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ALLWEILER Allweiler Pump Inc., Rolling Meadows, IL offers a broad range of positive displacement pumps for liquid cargo applications.

Self-priming progressive cavity pumps for horizontal or vertical arrangements can be used for handling water to liquid mud as well as viscous liquids even with high fibrous or solid contents.

Allweiler also offers a self-priming double flow twin-geared screw pump with external bearings suitable for horizontal, vertical or flange mount arrangements. The pump may be supplied with an optional built-on relief-valve. External bearing pumps may be used as cargo pumps for fresh water, borehole flushing water, chemicals, crude oil, asphalt, molasses, etc.

For free literature on Allweiler's full line of pumps for liquid cargo applications, Circle 65 on Reader Service Card AMERICAN UNITED MARINE American United Marine, Saugus, MA markets Hermetic® portable cargo control equiment for oil/ water interface detection, cargo temperature detection, tank ullage gauging, dry tank dipping, etc.

The Hermetic® UTRI is a portable, battery-powered, intrinsically safe ullage, temperature, oil/water interface detector. The unit can be used with either the one-inch or four-inch Hermetic deck valve by a quick disconnect coupling at the lower end.

For free literature on Hermetic tank systems, Circle 66 on Reader Service Card BAILEY Bailey (division of CMB Industries), of Fresno, CA has been a supplier of strainers and control valves to the marine market since f924.

Bailey offers a range of pressure relief valves which provide intermittent relief service, in %- to 4-inch sizes. Pressure reducing valves (in %- to 6-inch sizes) provide accurate regulation of pressure.

Duplex strainers for applications where service cannot be interrupted are available in sizes % inch through 8 inches.

For free descriptive literature on Bailey valves and strainers for liquid cargo applications, Circle 67 on Reader Service Card DEUTSCH Deutsch Metal Components, Los Angeles, CA has developed Pyplok® pipe fittings, a fitting system which does not require welding.

Pyplok® fittings have a leak tight seal compatible with most fluids and gases. A float-in allowance minimizes pipe-end preparation during installation and the system is compatible with most pipe materials and schedules.

For an informative catalog describing the Deutsch Pyplok® fitting system, Circle 68 on Reader Service Card HAMWORTHY ENGINEERING Hamworthy Engineering Ltd of Poole, Dorset, UK, is a long established company specializing in the manufacture of centrifugal and screw pumps as well as air compressors, pollution control waste treatment systems, oily water separators and fuel oil blending units.

The company recently opened offices in New Orleans. The new Hamworthy USA Inc., strengthens customer support facilities in the U.S. as well as providing on-thespot sales and technical assistance to customers.

For free literature on Hamworthy pumps for liquid cargo applications, Circle 70 on Reader Service Card HAYWARD MARINE Hayward Industrial Products, Elizabeth, NJ manufactures a broad range of strainers, valves and fittings for all types of vessels and applications.

Hayward's engineered marine products are backed by technical and field assistance worldwide.

Hayward's line of liquid cargo handling products include: simplex, duplex, fabricated & Y-strainers; Cu/ Ni strainers; vertical & inverted vent checks; PVR valves; angle cargo valves; etc.

For a free copy of Hayward's Marine Brochure fully describing the complete line of products, Circle 7 1 on Reader Service Card INGERSOLL-RAND Ingersoll-Rand Pump Group, Washington, NJ provides a complete line of pumps for marine applications.

Drawing on extensive experience, Ingersoll-Rand engineered pumps are designed for efficient operation and backed by ongoing research into reduced corrosion, longer service life, reduced maintenance, as well as the means of moving greater volumes at higher speed with less energ y - For free literature on Ingersoll- Rand Pump Group's complete line of liquid cargo pumps, Circle 72 on Reader Service Card JAMESBURY Jamesbury Corporation, Worcester, MA, manufactures Wafer- Sphere® high performance valves suitable for 2'/-inch and larger valve requirements.

The valves feature a flexible-lip TFE seat which provides tight shutoff to 1480 psi in temperatures ranging from cryogenic to +500°F. They are compact, light and easy to install.

The Wafer-Sphere® valves offer corrosion resistance, a long cycle life, and easy, low cost maintenance.

