SmartVIEW Enables Control on Board and Ashore

Nicole Ventimiglia

SmartVIEW allows Carlisle & Finch Products (NightFINDER Systems and Standard Searchlight Products), to be controlled from on board the ship, or from a remote PC ashore. The system includes Proportional-Speed Multi-Functional Joystick, Joysticks which “intelligently switch” from searchlight to searchlight, an Ethernet Connection allowing digital control throughout the Ship’s IT Network, and Remote Internet Control. NightFINDER is the combination of a high Intensity Searchlight and Night Vision Camera integrated onto the same Pan/Tilt Base. SmartVIEW technology  allows NightFINDER, as well as any other standard searchlight products to be controlled through the Ship’s Integrated “Glass” Bridge.

(As published in the December 2013 edition of Marine News -

Marine News Magazine, page 56,  Dec 2013

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