch sizes.

PITTSBURGH BRASS Circle 40 on Reader Service Card Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing Company (PBM) of Irwin, Pa., has extended its product line by offering a complete range of actuated ball valves the company calls "Performance Packages." Highly efficient, power-driven actuators are mated to PBM's Adjust-O-Seal ball valves in all styles, all metals, and all sizes.

Depending upon specific requirements, actuators may be either electric or pneumatic, and if pneumatic may be of vane or piston type, and if electric may be reversible type.

A full complement of accessories is available, including solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, regulator systems, positioner systems, motor brakes, auxiliary switches, heaters, and thermostats.

PBM markets a complete range of two-way bronze valves in a choice of alloys with any type trim, including Monel. These valves feature silbraze ends, Navy flanges, detenting handles, and blowout-proof stems.

Manufactured to U.S. Navy and Coast Guard specifications, the PBM line of ball valves has been shock and vibration tested. These valves are available in Vi - to 4-inch sizes, pressures to 700 psig, and temperatures to 450 F.

SKINNER Circle 41 on Reader Service Card Introduced in 1984 by Skinner Engine Company's Power Division, Erie, Pa., the first hydraulically actuated governor valve control for controlling steam turbine speed has performed better than initial expectations.

The company reports that data gathered from dozens of installations reveal a record of unsurpassed economy, adaptability, and dependability.

The Skinner SPR™ System, powered by the Woodward TG-13 constant- speed governor, requires fewer adjustments following initial start-up than comparable governor valve controls because it is a closed system with no mechanical wear points. It instantly corrects variations in preset turbine speed without the "hunting" for correct speed found in standard mechanical linkage controls.

The SPR system is free from the shock loads and backlashes that can cause the levers, arms, and pins of mechanical systems to weaken or break prematurely. The system's elimination of speed correction turbulence also helps extend the life of the governor valve, cage, and stem, and the absence of any mechanical linkage reduces maintenance costs.

At slight underspeed or overspeed conditions, the movement of a rotary actuator in the SPR system initiates a chain of events in the hydraulic system that opens or closes the steam inlet to provide immediate response to speed variations.

The SPR also produces a substantial increase in the power available at the governor valve.

The system is a retrofit package made for all popular types of singlestage steam turbines. It is available in configurations for Coppus, Elliott, and Terry turbines, with others available upon application.

STACEY FETTEROLF Circle 42 on Reader Service Card Stacey Fetterolf Corporation of Skippack, Pa., manufactures a complete range of butt welded or flanged end line blinds for absolutely tight shutoff. Standard sizes and materials are in stock ready for shipment. Computer-aided design is available for special needs and custom requirements. The Stacey line blind can be changed quickly and reliably by one man in minutes versus two men in hours, providing quick downstream protection with less maintenance. The blinds are made in all sizes, pressures, materials, and codes.

STAUFF Circle 43 on Reader Service Card Stauff Corporation, headquartered in Waldwick, N.J., manufactures 2-, 3-, and 4-way valves in port sizes from Vs -inch to 2-inches NPT and SAE. These valves offer positive sealing and easy operation for a wide range of high-pressure applications.

They are available in carbon steel and stainless, with a choice of seat and seal combinations.

For superior sealing in hydraulic operations, Stauff ball valves manufactured with high-strength Delrin® seals handle the highest pressures with ease and safety. These valves have a patented stem seal and ball connection for the ultimate in Vi - turn operation. Constant contact pressure provides a long-lasting seal even in such demanding conditions as high pulsation. A wide variety of valve designs are available to suit every application.

STOCKHAM Circle 44 on Reader Service Card Stockham Valves & Fittings of Birmingham, Ala., manufactures an exceptionally broad range of valves of all types and materials. With this wide selection, Stockham can handle most any request, whether it is for gates, globes, angles, or checks, in bronze, iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, or quarter-turn valves such as ball, butterfly, or Wedgeplug. In addition, a complete line of cast iron, malleable iron, and ductile iron pipe fittings, along with grooved couplings and fittings, is also available. All Stockham products are manufactured to meet strict engineering standards.

Stockham's extensive distributor network is backed by the company's own factory sales representatives and eight strategically located Service Centers that contain large inventories.

STOW Circle 45 on Reader Service Card Stow Manufacturing Company of Binghamton, N.Y., offers a 39-page catalog titled "Flexible Shafts and Flexible Couplings." The publication gives technical data on solving problems of transmitting rotary motion through angles by use of flexible shafting in place of gears and pulleys, and it provides readers with pictorial and dimensional information for complete freedom of design.

