Proform Announces New SFRP Corrugated Lift-Off Barge Covers

Rodney P. Burwell, president of Proform, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., has announced the recent initial production of the firm's newly designed SFRP® (Structural Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Corrugated Lift-Off Barge Covers.

As with the earlier covers, according to Mr. Burwell, these new designs are lightweight, only 10% ton per nine-piece set, are completely corrosion resistant, and have a high strength to weight ratio. They are one-third the weight of steel covers and offer 10,000 additional cubic feet for cargo. Special features of the new design make them exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

The covers have been strengthened by increasing the skin thickness 25 percent. An additional rib has been added outboard of the loading doors, and the walkway areas have been changed to substantially increase durability. With rising repair rates, the increase in durability is a major improvement in the cost effectiveness of the Proform Cover.

Proform SFRP Barge Covers have automatic locking clamps to prevent them from blowing off. The lifting clamps automatically unlock when the cover is lifted and automatically lock when in either the spread or stacked position.

The new covers are exceptionally easy to clean, an important consideration with today's grain inspection standards. The loading areas are designed to be self-cleaning and will not collect cargo. The underside of the covers is also designed so that cargo will not accumulate, and rust scale is eliminated.

For further information, contact Ara L.

Burwell, Proform, Inc., 1500 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, Minn. 55423.

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