For full free information on Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere® valves, as well as the complete Jamesbury line of ball valves, actuators and control devices, Circle 73 on Reader Service Card KUBOTA Kubota, Inc. of Japan manufactures corrosion resistant and maintenance- free KCP cargo oil pipe.

The pipe material, KCP-3L, was specially developed for cargo oil pipe and has a much greater resistance to corrosion due to seawater, crude oil, etc., than other pipe materials.

Kubota can supply straight pipe, elbow and coupling as a pipeline system with three kinds of standard (JlS-Japan, ISO-Europe, and ANSI-American).

For free literature on Kubota's KCP cargo oil pipe, Circle 74 on Reader Service Card MARINE MOISTURE CONTROL Marine Moisture Control, Inwood, NY supplies complete portable tank-gauging systems.

MMC liquid level triple function tape, the Tri-III-Mode reads dryness and interface to within % inch of the tank bottom with extreme accuracy. The horn is silent in the temperature mode. An improved and proven tape-wiping mechanism is included to insure continued easy reading, and temperatures are shown on a large LCD readout.

For free technical literature fully describing MMC's tank gauging systems, Circle 75 on Reader Service Card MEGATOR Megator's line of marine pumps include equipment capable of handling liquid of low or high viscosity.

The Pittsburgh, PA-based company offers rapid self-priming, high suction pumps with low maintenance costs due to simple construction and single cover access.

For a free brochure fully describing the complete line of Megator marine cargo pumps, Circle 76 on Reader Service Card MUELLER STEAM SPECIALTY A complete line of strainers, check valves, butterfly valves and needle valves is manufactured by Mueller Steam Specialty and distributed by Marine Piping Products of New Hyde Park, NY.

All types of body or trim materials are offered in a wide range of sizes, pressure ratings and end connections.

Each piece is hydrostatically tested before shipment. Test reports and physical certifications are available on all items.

For free literature on Mueller's broad range of valves and strainers, Circle 77 on Reader Service Card NEWMAN'S Tulsa, OK-based Newman's, Inc., offers several lines of valves for marine applications.

A full line of international marine valves, marketed under the brand name NEWCO, are available in a size range from 2 to 24 inches in gate, globe, angle and check types.

The company also offers a bolted bonnet and pressure seal series of valves. The bolted bonnet is available in a size range from 2 to 24 inches in gates, globes and checks.

A full line of NEWCO ball valves is designed specifically for high reliability in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and related industries. The ball valves are manufactured according to API 6D and fire-safe design standards.

For complete information on Newman's NEWCO valves, Circle 78 on Reader Service Card PITTSBURGH BRASS MANUFACTURING Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing of Irwin, PA, markets a complete range of two-way bronze valves in a choice of alloys with any type of trim (including Monel). The valves feature sil-braze ends, Navy flanges, detenting handles and blow-out proof stems.

Manufactured to U.S. Coast Guard & Navy specifications, the PBM line of ball valves has been shock and vibration tested. The valves are available in %- through 4-inch sizes; pressures to 700 psig; and at temperatures to 450°F.

For a free copy of the Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing catalog fully describing the line of PBM ball valves (including marine systems applications), Circle 79 on Reader Service Card SAAB In the last year, Saab-Scania Combitech purchased the operations of Salwico Inc. (Hoboken, NJ).

Saab is providing the same operations and services formerly offered by Salwico in a newly formed division— Saab Tank Control.

In addition to marketing Saab's microwave level gauging equipment, the new division will also market and service Gunclean fixed tank washing equipment; Ian-Conrad Bergan high level alarms and tank temperature gauging; and other marine products.

Saab Marine Electronics has developed a new version of its radarbased level-gauging system for tankers. The Saab TankRadar Model M, incorporates all the reliable components of the original SUM-21, but with added capabilities to supply temperature and inert gas pressure measurements. The system uses the same three-pair cable for both level, temperature and pressure transmission. Such features as color graphic CRTs, electronic remote control of pumps and valves, wireless portable deck readouts and volumetric data can also be incorporated in the system.

