Omnithruster Describes Maneuvering System In New Brochure

Omnithruster is a new system for use aboard commercial, fishing, scientific, government, pleasure and special-purpose vessels such as cushion craft and hydrofoils.

Of unique design, for which patents have been applied, the system provides thrust through port and starboard jets, jetting water either above or below the waterline. The system can be used for position-keeping, heaving to, and emergency steering can be operated by an automatic pilot.

Positive control of the bow results from a proportional stream of water directed to the jet outlets through a unique maneuvering valve.

The system consists of a water suction inlet, a special pump section, a steering valve and jets.

Power for operation of the system may be taken from the vessel's main or auxiliary engine through a mechanical or hydraulic drive system, or it can be driven by electric motor.

There are 10 sizes of Omnithrusters ranging from 500 to 11,500 pounds of thrust. These thrusters are suitable for boats from 30 feet to 300 feet and larger in size.

For your free copy of the Omnithruster brochure, write Stanley A. Dashew, Omnithruster Inc., 10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 614, Los Angeles, Calif.


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