Magnavox Introduces Latest In Series Of GPS Data Outputs

The latest in Magnavox's growing line of GPS products is the MX 5400R, a "black-box" navigation receiver that provides GPS data outputs to a Magnavox MX 4102 OR MX 5102 transit satellite navigation receiver.

The MX 5400R is a two-channel C/A-Code GPS receiver that receives and processes signals from orbiting satellites in the new Global Positioning System (GPS). The satellite signals are used to calculate a vessel's position and speed with a high degree of accuracy. The MX 5400R has no operating controls, and can be tucked away in any outof- the-way location. GPS-derived data is formatted and transmitted to the MX 4102 or M X 5102, which acts as the display/control panel for the system.

Although the GPS satellite network is not yet fully operational, Magnavox is already offering a variety of GPS user equipment, giving users an opportunity to get an early start with the new system. GPS satellite coverage is currently available for marine navigation up to 9-10 hours per day, using the six active prototype Block 1 satellites now in orbit. They will be supplemented, starting in early 1989, with additional Block 11 satellites, and the system will be providing continuous worldwide position fixing by mid- 1990. Eventually, GPS will supersede and replace the older Transit satellite navigation network, which has been in service since the 1960s.

The MX 5400R navigation receiver is specifically designed to work with Magnavox's popular MX 4102 and MX 5102 Transit satellite navigation receivers. Magnavox has developed new software for its Transit receivers that permits the MX 4102 or 5012 to function as control center for the GPS receiver.

Interfacing the MX 5400R GPS module provides the MX 4102 or MX 5102 user with the best satellite navigation performances available during the transition period , between Transit and GPS and beyond.

And, unlike land-based radionavigation systems such as Loran-C, which depend on shore-based transmitters, the Transit and GPS systems are available anytime, anywhere.

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