New GE MST-21 9,000-19,000 SHP Steam Turbine Available

The new General Electric MST- 21 low-horsepower, geared marine steam turbine ship-propulsion power plant, designed specifically for the 9,000-19,000 shp range, is now available.

The MST-21 was developed by GE to meet the propulsion requirements of low-horsepower ships, such as coastal tankers and container feed ships.

Featuring a base plant all-purpose fuel rate of below 0.50 lbs/ shp-hr at 9,000 shp, the MST-21 brings traditional steam-plant reliability and economy to the lower horsepower ranges. To further improve savings, the MST-21 offers special options, which can improve fuel rate by as much as 19 percent.

Manufactured by the General Electric Medium Steam Turbine Department in Lynn, Mass., the MST-21 meets the requirements of shipowners and shipyards for a propulsion plant that operates on inexpensive, low-grade fuels while keeping maintenance costs low. The MST-21 is modularized in construction for simple operation, and does not require specialized crew capabilities.

The base plant is a bridgecontrolled, geared, cross-compound marine steam turbine with steam conditions of 850 psig at 950F non reheat, at 1.5" Hga, with power ranges from 9,000- 19,000 shp. The MST-21 has four stages of feedwater heating, dual economizers and steam air heater, and cascaded extractions for improved part-load performance. Although designed for single-screw applications, with two boilers standard, the MST-21 offers great flexibility in individual design.

Various options available for the MST-21 can improve the fuel rate by as much as 19 percent.

The options include attached generator and boiler feed pump, reduced condenser pressure, regenerative gas air heater, initial steam pressure 900 psig, reheat, Therma-Coupled™ turbines, for twin-screw ships, and low propeller speed. Other MST-21 options include a choice of axial or downward exhaust turbines, boiler-anda- half arrangements and a c-p propeller.

Available now, the new MST-21 fills the requirements of shipowners and operators for economy, reliability, and flexibility in low-horsepower ship propulsion power plants. For a complete description of the MST-21, write to F.G. Folsom Jr., General Electric Company, Medium Steam Turbine Dept., 1100 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass. 01910.

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