BIRNS Millennium Series

Posted by Irina Tabakina

The BIRNS Millennium series is a high performance, high density dry-mate connector range suitable for deep submergence applications to 6km depth. This series can be used with solid (molded) or oil-filled cables in straight or 90° configurations, and is available in high and low voltage, coax, fiber-optic, and hybrids of electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-mechanical configurations.
Pictured here are BIRNS custom oil filled right angle cable assemblies featuring BIRNS Millennium size 3O connectors, each with eight 16AWG and nine 22AWG electrical contacts. The oil filled assemblies feature a unique double-ferrule electro-hydraulic connector adaptor system with two small rings, one on top of the other, that together formed a gentle wedge. When pushed down by the main nut, the rings gently but securely press against the tubing, which is supported internally with a stainless steel tube insert, thus sealing and retaining it.
The keys on the series are fully machined, as opposed to press fit, and feature a squared silhouette, providing maximum strength and making the keying process more seamless, secure and user-friendly. Users have the option of a third key, providing purposeful incompatibility of different positions between the same connector with different circuits.


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Marine Technology Magazine, page 58,  Jun 2015

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