For free information on the Saab Tank Control division products as well as the TankRadar system, Circle 8 0 on Reader Service Card SIMS Sims Pump Valve Company, Hoboken, NJ developed and manufactures Simsite® impellers, casing rings, and other components for marine and stationary centrifugal pumps. Sims was established in 1919 with the invention of the Sims pump valve for use in reciprocating pumps.

Recognizing that conventional metal impellers became porous when used in service such as salt water, Sims in 1955 introduced the casing ring made of Simsite. The innovative use of this composite material, a combination of reinforced resin and graphite, met with great success. It outlasted by far the life expectancy of bronze. Six years later the Simsite impeller joined the already proven casing ring.

Of Simsite's many advantages over metal, one is its resistance to corrosion in salt water and various chemical applications. As a replacement replacement for worn original equipment and as a specification for new, the material's great strength and light weight make handling easy, and wear on pump parts is reduced greatly by the natural lubricating action of its graphite content.

For further information and a free copy of the Sims catalog, Circle 8 1 on Reader Service Card STACEY FETTEROLF Stacey Fetterolf Corporation of Skippack, PA provides butt welded or flanged ends line blinds for tight shut-off.

The Stacey line blind can be changed quickly and reliably providing quick downstream protection with less maintenance. The line blinds are available in all sizes, pressures, materials and codes. Stacey Fetterolf also offers computer aided design allowing custom requirements to be satisfied cost effectivel y .

For complete free literature on the Stacey line blind, Circle 82 on Reader Service Card STOCKHAM VALVES & FITTINGS Stockham Valves & Fittings, Birmingham, AL provides a wide selection of gate, globe, angle and check valves in bronze, iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The company also stocks quarter turn valves such as ball, butterfly, or Wedgeplug, in popular sizes and types.

A complete line of cast iron, malleable iron and ductile iron pipe fittings, along with grooved couplings and fittings, are also available.

Stockham products are all manufactured to meet strict engineering standards. For free literature on Stockham's product selection, Circle 8 3 on Reader Service Card TATE ANDALE Tate Andale, Inc. of Baltimore, MD (formerly Tate Temco) offers pipeline strainers, hull drainage fittings, angle valves, cross valves, deck sounding tube fittings, duplex strainers, pressure vacuum relief valves, simplex strainers, vent check valves, vent terminal valves and other specialty marine equipment.

The company provides specialty as well as stock items. For free literature describing product specifications, Circle 8 4 on Reader Service Card THOMAS PRODUCTS Thomas Products Ltd of Southington, CT offers the in-line fixed and adjustable flow switches used for detecting insufficient flow rates in liquids.

Standard models are available in sizes from j^-inch to 3 inches.

Operation is simple—the shuttle housing a magnet is displaced by the liquid's flow or no flow condition to actuate a hermetically sealed S.P.D.T. reed switch. This switch is a safety device that can automatically shut down the system or activate an alarm before damage occurs from lack of flow.

For free literature on Thomas Products' line of flow switches, Circle 8 5 on Reader Service Card TIOGA PIPE SUPPLY Tioga Pipe Supply Company, Philadelphia, PA offers MIL spec pipe & tubing as well as stock stainless, carbon and alloy steel pipe, fittings and flanges for any application.

Tioga is also qualified to provide ABS inspection, all forms of supplemental testing including ultrasonic, liquid-dye penetrant and hydrotesting, Level 1 material from stock and government source inspection.

For complete free literature on Tioga Pipe Supply's products and services, Circle 8 6 on Reader Service Card TRANSAMERICA DELAVAL/ GEMS SENSORS Transamerica Delaval, Gems Sensors Division (Plainville, CT) provides level gauging for all types of liquid level applications.

Gems SureSite Level Indicators provide highly visible, accurate, safe, continuous indication. The indicator can be used with water, oil, or corrosive, flammable, or explosive liquids and can incorporate switches' or transducers for remote indication, alarms, etc.

Dipstick and Drumstick Level Indicators from Gems operate manually in chemicals, oils, fuels, etc., and are available in a choice of materials and mountings.

Gems Sounding Tape is a portable tank gauge with easy-to-read fractionally-marked tape which reels out of a gun into a tank or hollow nonferrous, tank-mounted tube.

The unit is Coast Guard .accepted for restricted or closed loading use.

