MacGregor Publishes Ro-Ro Encyclopaedia

The dictionary defines "encyclopaedia" as "works which give a detailed account of the whole field of human knowledge, or of some particular section of it." Encyclodaedia is therefore a very apt term to use when describing Mac- Gregor's new Ro-Ro brochure.

With more than 400 Ro-Ro ships to its name, MacGregor has volumes of experience in all types of Ro-Ro transfer and access equipment, and this publication catalogs the full range in substantial, but easy-to-follow detail.

The early pages are devoted to describing the variety of ship types now using MacGregor equipment to facilitate the horizontal handling of cargo. In so doing, it inevitably also charts the progress of Ro-Ro ship and equipment design from the very earliest ships (MacGregor was developing a deepsea ship for the U.S. Navy 25 years ago) to the present day giants for owners like Seaspeed and Nedlloyd.

The main body of the book is occupied by a well-illustrated section detailing the many, many products now produced by Mac- Gregor for Ro-Ro ships. It ranges from 50-meter-long ( 1 6 4 - f o o t) stern quarter ramps and the "Machbridge 90" slewing ramp through elevators, internal ramps and cardecks to the more humble but very necessary bulkhead doors and flush fitting hatch covers.

MacGregor's latest products, a range of link span ramps, are also explained, and information is given on the essential but often neglected question of after sales service. MacGregor with its worldwide network of service stations is able to offer the shipowner immediate first-class assistance whenever and wherever it is required.

Finally, there is the reference section, listing every Ro-Ro vessel that features MacGregor equipment.

If after seeing the earlier parts of the book, the reader somehow still wanted more proof of MacGregor's prowess in all aspects of Ro-Ro, then the reference list will give it. Over 400 Mac- Gregor Ro-Ro vessels are to be found there, ships which are providing MacGregor with an invaluable opportunity to watch and learn from Ro-Ro in operation worldwide.

Copies of the MacGregor Ro-Ro brochure can be obtained by contacting Henri Kummerman, MacGregor International, 28 Chemin du Pommier, 1218 Geneva, Switzerland, or John Nydegger, MacGregor-Comarain, Inc., 135 Dermody Street, Cranford, N.J. 07016, or any one of the company's many offices worldwide.

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