Alden Introduces Series Of Marinefax Recorders

Literature Offered The first of a new series of Marinefax weather chart recorders is currently being introduced by Alden Electronics, Inc., Westboro, Mass.

Designated the Marinefax TR 1, the new recorder features a high-quality thermal printer for crisp, white dry paper recordings and a microprocessor- based programmable memory that lets the operator select not only the time and frequency of desired charts but various transmitters as well. The Marinefax TR 1 will automatically turn itself on, select the desired frequency, select the desired transmitter, receive the chart and turn itself off. This cycle can be programmed to occur for up to 250 on/ off sequences. A scrolling LCD display provides all necessary prompts.

The Marinefax TR 1 also incorporates two unique memory functions.

One function is permanent and is used to store all worldwide radiofax frequencies for easy two-step recall, the other function is used as a local memory to store up to ten frequencies for single-button recall. Any HF frequency in the world may also be manually entered into the receiver.

The Marinefax TR 1 also features a new highly stable radio that can be tuned as precisely as 0.1 kHz for optimized reception without fine tuning. This feature makes it easier to program the radio to receive from transmitters using odd frequencies of half a cycle above whole kHz stops.

The Marinefax TR 1 shares all the features, such as compact size and light weight, as previous Marinefax recorders. It operates off 110 and 220 VAC as well as 12, 24, 32 VDC.

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