Trus Joist Brochure Describes Revolutionary Scaffold Plank

Something new and interesting is happening in the scaffold plank industry. A new laminated lumber product is being mass manufactured with ideal characteristics for planking.

The product is called MICRO=LAM and is made exclusively by Trus Joist Corporation.

It is a manufactured high-strength structural lumber consisting of many layers of Douglas fir veneers, bonded with a waterproof adhesive. The product is fabricated in iy2-inch, l3/i-inch, and 21/2-inch thicknesses in widths to 24 inches and lengths to 80 feet.

The advantages of MICRO=LAM over conventional planking are many. Major defects (large knots, slope of grain) inherent in a conventional plank have practically no concentrated effect on the performance of MICRO=LAM, since the defects in the veneer are so scattered in the MICRO=LAM plank. The result is a uniform material with amazingly consistent and reliable structural values.

MICRO = LAM is also a stiffer product than the average plank. It is approximately 29 percent stiffer than 2050f dense select structural Douglas fir. As a result, the planks exceed the performance of material graded to 171-aa grade rules of the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau, and are accepted by OSHA and Cal-OSHA.

An additional advantage arises from the fact that MICRO=LAM is cured in a hot press, which results in a consistent moisture content of less than 12 percent. This means uniform lighter weight, freight savings, fewer drying checks, no crooking or twisting, and almost no end splitting requiring end rods and banding.

Other features like UL listed fire-retardant treatment, proof testing of all planks prior to shipment and prompt delivery make MICRO=LAM planks an exceptional value.

The acceptance of the product has been outstanding, and major shipyards such as Bethlehem and Avondale are using the product almost exclusively. More information can be obtained from Raleigh Hawe, Trus Joist Corporation, P.O. Box 60, Boise, Idaho 83707.

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