January 15, 1977 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

N.Y. SNAME Section Hosts Port Engineers And Institute Of Marine Engineers At Technical Meeting

The New York Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers recently served as host at a joint meeting with The Society of Marine Port Engineers New York, N.Y. Inc. and the local section of The Institute of Marine Engineers.

The meeting was held at the Buttonwood Restaurant and Lounge in New York City.

The chairman, Arnold Stein, formally opened the meeting after an enjoyable social hour and dinner.

Mr. Stein introduced the representatives of the three societies seated at the dais, who were: J. Daidola, G. Blake, L.

Minett, N. Pergola, R. Young, D.

O'Neil, T. Jones, H. Blanding, J.

Antonetz, N. Reddy, and E. English.

Also seated at the dais were Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Danforth, the author and his wife.

Mr. Stein presented a certificate of recognition to Ralph C.

Christensen for his accomplishments and contributions to the marine community. The certificate was accepted by Mr. Young for Mr. Christensen, who was hospitalized and not able to attend the meeting.

The Papers Committee chairman, John Daidola, began the technical session by introducing Leon Danforth, who presented his paper "Environmental Constraints on Drill Rig Configurations." This paper presented the factors in determining an exploratory drilling vessel's potential work capabilities for operation in the coastal Eastern Seaboard Region.

These factors are engineering oriented and predicated upon climate weather forecasting, seafloor composition and order of magnitude of the vessel response to the sea conditions. The drill floor activities were described as percentages of the total operation from which a cost effective utilization factor was established or basically, vessel downtime was predicted.

From an assigned utilization factor, the vessel's potential work capability is determined as a function of initial cost expenditures.

The promise of each vessel type is determined through probable differences in capital cost and comparative operational capabilities or limitations inherent in each platform concept. The geometry of vessels reviewed included twin hull semisubmersibles, drillships and bottom supported multi-legged self-elevating platforms.

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