Marine Diesel Engineering— A Continuing Education Program

In mid-April 1978, the Department of Engineering at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y., inaugurated a fourweek Marine Diesel Continuing Education course which makes the Academy's new medium- and slow-speed diesel f a c i l i t i e s available to licensed steam engineers. Developed with the seagoing steam engineer in mind, the course blends the participant's experience with diesel engine practice. Service engineers from the various manufacturers, who reside with the 12 participants during the course, provide over 50 percent of the instruction. Industry specialists to date include representatives from American M.A.N. Corp., Burmeister & Wain American Corp., Colt Industries, Delaval Engine and Compressor Division, Mobil Research and Development Corp., Sulzer Bros. Inc., and The De Laval Separator Company.

A major purpose of the continuing education course in marine diesel engineering is to provide the capabilities for training diesel engineering officers. Ninety days' observer time is required in order to receive a U.S.

Coast Guard Diesel endorsement on a steam license. The Coast Guard has approved the Marine Diesel Continuing Education Program at Kings Point as being the equivalent of one-half of this observer time. Consequently, a participant in this course will need approximately 45 days' diesel observer time before he may sit f o r his motor license to obtain Coast Guard endorsement at the same level as his steam license.

In 1979, the program will be expanded to a five-week course. Six classes are planned, with starting dates as follows: January 2, February 6, March 13, July 31, September 4 and October 9, 1979. Applications for these courses can be obtained by contacting Joan K. Stuhlmuller, Continuing Education Coordinator, Marine Diesel Program, Fulton Hall, Kings Point, N.Y. 11024. Following review of application, enrollment is confirmed by the Academy. Enrollees reside in the Barstow House, and all meals are served at the Executive Dining Room on the Academy grounds. The course fee for the 1979 offerings is $1,200, including books, notes and room and board.

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