Bulk Carrier Century Hope Delivered By Mitsui To Hong Kong Owner

The 68,082-dwt bulk carrier Century Hope was delivered recently at the Tamano Works of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Company, Ltd. to the Kowin Shipping Company of Hong Kong.

The bulker has an overall length of 730.68 feet, molded beam of 105.64 feet, depth of 60 feet, and full-load draft of 43.5 feet. Main propulsion is by a Mitsui/'B&W 6L67GBE slow-speed diesel engine with a maximum continuous rating of 13,000 bhp at 123 rpm. On sea trials the ship achieved a maximum speed of 16.32 knots.

Cargo space is divided into seven holds with a total capacity (grainI of 80,120 cubic meters. No. 4 hold can also be used as a ballast tank to secure sufficient draft in stormy conditions. Holds Nos. 2 and 6 can also be used as ballast tanks in port for draft adjustments.

Hull weight reduction has been achieved with 32-kilogram (70.5- pound), high-tensile steel for the decks, bottom shell plating, double bottom, and upper and lower hopper sections, with the exception of some areas of the side shell plating.

The bottom and waterline area of the hull are coated with self-polishing, long-life antifouling paint to reduce the frictional resistance and thereby conserve fuel.

The propulsion plant features, besides the fuel-efficient Mitsui B&W main engine, a Mitsui Integrated Duct Propeller. Remote maneuvering, control, and monitoring systems qualify for the UMS (unmanned engine room) notation of Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Navigation equipment includes a Loran C receiver and Decca Navigator.

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