For full details on Gems' line of level gauging indicators, Circle 8 7 on Reader Service Card TRANSAMERICA DELAVAL/ PYRAMID PUMP Transamerica Delaval, Pyramid Pump Division (Monroe, NC) provides three-screw and geared twinscrew pumps for liquid cargo applications.

Its AMR™ three-screw pumps are designed for: engine room, fire room, and shipboard hydraulic services; dedicated liquid cargo carriers; and high-viscosity refining, chemical, and process applications.

Capacities range from one to 3,500 gpm, pressures to 4,500 psig, and shaft speeds to 10,000 rpm.

GTS® geared twin-screw pumps are for multi-cargo tankers and high-volume applications in pipelines, utilities, refineries, and chemical and process plants. Capacities are from 50 to 8,500 gpm, pressures to 400 psig, and shaft speeds to 3,600 rpm.

For free descriptive literature on Pyramid AMR three-screw pumps and GTS geared twin-screw pumps, Circle 8 8 on Reader Service Card UNION FLONETICS Union Flonetics (Clinton, PA) line of valves includes the R-10 line of relief valves designed to prevent overpressurization of shipboard piping systems. Built to MIL-V-24332 specifications, the valves are available in sizes through 8 inches in bronze or steel. Special attention to the spring design assures that "set point" repeatability is maintained throughout the life of the valves.

The R-10 Relief Valves have been tested and meet the vibration requirements of MIL-STD-167 and high shock requirements of MIL-S- 901.

For free literature on the R-10 line of Relief Valves, Circle 89 on Reader Service Card VITA MOTIVATOR Vita Motivator (New York, NY) provides multi-purpose eductors suitable for liquid cargo applications.

The VM deck eductor uses a hose lowered into the tank to vacuum liquids at a rate of 10-15 gpm at suction lifts of up to 70 feet or more.

The unit needs no priming, has no moving parts and will not lose suction.

The VM portable eductor is a handy auxiliary pump for regular or emergency pumping of liquids from cargo spaces and tanks as well as ballast and bilge spaces. To operate, a hose is attached from the fire main and the eductor is lowered into the space to pump large quantities of liquid quickly and easily.

For free literature on Vita Motivator's full line of pumping products, Circle 111 on Reader Service Card ROBERT H. WAGER CO.

Robert H. Wager Company, Chatham, NJ, supplies vent valves from 1 to 12 inches in size. The valves are available in cast iron, bronze or steel with copper or monel trim, with or without covers. They meet or exceed virtually every marine spec.

Wager also supplies a line of deck drains made of galvanized steel with removable strainer plates of bronze.

Six deck drain sizes are available to accommodate pipe from to 6 inches, For complete literature on Wager vent valve/deck drains, Circle 9 1 on Reader Service Card WARREN PUMPS Warren Pumps, Warren, MA, offers a line of Pyroite® advanced reinforced composite pumps.

The line consists of horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps and horizontal and vertical vortex pumps for capacities to 3,000 gpm and heads to 365 feet. Also available from Warren are their Pyroite vertical turbine pumps for capacities to 3,000 gpm and heads to 300 feet.

Pyroite will handle acids, alkalines, hydrocarbons, salt water, deionized water and nearly all corrosive or erosive liquids at temperatures to 500° F.

For further information and free literature on Warren's Pyroite pumps, Circle 92 on Reader Service Card S.S. WHITE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Flexible reach-rods for operation of hard-to-reach valves are manufactured by S.S. White Industrial Products of Piscataway, NJ.

S.S. White Industrial Heavy Duty Flexible Reach Rods are used for safe remote control of valves in hazardous or inaccessible areas. Once installed, valves can be operated smoothly from distances up to 40 feet away. The flexible rods may be routed around curves and around obstacles. They require no additional operating gear such as universal joints or right angle gear boxes. The rods absorb shock and vibration and stand up to abrasion, abuse and corrosion.

They are prelubricated and the only maintenance required is once-a-month operation.

S.S. White Industrial Heavy Duty Flexible Reach Rods are available in standard lengths from 3 to 36 feet and in three sizes to fit valves from % to 16 inch diameter.

