SEI: Intent on Keeping Customers Cool

The engine room has, is and will always be the heart of safe, efficient marine and offshore operations. As tragedies of the past have proven, investing a little more from the start usually reaps big dividends in terms of running and maintaining a safe and efficient operation.

One company that is solely geared to ensuring offshore and vessel operators maintain a safe engine room is Superior Energies Inc. (SEI) of Groves, Texas, a manufacturer of thermal insulation blankets or covers, acoustical blankets and fire proofing blankets or covers for marine, industrial, power generation and engine markets. Geared primarily to serve the needs of the international offshore drilling/production platforms, marine vessel and propulsion, markets, SEI's product line is broad, and includes • Temp-Set Covers, a high temperature thermal solution for exhaust systems, engine manifolds, and silencers.

Addressing personal protection, better engine performance, and emission reductions.

• Accousta-Set Covers, for noise attenuation or decibel reduction.

• High-Temp Aecousta-Set Covers, for the high temperature applications needing decibel reduction.

• Fire-Temp Cover, for actuated valves and systems requiring fireprooftng to enable operation in the event of fire.

• Spray-Shield, protection from flange gasket failure.

Fire-Temp Covers — fire proofing for actuated fuel valves in the event of fire - is the latest addition to the SEI line-up, and has effectively helped the company further expand its expertise in the marine field. These covers are designed to provide a window of opportunity to shut off the fuel source to prevent catastrophe.

ABS design approved for UL1709, & ASTM E119 Rapid Fire Test ABS Rule: 4-6-4/13.5.3 SVR & 4-4- 4/3.7 90 Meter A 30. As the marine industry has evolved, so to has not only the SEI product line, but its approach to marketing and selling its products. The company today is much more involved on the ground floor, having established relationships with manufactures of engines and components such as exhaust silencer or muffler companies, to help sell its products as an accessory.

As environmental regulations continue to tighten and the quest to minimize thermal issues in the engine space become ever more critical to running a safe and efficient propulsion system.

SEI sees opportunity, becoming more ensconced with the engine and exhaust manufactures to position its products as accessory items. To further ensure its long-term prospects, SEI is becoming a direct OEM, certifying its product lines through ABS, and it continues to develop knowledge on the latest equipment advances so that its current and future products are engineered to best address thermal, acoustical, fire proofing, personal protection and emission issues.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 40,  Oct 2004

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