Kubota To Stockpile Anti-Corrosive Pipe In Texas Facility

Kubota, Ltd. is initiating the first stage of its U.S. marketing program for KCP cargo oil pipe with the establishment of stockpiles at Coastal Marine Service, Port Arthur, Texas.

Initial inventory of the corrosive resistant centrifugally cast pipe was delivered in late September and included four sizes of straight pipe, all based on ASTM standards. Dresser couplings developed by Kubota will also be stocked. Coastal Marine will provide all welding and installation services.

While initial sizes will be limited to 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch-diameter pipe, additional sizes and shapes will be added, "depending on demand," according to a company spokesman. The company intends to add fittings, such as elbows, based on ISO and JIS standards, "if the market requires it." In making the announcement, Kubota America Corp., New York, N.Y., also disclosed that The Jover Corporation, Park Ridge, N.J., was retained as a consulting representative in connection with marketing KCP and other marine pipe.

The Texas facility, the first such stockpiling program for the KCP pipe outside Japan, was initiated as a result of "substantial interest from various American oil companies," according to a Kubota America spokesman.

The KCP series has been installed in almost 500 Japanesebuilt tankers in the past 20 years—95 percent of those built by Japanese shipowners. Since 1975, Kubota has marketed the product as a replacement for conventional pipe. More than 30 vessels thus far have had KCP installed at various facilities in Europe, Africa and Asia. To date, however, no replacement work had been done in the U.S., a Kubota spokesman noted.

Kubota sees the primary market as U.S. flagships owned by American companies. Other markets include international vessels, offshore installations by Coastal Marine, and direct sales to vessels for installation performed by the crew or inventory.

Kubota developed the Dresser couplings with the same material as the piping in order to eliminate corrosion from galvanic action.

"One of the biggest problems in cargo oil lines has been galvanic action, and we believe we solved the problem through this development," a spokesman added.

The Idemitsu Maru, a 210,000- dwt, used KCP-3L as original piping in 1966, and no replacement has thus far been required.

Kubota, one of Japan's largest metalworking enterprises with annual sales at almost $2 billion, maintains major offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

Kubota America Corp.'s offices are located at 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022, and at 523 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 90014.

Coastal Marine is located at 11th & Houston Avenue, Port Arthur, Texas 77640, and The Jover Corporation's address is P.O. Box 386, Park Ridge, N.J.


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