ITT Decca Marine Introduces Two New Navigation Aids

ITT Decca Marine is now offering the new low-priced 701 and 708 Loran C receivers to help mariners take full advantage of the expanding coverage of the Loran C navigation system.

The Model 701 is an exceptionally compact unit and easy to operate.

It comes preprogrammed for your operating area, with up to four lines of position available.

These can be four lines of position in one chain or two lines of position in each of two different chains. Just turn it on and in a matter of seconds the 701 displays two lines of position, providing an accurate fix.

The 701 provides coverage over an area approximately 1.3 million square miles. For example, when programmed for the 9930 chain serving Eastern North America, the 701 gives accurate position fixes from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico.

On the West Coast, where there are four chains, a 701 could be preprogrammed to cover either Alaskan waters, Canada, Washington Washington State to Mexico, or any combination of four secondary and two master stations.

The Model 708, only slightly less compact than the 701, has been developed for effortless and foolproof navigation with any present and f u t u r e Loran C chains in the world. Select the desired chain and pair of secondary stations on the thumbwheel selector. Then turn on the 708 and within 25 to 100 seconds two digital lines of position will be displayed.

Both the 701 and the 708 meet U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for true Loran C accuracy by using third cycle matching of all eight pulses to measure microsecond time differences between Loran C master and secondary signals. Additionally, both receivers monitor their own performance and that of Loran C transmitting stations to assure navigators that they are making full use of Loran C accuracy, with fixes accurate within 400 yards and repeated fixes within 50 feet.

For more information, visit any of the more than 100 ITT Decca Marine dealers and service centers, or contact ITT Decca Marine, P.O. Box G, Palm Coast, Fla. 32037.

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