Literature Available On New Motorola 100-Watt Marine SSB Transceiver

Motorola is offering free literature on its new Triton 20 SSB marine transceiver which has 20 crystal positions, allowing up to 20 simplex or 10 duplex channels.

All marine frequencies between 2 and 9 MHz are available, and the international distress frequency (2,182 KHz) is built into each unit. Peak envelope power output is 100 watts.

This unit is more compact than previous Triton SSB models. The length is 14 inches; width, 10% inches; height, 3% inches; and weight is 17 pounds. Along with its small size, the unit has a low price, about two-thirds the price of the 24-channel Triton radio.

The Triton 20 SSB's broadband design allows full output and maximum receive sensitivity with no tuning. Electronic channel switching is another convenience, and a dimmer switch helps the operator see the channel selector at night. The constant SINAD squelch, which shuts out noise between messages, does not have to be readjusted as noise levels increase or decrease.

The Triton 20 SSB is modular, with plug-in connections f o r rapid servicing. Its metal housing is s p l a s h - r e s i s t a n t . Transmitter mode and frequency range setup are easily accomplished, during installation, with internal switches.

Frequency stability is + 20 Hz from - 2 0 ° C to +50°C. The Transceiver is FCC and DOC approved.

For complete literature, contact Dick Haberkorn, Motorola Distribution Center, 1303 East Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, 111.


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