World's Largest Seiner Delivered By AESA

Spanish shipbuilder Hijos de J.

Barreras, part of Astilleros Espanoles S.A. (AESA), recently delivered the 344-foot Albacora, what is believed to be the world's largest tuna purse seiner.

To be operated by Albacora Company in the Indian Ocean from her base at Seychelles, the Albacora has a 3,000-cubic meter frozen hold capacity and the tuna will be frozen in 26 fish tanks by a Grasso refrigeration system. Six compressors with unit capacities of 103,000 kCal/hr cool the brine which is circulated around the tanks.

The original project was undertaken by CINTRAMAR and final project and development by CINTRANAVAL, S.A. in Las Arenas (Vizcaya) in close cooperation with the technical department of the vessel's owners, Albacora S.A.

The Albacora's hull lines were studied and optimized at the El Pardo Hydrodynamic Experiment Unit (Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinamicas de El Pardo) where various tests were conducted on two scale models. Models of various lengths were tested to determine the optimum parameters which would produce a hull with significant fuel consumption reduction qualities under average operational conditions.

The seiner uses a supercharged Krupp MaK 6MU four-stroke diesel engine producing 7,000 hp at 400 rpm. The power/revolutions per minute ratio is optimized to provide minimum fuel consumption under normal operating conditions. The engine drives a CLT screw, specially designed by Sistemar, via a 3.23:1 Renk-Tacke SWV 112 reduction gear and a Vulkan-Rato elastic coupling.

The engine can be controlled from the bridge, wings and plat- form.

The tailshaft is made of stainless steel and the oil-lubricated bush has Cedervall fastenings and Railko caps.

Electrical power is provided by five Caterpillar 3508 TA four-stroke diesel engines, rated at 1,000 rpm and five Indar RLC-450-M alternators generating 550 kw at 380 V, 50 Hz, with static regulation.

For emergency generation, there is a Caterpillar 3406 TA diesel engine which can supply 200 kw, 380 V at 50 HZ at 1,500 rpm and driving an Indar alternator.

Individual air-conditioned accommodations have been provided for 26 crew members and officers.

A helipad above her wheelhouse will carry a helicopter for spotting tuna schools.

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