Goodway Offers New Catalog On Tube Cleaning Systems And Pressure Washers

Goodway Tools Corporation of Stamford, Conn., has published a new 36-page catalog titled "Tube Cleaning Systems and Pressure Washers." The booklet functions as a guide to Goodway's tube cleaning equipment and air and electric-powered tube cleaners for boilers, condensers, and heat exchangers, which brush or scrape deposits with simultaneous vacuum recovery or water flush; and to electric or air-powered pressure washers that are available in compact designs for easy handling, transport and storage.

The new four-color publication contains an index that serves as a quick reference to the line of Goodway equipment that is offered. All of the products listed are liberally illustrated with photos, along with explanatory texts, specifications, accessory lists, prices, etc.

Covered in the catalog are the Soot-A-Matic, a lightweight, compact boiler tube cleaning system with an integrated vacuum that collects soot and scale as it is removed from the firetubes by Soot-A-Matic's interchangeable cleaning brushes; and Goodway vacuums for plant maintenance, powered for strong suction for cleaning boilers or any maintenance application.

Also discussed are two models of Ream-AMatic, which use a flexible shaft to snake through the tubes while the rotating action of the cable allows the cleaning brush or cutting tool to loosen all deposits along the way as water transported through the shaft simultaneously and continuously flushes out the loosened deposits, leaving the tubes thoroughly cleaned; and the AWT-100 air-powered tube cleaner used for all types of tube cleaning applications where brushing or cutting of tube deposits with simultaneous water flushing action is desirable.

Included are descriptions of the PSM-500 heat exchanger/oil cooler cleaner, the Goodway Boiler Efficiency Tester used to determine if a burner needs adjustments or the boiler needs to be cleaned, and the Goodway Hi-Pressure Washers which offer economy and efficiency in a compact design for easy handling transport and storage.

The booklet contains detailed information on how to order tube cleaning systems, and information on tube sizes, with a chart to determine tube inside diameter.

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