AWO Elects Geary Chairman Of Board —Directors Named

John D. Geary, president, Midland Enterprises, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, was elected chairman of the board of The American Waterways Operators, Inc. (AWO), at the recent annual meeting of directors of the Association in Washington, D.C.

James R. Smith, former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Power Resources, was reelected to his fourth annual term as president of the Association.

William E. Cleary was elected to his 21st annual term as secretary- treasurer.

AWO is the national association of the barge and towing industry, inland and coastwise, and the shipyards engaged in constructing and repairing this growing fleet. Headquarters of the Association are located in Arlington, Va., and field offices in New York City and New Orleans, La. Mr. Cleary operates the Association's North Atlantic regional office in New York City.

Mr. Geary succeeds Louis P.

Struble Jr., Group vice president, Dravo Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa., who served as AWO board chairman for the past year and will continue to serve as a director- at-large for the next year.

The new chairman of the board, Mr. Geary, joined Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Boston, Mass., parent company of Midland Enterprises, Inc., in 1952, after having served as a licensed deck officer and harbor pilot onboard various ships of the American Export and Wilson Lines.

He is now senior vice president, marine, of Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, and a member of their board of trustees, as well as president of The Ohio River Company.

Mr. Geary graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1947. He holds a B.S. degree in business administration from Boston University, 1952, and an M.B.A. degree from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1953.

He is a member of the board of directors of AWO, a member of the executive committee of the Water Transport Association, a director of the National Waterways Conference, and a member of the Towing Industry Advisory Committee to the United States Coast Guard. He also holds membership in the National Propeller Club, and is a trustee of The Ohio Valley Improvement Association.

The following new directors of AWO took office at the annual board meeting: William A. Creelman, president, Transport Division, National Marine Service, Incorporated, St. Louis, Mo.; John W. Lambert, president, Twin City Barge & Towing Company, St.

Paul, Minn.; Jerry L. Page, president, Crounse Corporation, Paducah, Ky.; Robert E. Scatterday, president, Campbell Barge Line, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; David T.

Sheehy, president, M/G Transport Services, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio; R.S. Byers, vice president, The Ingalls Iron Works Company, Decatur, Ala.; John M. Donnelly, president, Ingram Barge Company, New Orleans, La.; Jesse B. Gunstream Jr., Slade, Inc., Orange, Texas; William C. Mc- Neal, Mid-South Towing Company, Tampa, Fla.; W.M. Molloy Jr., manager, Marine Operations Department, Shell Oil Company, Panama City, Fla.; R.W. Sanderson, Pascagoula Refinery, Standard Oil Company, Pascagoula, Miss.; Harold G. Williams, president, Gulf Atlantic Transport Corporation, Jacksonville, Fla.; Donald G. Foss, vice president, Puget Sound Freight Lines, Seattle, Wash.

The AWO board of directors is made up of 53 water carrier executives from throughout the United States.

Reelected to the board were: Peter Fanchi Jr., president, Federal Barge Lines, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.; Neville Stone, president, American River Transportation Company, St. Louis, Mo.; Ralph T. Goodwin, Maxon Marine Industries, Inc., Tell City, Ind.; J.A.

Hogan, C.G. Willis, Inc., Paulsboro, N.J.; William E. Law, president, Allied Towing Corporation, Norfolk, Va.; F.L. Martin, president, Puerto Rico Lighterage Company, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Capt. I.G. Ashby, manager, Mobil Oil Corporation, Marine Transportation Department, New York, N.Y.; Francis B. Bushey, president, Spentonbush Transport Service, Inc., New York, N.Y.; Ralph W. Hooper, president, Interstate Oil Transport Company, Philadelphia, Pa.; Harold A. Reinauer, president, Reinauer Transportation Companies, Inc., Newark, N.J.; Lester C. Bedient, vice president-general manager, Crowley Maritime Corporation, San Francisco, Calif.; Peter J.

Brix, president, Knappton Towboat Company, Portland, Ore.; Capt. C.C. Rasmussen, president and general manager, Bay and River Navigation Company, Richmond, Calif.

Other AWO directors, in addition to Mr. Geary and Mr. Struble, who continue in office are: H.M.

Baskerville Jr., president, Upper Mississippi Towing Corporation, Minneapolis, Minn.; Jack W.

Campbell, vice president and general manager, Southern Marine Service, Inc., Mobile, Ala.; Sidney D. Campbell, chairman of the board, Foss Launch & Tug Company, Seattle, Wash.; Leo L. Collar, president, Crowley Maritime Corporation, Offshore Division, San Francisco, Calif.; E.G. Dietz, manager, Barge Transportation, Union Carbide Corporation, Charleston, W.Va.; W.B. Fouts, president, Mid-America Transportation Company, St. Louis, Mo.; A. Giallorenzi, manager, Marine Department, New York Branch, Exxon Company, Linden, N.J.; William L. Hammond, manager, Marine Transportation, PPG Industries, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Edward M. Hensley, vice president, Security Barge Line, Inc., Greenville, Miss.; George H.

Jackson, president, Western Transportation Company, Portland, Ore.; Robert M. Loftus, assistant vice president, Moran Towing & Transportation Company, Inc., New York, N.Y.; James P. McAllister, chairman of the board, McAllister Lighterage Line, Inc., New York, N.Y.; Neill A. McAllister, vice president, McAllister Brothers, Inc., Norfolk Division, New York, N.Y.; Harry E. McCoy, Colonna's Shipyard, Inc., Norfolk Va.; Thomas Marshall, president, Ohio Barge Line, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; O.R.

Menton, general manager, Marine Department, Exxon Company, Houston, Texas; N.A. Nicholson, manager, Marine Operations, Ideal Cement Company, Mobile, Ala.; Edward Renshaw, president, St. Louis Ship, St. Louis, Mo.; William R. Saul, president, Steuart Transportation Company, Piney Point, Md.; George H.

Shaver, president, Shaver Transportation Company, Portland, Ore.; Frank T. Stegbauer, executive vice president, Southern Towing Company, Memphis, Tenn.; R.E. Van Der Naillen Jr., president, B & M Towing Company, Houston, Texas; J.W. Von Herbulis, president, Pittston Marine Corporation, New York, N.Y.; Jim Walden, president, Helena Marine Service, Inc., Helena, Ark., and John J. Willis, vice presidentoperations manager, Steuart Tankers Company, Piney Point, Md.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 34,  Apr 1976

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