MacArtney Launches LUXUS Dropplate

Posted by Irina Tabakina

MacArtney introduced the LUXUS Dropplate, an underwater camera platform enabling marine operators to perform underwater investigations by means of three LUXUS Power LED lights and any LUXUS camera. Manufactured from high density polyethylene with a frame shielding the onboard cameras and lights from impacts on the seafloor, the LUXUS Dropplate provides the ruggedness and stability needed for performing any basic visual inspection task in harsh underwater environments.
The LUXUS Dropplate does not require a specific handling system and can be readily deployed from a small boat or basic vessel of opportunity. Efficient operation of the onboard camera and light equipment is achieved using a LUXUS Multi Media Controller and a Kevlar TV cable, while integrated lifting handles make for easy deployment and recovery of the system. A small MacArtney hand winch can also be used.
The LUXUS Dropplate is primarily targeted towards oceanographic and basic inspection applications. The system provides a flexible, off-the-shelf alternative to custom built towed systems and traditional drop cameras. This versatility in applications, coupled with minimal deployment and handling requirements, make the LUXUS Dropplate an extremely flexible and cost effective solution. The LUXUS Dropplate can be supplied as a plug-and-play solution complete with cameras, lights, controller, cable and winch system.


(As published in the June 2014 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 55,  Jun 2014

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