New Brochure Describes Free Fall Lifeboat System

A new full-color brochure is available describing a free fall survival system for larger vessels and drilling rigs. The system consists of a fully covered lifeboat which can be lowered into the sea, or slid off a specially designed ramp and dropped into the water from heights of up to 20 meters (about 66 f e e t ).

One of the main advantages of this system is that it virtually eliminates the risk of the lifeboat being thrown against the ship's side during or after launching.

The boat is clear of the disabled vessel as soon as it has slid off the ramp. Its dive momentum gives it a speed of approximately 8 knots, enabling it to get further away from the ship with a minimum of time.

Testing of the free fall survival system has shown that the system can be ready in two minutes, and the lifeboat can be launched by free fall and waterborne within 20 seconds.

To minimize the stress on passengers during free fall launching, all passengers are seated in padded seats, and strapped in six-point safety belts, with their backs against the direction of travel.

The free fall lifeboat is totally self-righting, with good stability and seaworthiness. The boat is equipped with a steering nozzle which gives increased maneuverability, protects the propeller; and if people are in the water, will prevent them from being struck by the propeller.

A sprinkler system with a capacity in excess of 210 gallons/ min. enables the boat to pass through an oil blaze of more than 1 nautical mile. Three air flasks will supply passengers and engine with air f o r 15 minutes and create an overpressure to prevent entry of toxic fumes and gases.

The steering tower is equipped with windows on all four sides, giving full 360° vision.

For a copy of the brochure "Free Fall Survival System," contact Fredrik Sundbye, The Export Council of Norway, 800 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022.

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