Koden's New Compact 7-Inch Radar Provides Full 3 KW Of Power

When radar is installed on smaller boats, the owner often has to decide on a compromise: put up with the poorer target definition of a 1.5-kw radar, or fill up the dash or overhead compartment with a large radar display. Koden's new MD- 3401 radar eliminates the need for compromise, providing a full 3 kw of power in a compact, 7-inch radar.

In ideal conditions, 1.5 kw delivers enough power to show most targets.

According to the manufacturer, even in bad weather or high seas, Koden's MD-34041 delivers superior radar performance.

The powerful MD-3401 is designed for yachts and fishing boats where space is at a premium. It is exceptionally easy to operate—all controls are in English instead of symbols.

Ten ranges are selectable, all the way down to an incredible 1/8 mile for maneuvering in tight quarters.

The "power save mode lets you turn off the screen (saving power consumption), while your invisible guard zone keeps watch for intruding targets.

The MD-3401 is fully compatible with compass and nav systems providing NMEA-0183, allowing for North-up and Course-up as well as the standard Head-up presentation.

It also provides navigational data, EBL, VRM, off-centering, target tracking and automatic tuning.

Users can choose a compact dometype antenna or a 3-foot open scanner for improved target definition.

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