For free literature describing the S.S. White Industrial line of reach rods, Circle 93 on Reader Service Card WILDEN PUMP Wilden Pump & Engineering Company of Colton, CA, manufactures an air-operated, positive displacement pump designed to handle very thick and very abrasive materials.

The heart of the pump is its unique air valve that shifts the air supply to both diaphragms alternately with complete reliability under all conditions of head and flow.

With no electrical connections, the pump is abrasion resistant, selfpriming, submersible, and has variable volume/pressure and simple clamp band construction.

Up to 90 percent solids and more than 250-foot heads are no problem for the Wilden pump, as the double diaphragm design cuts velocity in the unit to half total discharge velocity.

The most abrasive slurries are handled with ease, as there are no seals and no metal-to-metal contact.

Volume is infinitely variable by controlling the air flow to the pump, from a few gallons per minute to more than 14,000 gallons per hour.

No pressure relief valve is required, and the pump can run dry indefinitely without damage.

Wilden pumps are available with wetted parts in aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and Hastelloy C; non-wetted parts are aluminum or cast iron. Elastomers are neoprene, Buna N, Nordel, Viton, or Teflon.

For free information on Wilden pumps, Circle 94 on Reader Service Card WILLIAMS VALVE Williams Valve Corporation of Long Island City, NY offers a complete line of gate, globe, angle and swing check valves for commercial (and military) applications.

Williams valves are in use aboard U.S. Navy vessels. They are of superior design and engineering.

To obtain additional free literature on the entire line of Williams Valves, Circle 6 1 on Reader Service Card WHITEY CO.

Full flow, /{-inch ball valves with swing-out bodies for fast, easy maintenance are now available from Whitey Co., Highland Heights, OH.

The valve, designated the "62" Series, features high flow capacity and is rated to 2,200 psi (ANSI 1500-lb.

Class) and 450°F.

This quarter-turn valve's standard features include a trip-proof oval handle and a blow-out proof stem for added safety. The unique stem packing is spring loaded to self adjust for wear as well as changes in pressure and temperature, thereby preventing stem leakage. A patented three piece seat design compensates for wear and prevents leakage past the ball.

Brass and 316 stainless steel materials are standard. Modified versions are available to handle chlorine, sour gas and temperatures as low as — 65°F. Air actuated models are also available.

Whitey offers a complete line of swing-out ball valves in sizes ranging from /{-inch to 2-inch with SWAGELOK tube fitting, female NPT pipe fitting and weld end connections.

For information on Whitey's ball valves, Circle 6 2 on Reader Service Card WORTHINGTON PUMP Worthington Pump Division, Dresser Industries Inc., Mountainside, NJ, manufactures a full line of cargo pumps for the marine industry.

The Worthington LNS centrifugal cargo pumps are specifically designed for fast, reliable and efficient tanker service. The LNS will pump large volumes of oil and other hydrocarbons as well as salt water ballast providing fast cargo unloading so vital to profitable tanker operation.

The LNS horizontal or vertical pumps are single stage, double suction, heavy-duty pumps designed and built to meet the needs demanded by modern high pressure cargo pumping.

Worthington LNS single stage pumps provide a great savings in space, weight, maintenance and repair costs, as well as initial cost without sacrificing reliability, performance or efficiency.

The Worthington LNS pumps' main features include: Casing designed to produce a smooth flow with gradual changes in velocity.

A-l LNS pumps have double colute casings. Stripper connections are fitted at the top of the suction spaces. The impeller is of double suction enclose type and is firmly secured to the shaft by a feather key. The shaft is ground to accurate dimensions and polished to a smooth surface. Shaft sleeves are fitted on sizes 10LNS-19, 10LNS-22 and 12LNS-21 to protect the shaft at the stuffing boxes. Stuffing boxes may be fitted with packing or mechanical seals as required.

For full details and free literature on the Worthington pump line, Circle 6 3 on Reader Service Card CAT PUMPS Cat Pumps Corporation, Minneapolis, MN manufactures a line of over 150 models of pumps.

Cat Pumps supplies special corrosion resistant models constructed of Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Nitronic- 50 and 316 Stainless Steel.

For full details and specific applications from Cat Pumps Corporation, Circle 64 on Reader Service Card

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