Included in the catalog are sections on standard, short lead time, low-cost units, as well as a section on custom designs and specialmaterial components.

TATE ANDALE Circle 46 on Reader Service Card Tate Andale, Inc. of Baltimore (formerly Tate Temco) offers angle valves, cross valves, pressure vacuum relief valves, and vent check valves, as well as pipeline strainers, hull drainage fittings, deck sounding tube fittings, duplex strainers, simplex strainers, and other specialty marine equipment.

The company provides specialty as well as stock items.

TELEFLEX Circle 47 on Reader Service Card The Remote Mechanical Valve Actuator (RMVA) developed by the Remote Actuation System Group of Teleflex, Inc., King of Prussia, Pa., eliminates problems associated with current methods of remote valve actuation.

The Teleflex RMVA system is based on a simple tension-tension, closed-loop actuating concept. Helical cable, operating in a conduit, converts rotary to linear motion and then back to rotary. The flexibility of the conduit allows the system to make bends without the use of expensive gear boxes. It also eliminates the need for costly universal joints by allowing the system to be routed without concern for critical alignments.

This simplistic design eliminates the need for regular maintenance and provides a significant cost savings compared with the complex reach rod and flexible shafting applications.

Designed to survive the harshest environments, RMVA uses materials and SermeTel coatings that are extremely corrosion-resistant. The system has been approved for use on all U.S. Navy surface vessels, and is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping. The system has been in use on Navy ships for more than two years and continues to perform reliably.

UNION FLONETICS Circle 48 on Reader Service Card The product line of Union Flonetics of West Clinton, Pa., includes the R-10 Series of relief valves designed to prevent overpressurization of shipboard piping systems.

Built to MIL-V-24332 Specifications, these valves are available in sizes up to 8 inches in bronze or steel.

Special attention to the spring design insures that the "set point" r e p e a t a b i l i t y is maintained throughout the life of the valves.

The R-10 relief valves have been tested and meet the vibration requirements of MIL-S-901.

WAGER Circle 49 on Reader Service Card The Robert L. Wager Company of Chatham, N.J., supplies vent valves from 1 to 12 inches in size. These valves are available in cast iron, bronze, or steel with copper or Monel trim, with or without covers. They are said to meet or exceed every marine specification.

Wager also supplies a line of deck drains made of galvanized steel with removable strainer plates of bronze.

Six deck drain sizes are available to accommodate pipe from IV2 to 6 inches.

S.S. WHITE Circle 50 on Reader Service Card Flexible reach rods for operation of hard-to-reach valves are manufactured by S.S White Industrial Products of Piscataway, N.J. These rods are used for safe remote control of valves in hazardous or inaccessible areas. Once installed, valves can be operated smoothly from distances up to 40 feet away.

The flexible rods may be routed around curves and obstacles. They require no additional operating gear such as universal joints or rightangle gear boxes. The rods absorb shock and vibration, and stand up to abrasion, abuse, and corrosion.

They are prelubricated and the only maintenance required is once-amonth operation.

White heavy-duty, flexible reach rods are available in standard lengths from three to 36 feet, and in three sizes to fit valves from % -inch to 16 inches in diameter.

WHITEY Circle 51 on Reader Service Card A line of steam service ball valves manufactured by Whitey Company of Highland Heights, Ohio, provides continuous on-off operation at high temperatures and pressures. These quarter-turn valves, the S60 Series, are said to offer maximum protection against leakage.

Flanged seals are made of reinforced Grafoil, and the flange bolts and body are made of the same 316 stainless steel so that expansion and contraction occur at the same rate.

Maximum service ratings are 2,500 psi cold working pressure, 1,050 psi at 550 F saturated steam, and 200 psi at 600 F superheated steam.

The three-piece stem packing consists of Grafoil sandwiched between supports made of Whitey Pac material that is resistant to breakdown when used with high temperature water. Both are spring-loaded to compensate for wear and changes in system conditions.

Air actuators provide remote control operations in normally open, normally closed, and double-acting modes. For manually operated valves, bar handles are standard.

Extended trip proof and bar handles for systems requiring insulation are optional.

WILLIAMS Circle 52 on Reader Service Card William E. Williams Valve Corporation of Long Island City, N.Y., offers a complete line of gate, globe, angle, and swing check valves for commercial and military applications.

Said to be of superior design and engineering, Williams valves are in use aboard U.S. Navy vessels.

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