Furuno Introduces N e w Line Of Medium-Size Radars And N ew V i d e o Sounder W i t h Etched CRT

Furuno U.S.A., Inc., San Francisco, Calif., has introduced a new line of medium radars, and a new monochrome video sounder with etched CRT.

Furuno's new FR-8000D Series radars are designed to provide top performance at a reasonable price for most workboats, fishing vessels and larger yachts. These radars, available in 5-, 10-, and 25-kw models, feature extremely high resolution (481 x 640 pixels) 12-inch monochrome CRT displays with nocompromise eight-level quantization.

The result is a bright, non-fading radar picture that is sharp and crisp.

Range scales from 1/4 to as high as 96 n.m. (depending on output power), picture off-centering anywhere on the CRT, 2X target zoom, dual EVRMs, dual EBLs (one of which may be offset or of floating origin) fully adjustable visual and audible alarm, and choice of three antenna lengths are standard. Also included are echo trails for rapid target plotting, echo averaging for improved sea clutter performance, echo stretch for target enhancement, and Furuno's exclusive low noise MIC receiver. With nav and heading sensors, a full range of navigation data can be displayed on the CRT.

In addition, the optional RP-3 video plotter allows overlaying course plot and chart data on the radar picture; the optional ARP-3 provides automatic tracking of 10 targets, with target course and speed shown digitally and by vector.

Furuno's FMV-603 is a new compact video sounder with a bright, high-resolution 6-inch CRT which has been specially etched to reduce glare from sunlight, and that displays returning echoes in four distinct shades of amber. It is a dual frequency unit with a single transducer.

It can also have an optional speed/temperature sensor or a compact four-in-one transducer.

Both 50 and 200 kHz transmitters give the FMV-603 optimum deep and shallow water performance, and four presentation modes permit viewing various combinations of high, low, or mixed frequencies, bottom lock, any of eight zoom ranges, stored data, speed and surface water temperature. Standard features include noise limiter, automatic phasing and an audible alarm that works as either a fish or bottom alarm.

The FMV-603 offers eight basic range scales to 1,000 feet, phasable in 1-foot steps to 2,000 feet, and output power is a full 150 watts. Onscreen data (with appropriate optional sensors) includes depth readout, ship speed, water temperature and temperature plot, and ship position in Lat/Lon.

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