USCG Certified No-Discharge Oxidizing Toilet Now Available

An oxidizing toilet that can be fueled by either diesel oil or propane gas has been designed to meet commercial marine sanitation requirements by Clear Water, Inc., Walworth, Wis. Called Sani- Rator, the toilet has been tested by Underwriters Laboratory and certified as a Type III USCG MSD.

It eliminates the need for sewage and saltwater piping, holding tanks, deodorizing chemicals and costly installation. It is particularly practical for use on tugs, barges, fishing boats, and other workcraft where space is limited.

The Sani-Rator can be installed most anywhere onboard a vessel where above-deck exhaust ventilation is possible. With the convenience of installation and the low cost of operation and maintenance, it would be practical for multiple installation or remote locations on large vessels, says the manufacturer.

The Sani-Rator has the capacity to handle the needs of a 12- man crew in a 24-hour day. The automatic cycle is timed to remove all moisture from the chamber in about 14 minutes. During peak use periods, the cycle can be interrupted.

Sani-Rator units are constructed of polished stainless steel, ductile Ni-Resist cast steel and porcelainized iron. All toilets are factory guaranteed against defective materials.

For more information concerning operation or installation of the fully certified Sani-Rator, contact John Trimble, Clear Water, Inc., a subsidiary of LaMere Industries, 227 North Main Street, Walworth, Wis

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